Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US Sec. Of State: "Religious Freedom Personal Issue To Me"

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Sec. of State Mike Pompeo has convened the first ever worldwide conference on freedom of religion in Washington DC this week.

Contrast that to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton traveling the world using the power of her office to advance the abortion agenda.

In both cases, it was "personal."

Elections matter.

Be informed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is hosting the first ever worldwide conference on religious freedom in Washington this week.

It begins today, the 24th, through Thursday the 26th.

Two very different worldviews.

Pompeo says, "The advancement of religious freedom matters to every individual in every country. The human dignity, the human right attached to religious freedom I feel personally, and I know President Trump does as well."

About 80 high-level government officials from around the world are in attendance.

Pompeo says, "Not every country will achieve the level of religious freedom that we have here in the United States. But we think we can advance it all across the world by bringing folks together of all faiths, and frankly, those who have no faith, but their capacity to practice religion in the way they choose is important for the world."

No world leader has ever done anything like this before---not even the United States.

Pompeo says: "Look, it's very consistent with what the Trump administration is trying to achieve with respect to religious freedom, but it also fits my worldview. I'm an evangelical Christian."

While Pompeo recognizes that not everyone shares his biblical faith and worldview, he says, "It's important not only to Christians but to people of all faiths."

Compare this to the striking contrast of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. She traveled the world seizing every opportunity to advance her personal belief in abortion on demand.

One example---of many---was the "Women Deliver" conference in Malaysia in 2013.

With Bill and Melinda Gates, then president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, and others including big pharma companies that sell billions of dollars of birth control pills and devices every year around the world in addition to the must-have tools for abortions. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a video appearance bestowing her blessing upon the event and the 4000 in attendance. Cheerleading the attendees to advance the cause of birth control and abortion around the world, so as to create a better place for billions of people.

Population Research Institute was there to report.

PRI said in addition to Bill and Melinda Gates and MS. Richards with Planned Parenthood, "Other champions of abortion on the speaker line-up included notorious American late-term partial birth abortionist Leroy Carhart, who was billed by 'Women Deliver' as a 'human rights defender', and Princeton bioethics professor Peter Singer whose 'practical ethics' include infanticide and bestiality."

Mrs. Gates celebrated the fact that over the past year she had raised $2.6 billion to help bring contraceptives to the world.

Harshad Sanghvi, whose organization trains "illiterate community workers" to identify pregnant women in developing nations in Africa and Asia and distribute abortion pills to them, was also a featured speaker.

Elections really do have consequences.

The National Religious Broadcasters sent a letter to Sec. Pompeo yesterday commending him for the "powerful message the Trump administration is making in holding a historic powerful conference of this nature."

Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, president of the NRB, said in the letter, "I am particularly grateful that you have chosen America's first freedom---religious freedom---to be the focus of your first formal ministerial."

Johnson said, "Religious liberty is a source of strength and stability for societies, and the focus that President Donald Trump and his administration have placed on this core principle sends a powerful message within our nation and to governments abroad. Indeed, this emphasis is needed now more than ever as affronts to freedom and human dignity grow more severe in many places around the globe."

Johnson also noted that NRB members reach a cumulative weekly, worldwide audience of 60 million. He said we "know first hand the struggles" for religious freedom.

In commending the leadership of Mike Pompeo and the Trump appointed Sam Brownback, former Senator and also deeply committed evangelical Christian, Johnson pledged NRB is committed to the amplification of this critical message through our member's ministries."

Then added, "You will not be alone."

Saying he is praying for open hearts and consequential conversations, Johnson says, "May the Lord bless your Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom."

And then this: "I firmly believe the Lord has placed you and Ambassador Brownback in your positions for just this time in American history."

Tens of millions of Americans agree. And so do I.

Be Informed. Be Blessed. Be Prayerful. Be Thankful.