Thursday, August 09, 2018

Joe Biden to "Protect Children From Parents"

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The Joe Biden Foundation has launched a campaign that seeks to protect gender confused children from parents who do not affirm their desire to transition to a gender that is incompatible with their biological sex.

The secular Left is giddy.

Public education is anticipating the new materials from Joe's Foundation.

And parents and grandparents must be informed.

The introduction on the Foundation's website says this:

Stories have power. In the past decade, we’ve seen storytelling drive nationwide progress for LGBTQ equality. But far too many LGBTQ people—especially those under 25—still face rejection from the people closest to them. So we’re inviting you to help us change that. Share your story with us. Let’s work together to make the world better for LGBTQ young people. No matter your background, you deserve to be safe and affirmed #AsYouAre.

A press release from the former vice president's foundation on Tuesday introduced the new initiative titled, "As You Are."

The Foundation says, "Family rejection significantly contributes to negative outcomes" for LGBTQ young people, specifically severe depression, and suicidal ideation."

It also states, "Rejecting behavior is not limited to a parent disowning or kicking out their child. It can also include subjecting young people to 'Conversation Therapy', blocking their access to LGBTQ friends and networks, or keeping a young person's LGBTQ identity 'secret'."

Biden's plan, apparently, is to protect kids from their parents, science, and Christianity.

"Protecting" kids from their parents.

No question there are situations where children in the home need protection. There are abusive parents.

However, the United Nations and other allied organizations have long been activists in expanding "children's rights" while undermining parental rights and replacing parental authority with state supervision.

In child services matters as it relates to the home, the government often overreaches. Maybe inadvertently, but none the less they do so.

The real battle over parental authority, however, is being fought in the courts. And affirmed in the classroom.

The Parental Rights organization published an article earlier this year alerting parents to yet another most recent such attempt to undermine parent's authority.

A paper published in the Yale Law Journal by law professors Anne C. Daily of the University of Connecticut School of Law and Laura A. Rosenbury of the University of Florida titled, "The New Law of the Child," is leading researchers and ultimately lawmakers to elevate children's broader interests over parents' individual liberty claims."

Fortunately, other qualified professors objected publicly to the paper, but the ideology and content of this paper is not isolated among so-called "experts" on parenting and children's rights. It is prevalent.

In every such case, the premise is that the state can better parent than the parents themselves.

Dailey and Rosenbury assume that parents exercise the rights because they "get to," which is blatantly false.

Most all parents parent because they love their child and see parenting as a sacred duty to the child they love.

Biden will be attempting to protect kids from science.

Though 14 states ( link 5 ) have passed a ban on so-called "conversion therapy" that seeks to change sexual orientation, Gov. Paul LePage of Maine recently vetoed a bill that would have banned therapists in his state from working with children who are uncomfortable with same-sex attraction or that their experience that their gender is incompatible with their biological sex.

The governor wrote that mental health professionals are already regulated and the state doesn't need to create new regulations putting the state in a more powerful position regarding children and their needs.

He said the bill could open up a mental health professional to a malpractice issue even over a simple conversation about sexual orientation or gender---even if it was initiated by the patient.

That's exactly what the activists want. More laws and more litigation that further removes the child from the parent.

All this in denial because science does not support it.

Ryan T. Anderson, with the Heritage Foundation, published a book earlier this year titled "When Harry Became Sally" in response to the cultural confusion over human sexuality.

Anderson has also written a summary article from the content of the book. It's excellent.

In his summary, he concludes with this:

As I document in depth in “When Harry Became Sally,” the claims of transgender activists are confusing because they are philosophically incoherent. Activists rely on contradictory claims as needed to advance their position, but their ideology keeps evolving, so that even allies and LGBT organizations can get left behind as “progress” marches on.
At the core of the ideology is the radical claim that feelings determine reality. From this idea come extreme demands for society to play along with subjective reality claims. Trans ideologues ignore contrary evidence and competing interests, they disparage alternative practices, and they aim to muffle skeptical voices and shut down any disagreement.
The movement has to keep patching and shoring up its beliefs, policing the faithful, coercing the heretics, and punishing apostates, because as soon as its furious efforts flag for a moment or someone successfully stands up to it, the whole charade is exposed. That’s what happens when your dogmas are so contrary to obvious, basic, everyday truths.
A transgender future is not the “right side of history,” yet activists have convinced the most powerful sectors of our society to acquiesce to their demands. While the claims they make are manifestly false, it will take real work to prevent the spread of these harmful ideas.

Biden will be trying to "protect' kids from Christianity, or "religion.

This is at the core of the narrative of this movement. Religion, particularly biblical Christianity, is seen as the most effective, and one of the last roadblocks to secular progressivism redefining human sexuality.

Gov. LePage in vetoing the bill in Maine went on to express concern that such a bill might be interpreted as "a threat to religious liberty."

He said, "Parents have the right to seek counsel and treatment for their children from professionals who do not oppose the parents own religious beliefs."

Biblical Christians hold a biblical worldview, including their beliefs about human sexuality and man being created in the image and likeness of God, our Creator. God created male and female, while rebellious activists created transgenderism and current sexual confusion in the culture.

Biblical Christians also believe that God can redeem and restore the individual through prayer and godly counseling.

This does not compute with the world---including the unbiblical religious Left.

Joe Biden credits himself as being the person who pushed President Obama to evolve and change his beliefs regarding marriage.

Once again, Biden is pushing.

He said this week as his campaign was launched, "I'm so proud to announce the Biden Foundation has launched this campaign"---claiming that "immediately affirming the LGBTQ identity of young people can prevent serious mental illness among them."

Beware of Biden.

Jesus defined such people as, "The blind leading the blind."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.