Thursday, April 26, 2018

Media's Misleading "Muslim Travel Ban" Narrative

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Only 14% of registered voters strongly oppose President Trump's border security reforms, despite the establishment media's characterization of the reforms as a "Muslim travel ban."

In fact, a new report shows that 32% "strongly" support and 24% "somewhat" support the president's border security reforms.

This information has become available as the Supreme Court considers the issue.

The media, the political far left globalists, and the Religious Left are driving the opposition to border security reforms. The media would lead people to believe a majority opposes the president on this issue. They don't.

Neil Munro writes, "In contrast, the policy is strongly supported by twice as many voters---32 percent---and is also 'somewhat' supported by 24 percent...That support is likely understated because 14 percent of respondents declined to answer."

He writes, "This survey data means that just one in seven voters strongly opposes the reform, which sets new curbs on visits by people from Islamic countries where wars and hostile governments spur violence against non-Muslims."

"In contrast," he says, "one in three voters strongly support...while almost six out of ten strongly or 'somewhat' support the security measure against Islamic jihad."

Munro notes that a 2016 survey showed that almost 6 in 10 Americans say visitors and immigrants who support Islamic sharia ideology should be excluded from the country.

Why does the media, the progressives, and the Religious Left so strongly oppose measures to protect the sovereignty of our country?

A brief overview of what these groups actually believe helps give clarity to why they do what they do.

The Media

The long march of cultural Marxism through our educational institutions has taken its toll. Nowhere is it more evident than in the mainstream media.

The way the media "missed it" on Trump's election last year, revealed just how insulated from reality they are. And how immersed they are in their make-believe reality.

Politico, itself a left-leaning media organization, tried to analyze why the media embarrassed itself, appearing clueless in the last presidential election regarding what voters were about to do.

Nate Silver, one of a couple of journalists who called the election correctly in advance, says the "ideological clustering in top newsrooms led to group think" because only 7% of journalists identify as Republican or conservative.

The national media works in a bubble. Ten years ago that wasn't the case, but it is now. And the bubble is growing more extreme. Concentrated along the east and west coast, it is both geographic and political.

Educated and indoctrinated in public schools, journalists advance a far-Left progressive view of the world and our nation--- and report the issues of the day in lockstep.

Journalists and columnists like Sherryl Atkinson and Michelle Malkin leave the mainstream media because of environmental censorship and peer pressure from colleagues and editors.

If the Trump election didn't give the mainstream news media a wake up call, nothing will.

Given this decline, many of the old media organizations will go the way of the Seattle PI and move to internet only---or simply go away in time.

Personally, I have always believed it is effective---and biblical---for Christians to become involved in the culture---entertainment, education, media, etc. To be the salt and light. That's scriptural.

However, I do believe we have reached a point in our culture where alternative conservative news outlets must be created. I do not believe the existing mainstream media will change its ways. Their slow burn will continue until the existing institutions are gone---others will eventually replace them.

More and more conservative news organizations are appearing. Certainly Fox News has generally been a breath of fresh air, with some exceptions.

Sinclair Broadcasting is requiring its nearly 200 TV stations to air more balanced and conservative news items. Some of their employees are angry and are leaving, but Sinclair seems resolved.

One America News (OAN) is producing conservative television news content and are growing their viewership.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), populated with Christian preaching and teaching programs, has now introduced a weekly program with Mike Huckabee---talking about news items from a Christian conservative perspective.

Our current environment requires Christians to turn to trusted news and commentary sources for information.

Political Progressives.

Originally, progressivism was a reform movement birthed in the 19th century. Led by leading intellectuals and social reformers in the US, it addressed economic, political and cultural questions that had arisen from the rapid changes brought about by the industrial revolution.

In general, the solutions were based not in traditional biblical values upon which this country was founded, but upon the "enlightenment" movement in Europe---a belief that our Founders rejected.

Enlightenment is a worldview based on human potential, not God-given rights and blessings.

The progressives believed these changes marked the end of the old world order, and the beginning of a new world order and required a new set of rules and principles based on relativism and evolving truth.

For progressives, freedom is defined as the fulfillment of human capacities, which becomes the primary task of the state. From this, a secular progressive, humanistic worldview has emerged, giving direction to a new class of politicians who are constantly evolving in their beliefs.

The Heritage Foundation has written a very good piece on this.

The Religious Left.

Here's a brief overview.

The Religious Left holds a worldview based loosely on Judeo-Christian values, but they generally emphasize social justice rather than personal morality or evangelism. The Religious Left aligns with the humanistic philosophy. Discipleship involves justice for the oppressed rather than a stand for personality morality and personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Religious Left denies the biblical teaching that mankind is inherently sinful---"all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" and in need of a Savior. Their hope is that people, although capable of doing evil, will do great good.

It was this hope in human potential that lay behind the so-called educational "reforms" of John Dewey that were disastrous, the political actions of Roosevelt's "New Deal" and Johnson's "Great Society" all moved America toward socialism.

The Religious Left demands that government, not Christian individuals, meet all social needs. However, they twist the words of Jesus and other New Testament writers to affirm their ideology, when the words are directed at individuals not governments. Thus growing government.

In more recent years, the Religious Left has lost most of its effective leaders. Jim Wallis, Tony Compolo and others have emerged as the voices and faces of the movement. While emphasizing social justice funded by expanding government they have been forced to "evolve" with the Left as homosexual activists, abortion activists, atheists and other groups have identified with their brand of social justice and Left wing politics.

Within the past couple of years, they have evolved to affirm same-sex marriage---discovering Scripture to support their new found Christian liberty.

In this ideological and spiritual environment, the Religious Left has embraced globalism while segments even denounce America, its exceptionalism, our Founders and their whiteness, our history, beliefs, and values, causing pastors like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright---the Obama's pastor for more than 20 years---to damn America from the pulpit---condemning both the U.S. and Israel as evil.

Consider this.

Sen. Ben Sasse, speaking at CPAC, noted that the liberal progressive Left continues to push their agenda against American values...and to undermine the exceptional American spirit:

"American exceptionalism is not some sort of ethnic claim that because of something we received in the bloodstream, Americans are better than other people. American exceptionalism is a claim about what happened in the American founding, and if you don't understand why the American founding was extraordinary, you can be sure that our kids won't understand why America is extraordinary."

"Our founders were making a claim about human dignity....Government is not the author or the source of any of our rights...Government is a tool...Fundamentally, the American founders understood that throughout human history almost everyone had been wrong about the nature of government...and the nature of freedom...we claim our rights as God given...government is limited...the Constitution limits the government and frees the people."

That's exceptional to human experience.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.