Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Teacher to Class: "America's Never Been Great"

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A sixth grader says while her teacher was "ripping on President Donald Trump and his 'Make America Great Again', she said America's never been great."

And a seventh grader says his teacher assigned all students to write a letter to lawmakers demanding gun control.

Indoctrination before education in government-run schools. The root of evil.

Georgia middle school 6th grader Josie Orihuela told Abby Huntsman at Fox News when her teacher began ripping President Donald Trump about his slogan "Make America Great Again," she turned on her phone and began recording.

Her 6th-grade teacher Johnetta Benton, she says, began reaming out the president, saying, "When my president says let's make America great again, when was he talking about?" She is heard noting that it may have been great for Europeans, "because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities."

Josie says the teacher made the comments as she was introducing a video to celebrate Black History Month.

She says, "It kept getting worse and worse."

Although not captured on the phone recording, Josie says the teacher surmised out loud that "Make America Great Again" could be a precursor to "trying to bring back segregation."

Josie showed it to her mother---both were shocked by the teacher's words.

When the tape went public, the school district has done what they always do---they told the family and the public the incident was "extremely unfortunate" and said the "matter was addressed."

Translated--We got caught, we apologized, move on. Forget about it.

Huntsman also noted that it was in another grade of this same school district where a teacher recently assigned students to pen letters asking Congress to enact stricter gun laws---urging parents to be more vigilant regarding what is going on in your child's classroom.

William Lee, a police officer, told Blue Lives Matter that his son was given the assignment to write the letter to Congress supporting gun control.

Blue Lives Matter obtained a copy of the assignment:

Lee says his son brought the assignment home from school and showed it to him. He says after seeing the assignment, he sent an email to the teacher and told him his son would not be doing that assignment. The teacher responded telling the father that would be fine and he wouldn't mark off his son for not turning it in.

But, he says, "the first thing I wondered was what was the intent was with these letters. We're they planning to mail them?"

He's wondering, "Where are they now?"

A lot of other parents were also upset about the letter but didn't find out about it until the assignment had been completed and turned in. All agreed the letter had nothing to do with the curriculum that parents thought the school was following in the classroom.

As of last night, the school district has not responded to any who have contacted them asking for a response.

The take away should be obvious: Be vigilant. Pay attention to what is going on in your child's (or grandchild's) classroom. Especially government-run public school classrooms.

The question is, has America ever been great? Or is it as the teacher claims, "Relative---in the eye of the beholder?"

Dinesh D'Souza, in his book "What's So Great About America," explains what made America great in the first place, and why America continues to be great.

These are 10 reasons for America's greatness. This is the complete summary of the 10 reasons.

10 Great Things: What to Love About America

1. America Provides An Amazingly Good Life For the Ordinary Guy.

Rich people live everywhere. But what distinguishes America is that it provides an impressively high standard of living for the "common man."

2. America Offers More Opportunity and Social Mobility than any Other Country, Including the Countries of Europe.

America is the only country that has created a population of "self-made tycoons."

3. Work and Trade are Respectable in America.

Historically most cultures have despised the merchant and the laborer, regarding the former as vile and corrupt and the latter as degraded and vulgar.

4. America Has Achieved Greater Social Equality Than Any Other Society.

True, there are large inequalities of income and wealth in America. But Americans are socially more equal than any other people.

 5. People Live Longer, Fuller Lives in America.

In 1900, the life expectancy in America was about 50 years. Today it is more than 75 years. In many countries, the older seem to have little to do and are just waiting to die. Seniors in America are generally vital and involved---with much zeal.

6. In America, the Destiny of the Young is Not Given to Them But Created By Them.

In most countries of the world, your fate and your identity are handed to you; in America, you determine them for your self. America is a country where you get to write the script of your own life. And if you are a young American who feels opportunity no longer exists, go live in another country for a couple of years. You will then come home and kiss the ground.

7. America Has Gone Further Than Any Other Society in Establishing Equality of Rights.

Slavery has existed in virtually every culture. Prejudice and discrimination are worldwide phenomena. Western civilization---America in particular---is the only civilization to fight a Civil War to free the slaves. That is often lost in the noise of the culture.

8. America Has Found a Solution to the Problem of Religious and Ethnic Conflict That Continues to Divide and Terrorize Much of the World.

No, we're not perfect, but our Founders set a path that is superior to all other nations. First, America has separated the spheres of religion and government so that no religion is given official preference but all are free to practice their faith. Secondly, we do not extend rights to racial or ethnic groups but only to individuals; in this way all are equal in the eyes of the law, giving people who wish to do so, the opportunity to 'become American."

9. America Has the Kindest, Gentlest Foreign Policy of any Great Power in the World.

We receive a lot of criticism, especially as we secure our borders against terrorists and others who seek only to kill us.

What critics and modern history enjoys leaving out of the American story is the fact that America saved the world twice in the 20th Century. First from the NAZI threat, then from Soviet totalitarianism. And now we resist terrorism globally.

America is an abstaining super power. We have no interest in conquering and subjugating the rest of the world. Where we have been drawn into war we have been the first and sometimes the only nation to help rebuild nations that were destroyed by the war. US planes drop food to avert hardship and starvation to citizens in enemy nations. Who does that? Islamic nations certainly do not. Neither do most others.

10. America, the Freest Nation on Earth, is Also the Most Virtuous Nation On Earth.

Islamic fundamentalists argue that the vice and sin and vulgarity and immorality in America is why we must be destroyed. Virtue, they argue, is a higher principle than liberty.

It is. But in a free society, freedom is often abused and used badly. But if freedom brings out the worst in people sometimes, it also brings out the best in people. The virtue in a free nation has a special luster, because it has been freely chosen. Not forced upon the subjects by the authorities.

In spite of the anti-American noise that deafens the ears, and some times the heart and mind of our children and grandchildren in public classrooms and entertainment venues, America is the most free, prosperous, blessed and generous nation in the history of the world.

Our generation is experiencing a battle for the soul of this great nation. I personally believe that God has called all biblical Christians to stand up for this nation under God, in both prayer and action, so that prayers will be heard and answered and America will be restored according to God's promises.

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.