Friday, June 29, 2018

Judge Robert Bork Episode Revisited

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With the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, elected leaders on the Right and the Left are promising a generational fight over Kennedy's replacement.

Some believe it will equal the destruction of President Reagan's nominee to the Court, Robert Bork back in 1987---led by none other than then-Senator Joe Biden.

A few months ago, Joe Biden bragged on a late night show, "I'm the guy that kept there from being a guy who was maybe the most brilliant conservative who was nominated for the Supreme Court...", referring to Bork.

Be informed.

With the retirement of Justice Kennedy, the late night TV so-called "comedy" shows melted down this week. I won't quote what they said. It's offensive and obscene.

Battle lines are being drawn by elected officials.

Sen. Patty Murray took to the Senate floor saying, "I share the deep concern of so many families across this country who are already suffering under the Trump administration and fear of erosion of the progress in this country," urging Republicans not to replace Kennedy until after the midterm elections.

Murray's reference is, of course, to the Obama era "progress" in redefining marriage, normalizing perversion and expanding abortion among other far Left progressive goals.

Sen. Maria Cantwell also called for "a thorough and deliberative vetting process" before replacing Kennedy. She said, "From protecting a woman's right to choose and the rights of the LGBTQ community to defending labor rights, voting rights and guarding against discrimination in all its forms, Americans' fundamental rights are at stake. We cannot afford to rush the confirmation process."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the president's nominee will be approved and prepared to be seated when the Court reconvenes in October of this year.

The Left is in panic and will do anything to preserve their secular "progressive" vision for America.

Concern has turned to panic on the Left. Their vision for America is in peril.

The same thing happened during Reagan's presidency.

In 1987, President Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. The fight to destroy his nomination, led by then-Senator Joe Biden, defined the terms "culture war." And "character assassination."

A few months ago in March, Joe Biden appeared on the popular liberal podcast, "Pod Save America."

The conversation led back to his destruction of Robert Bork's nomination to the Court in 1987.

In reflection, Biden said, "I'm the guy that kept there from being a guy who was maybe the most brilliant conservative who was nominated for the Supreme Court and I kept him off the Court."

Following that interview on March 28, 2018, the conservative MRC News Busters reported on Biden's comments in the full interview.

CNS News published a "Flashback" yesterday to the Bork episode with an interview Bork did with them in 2009 in which Bork (now deceased) reflected on Justice Kennedy and on the consequences of having one man in the position to influence Supreme Court rulings on religious freedom---attempts to force Christians to violate their conscience on issues of abortion, etc., homosexual rights and same-sex "marriage."

His warnings in 2009 were prophetic.

And they underscore the profound importance of this next Supreme Court nominee to the future of our culture and our country.

I encourage you to read the text of the interview.

This is CNS's introductory comments on the interview of 9 years ago:

In this interview with CNSNews.com in 2009, Judge Robert Bork warned that just "one judge"--Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy--effectively had the power to decide "the moral life of the nation.” Bork made the assertion after warning: "But we are going to see in the near future a terrible conflict between claimed rights of homosexuals and religious freedom. You are going to get Catholic hospitals that are going to be required as a matter of law to perform abortions. You are going to get Catholic or other groups’ relief services that are going to be required to allow adoption of a child by homosexual couples. We are going to have a real conflict that goes right to the heart of the society.”

The conflict has now gone "right to the heart of the society."

What should Christians Do?

Read the interview with Bork. It's informing.

Pray that President Trump will choose "God's" nominee to the High Court. The person God wants for such a time as this.

Pray for America. We are being weighed in the balances.

Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Hopeful.