Thursday, April 05, 2018

Parents Organize "Sex Ed Sit Out" For April 23

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Frustrated parents across the nation are planning to remove their children from public schools later this month in protest of "pornographic" sex ed being taught under the guise of "anti-bullying."

The Sex Ed Sit Out is planned for April 23.

The protest was launched by a few American mothers on social media who were troubled by the explicit nature of content in current sex-ed resources used in public schools.

Their website says, "We are sick of the sexualization of our children that takes place every day in classrooms across our nation. We will pull our kids out of public school on Monday, April 23rd in protest of graphic, gender-bending sex education."

After the few mothers launched this effort on social media, it began to gain ground and now the initiative has gone global with demonstrations also planned in Australia and Canada.

A recent press release from the group said this:

Parents are demanding to know why their children are being taught how to have anal and oral sex, masturbate one another, and question one’s gender. Caryl Ayala, a former public school teacher and organizer of the Austin, Texas, protest, said, “We are uniting with parents across the globe to demand that our rights as parents be respected regarding the teaching of sexuality and sexual orientation. Hands off our kids!”
Cities such as Rocklin, CA and Fairfax County, VA have recently been the focus of news headlines because of controversial, gender-bending and graphic sex education and anti-bullying programs which parents say they were not informed would be taught to their children, sometimes as young as five-years-old. Why are our tax dollars going to pay for curricula and resources that teach dangerous and promiscuous behaviors which most parents find morally abhorrent and the CDC has stated are a health risk? Furthermore, why aren’t administrators being transparent with parents about the content of sexuality resources? It’s as if they have something to hide. That should frighten parents everywhere.

Education Chairman of the Indiana Liberty Coalition and one of the protest organizers, Rhonda Miller, says, "Follow the money. Comprehensive sex ed is being rolled out across America, often sponsored by special interest LGBT groups like Human Rights Campaign, and disguised as anti-bullying programs. If it's not OK for special interest groups like the NRA to be buying classroom time to push their agenda, then why is it OK for HRC monies to be buying schools off to teach gender-bending ideology and anal sex tutorials?"

Elizabeth Johnson, another organizer, told Christian Post this week, "I kept stumbling across viral videos online of concerned parents sharing the graphic nature of sex education anti-bullying curriculum. I personally homeschool my children but felt sorry for the parents who feel helpless to stop the stranglehold of special interest groups who are funding and pushing these graphic and dangerous programs in public schools."

These folks are right. Human Rights Campaign, the largest, most highly funded homosexual advocacy in the country provides substantial amounts of teaching materials to our public schools every school year, under the guise of "helping students of homosexual parents and homosexual students themselves."

Their website explains their mission.

You will note that the introductory article is written by Ruti Kadish, Ph.D. who says, "As parents of three young children my partner and I worry...about how having two moms might impact our children's experience in the world."

She then weaves a narrative that combines content intended to relate to all parents and their common challenges in raising children, normalize her own same-sex arrangement and appeal to parents to come together and work together to create understanding "on diversity" on behalf of innocent children.

What parent is not touched by that?

However, the materials Human Rights Campaign and other homosexual activist groups actually place in schools are not so soft sell, or feel good. They are hardcore sexually explicit indoctrination tools that introduce children as young as five years old to sexual themes and considerations long before they are mature enough to even have the questions that are being answered in the name of "education."

These provocateurs create an environment for children that normalizes sexual perversion.

Stealing children's innocence in this way is child abuse.

The following is a sample of how the materials are presented to public schools, and to parents. A closer look reveals the ides of indoctrination.


HRC's Welcoming Schools program provides tools and resources for parents, educators and administrators focused on making elementary schools inclusive for all children and families.
The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network strives to ensure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. In 2004, GLSEN published the guide, "Is This the Right School For Us: A Guide to Assessing School Climate for LGBT Parents of Elementary-Aged Children."
The Families All Matter book project, created by aMaze, allows children to explore diversity issues through reading.
Groundspark created the highly effective That’s a Family video and curriculum, part of a series that includes It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School. The curriculum provides “how-to” instruction for introducing the program into the school, including practical tools such as a flyer template and a sample letter for parents.
The Family Equality Council has a number of great resources for parents including Opening Doors: Lesbian and Gay Parents and Schools, a handbook that offers instructive suggestions and practical information.
COLAGE has several excellent tools that address the issue of visibility in schools and a youth-written resource about making schools safer.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.