Monday, September 24, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh: Another woman

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The testimony of Brett Kavanaugh and his first accuser was to be heard today. Since Friday, the date has been moved to this coming Thursday.

Last night Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer announced they are set to introduce a new "twist" in the attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

The new "twist," they said, is "another woman accuser."

Be informed on this expanding battle to kill a highly qualified pro-life Supreme Court nominee, to preserve legalized abortion.

Late yesterday (Sunday), the Drudge Report carried a headline under the banner of "developing news" which said simply, "Another Woman?"

Matt Drudge believed, as of last night, that indeed Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer were set to report this new "twist".

The new "twist" is "another woman" who has made a claim against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Late last night, the far Left New Yorker Magazine confirmed what Drudge suspected and reported that "a Yale University classmate of Kavanaugh's has claimed that he exposed himself to her at a college party."

The woman, Deborah Ramirez, is calling on the FBI to investigate the incident.

The story, co-written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow also says that 4 Democrat senators have a copy of her statement and are already investigating it.

Kavanaugh told Fox News last night the latest allegation by Ramirez is a "smear."

Within hours last night of this newest accusation, a female classmate told the New York Magazine in a signed statement that she "is a woman I was best friends with. We shared intimate details of our lives. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up. I didn't see it; and I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up. I didn't see it; I never heard of it happening."

Kavanaugh said, "This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen, and I have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name---and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building---against these last-minute allegations."

I had not intended to write about the Kavanaugh matter again until after the hearing---which was scheduled today.

But the hearing has once again been moved out further. It's now scheduled for Thursday---closer to the midterm elections, which is critical---and this matter is dominating the news in America and around the world.

The importance of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court cannot be overstated.

Kavanaugh and Women.

The women who know him.

Eighty-seven women have now stepped forward---on the record---who know, and have known Brett Kavanaugh for years, many who have known Brett since they were teenagers.

The group's spokesperson, Sara Fagen, who worked with Kavanaugh every day during the Bush administration, told the press,
"Women from every phase of Judge Kavanaugh's life, those who know him best, have stepped forward to say that the allegation being leveled against him is false, and we are proud to stand with Brett."

Fagen said,
"Whether you were male or female, white or black, an intern or chief of staff, Brett was also always the same. Respectful, responsive and available. His character was consistent. Simply put, Brett was a great colleague."

Another woman, Meghan McCaleb, said,
"The Brett Kavanaugh I know dated my sister and some of my closest friends during high school and college, all of whom said that he treated women with 'nothing but total respect and decency'."

You can read or view the remarks of the 6 spokeswomen representing the 87 women standing for Kavanaugh at the press conference on Friday in the link above.

Every woman who has known Kavanaugh over time---sometimes 4 decades---have not said anything different than what these women are saying. Accept the accuser, Ms. Christine Blasey- Ford. And now Ms. Ramirez.

The women who don't know him.

After secretly sitting on the accuser's letter all summer while the confirmation hearing proceeded, Sen. Feinstein finally produced the "letter" about a week and a half ago saying the accuser wanted to remain anonymous.

When asked, Feinstein told the press she believed Blasey-Ford is telling the truth, although she had never heard of her before the secret "letter."

However, Feinstein later slipped during a press interview and admitted she actually "couldn't know for sure if Blasey-Ford is telling the truth." Of course, she can't, she doesn't know the woman.

But this isn't really about Balsey-Ford. Or Ramirez.

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" program yesterday. Host Jake Tapper referenced a story in the Wall Street Journal that said in part, "The accuser is presumably telling the truth because the accuser is a woman. This turns American justice and due process upside down."

Then he asked Hirono, "What's your response?"

The Hawaiian senator said if the WSJ really cared about due process, they would be pushing for an investigation. "'s really important, not only for these survivors to be heard, but if their stories are as credible as Dr. Ford's story is, they need to be believed."

Dr. Ford's story is, in the mind of those seeking to destroy Kavanaugh, so credible that it is now the standard by which other stories are measured. But even Fenstein, the mother protector of the letter, says she "can't know for sure" if Ford is telling the truth.

Even Tapper---not a friend of truth or conservatives---challenged her, pointing out that 4 out of 5 people Ford named as being at that party have denied they were at any party and deny the party ever really happened.

Ignoring the truth, Hirono went to her next talking point. She said she blames his "ideological agenda," saying that to her he was not credible because she viewed his denial in the "context of the way he handles cases."

She said, "This is a person that will be sitting on our Supreme Court, making decisions that will impact women's reproductive choice."

Translated..."He opposes abortion" about as strongly as she supports it.

She said, "He very much is against women's reproductive choice."

And just in case the Republicans stand firm as they are promising to do and vote on Kavanaugh, and if he is confirmed---Sen. Patty Murray from Washington State has a "Plan B," or "Morning After" solution to abort his confirmation.

Murray told NBC's "Meet the Press" Chuck Todd yesterday that even if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, there could still be an investigation in Maryland of Dr. Christine Ford's allegations.

She said, "I understand there could be allegations filed in Maryland still on this if he was on the court. So it's important that we get this right."

She added, "Here's what I do know, if the Senate plows through this, if it's a hiccup, if they don't do it right, there will be a tremendous backlash."

Patty, my dear, there's already a "tremendous backlash." Abortion advocates are making death threats to not only Brett Kavanaugh, but to his wife and children.

And Murray and her colleagues are performing every procedure possible to kill the nomination---just because he is pro-life and a constitutionalist or originalist.

A serious person has to ask themselves, how far are these people of the Left willing to go?

Take away.

Clearly, the focus of the Left is not discovering the truth, but manufacturing a truth. Ms. Ford, and now Ms. Ramirez, are useful tools. That's what relativistic secular progressives always do. They establish their outcome, then create "truth" to support it.

The end always justifies the means.

The Left has used the black community to push their socialistic, big government agenda to consolidate power for themselves. Thankfully, from within the black community, there are now reasoned, informed, articulate, courageous voices standing against the bondage perpetrated upon them for generations by the Left.

In this case, the same mentality is focused on finding a way to get rid of Kavanaugh because he is pro-life. They have shown no attention to the qualifications of this man because they are fully vested in his destruction, and were so even before President Trump announced who the nominee would be.

They actually printed opposition signs in advance, leaving a blank space for the nominee's name, before President Trump made his announcement---using a Sharpie to write in the nominee's name after the announcement as they took to the streets of our country in protest.

Some placards I saw at the time didn't even spell Kavanaugh's name correctly.

This is an ideological battle. It's not about justice, due process or qualifications. Or the Constitution.

It is the collision of two opposing worldviews. One worldview is humanistic---man based and relativistic.

The other is God based---rooted in what is right according to God's Word---eternal Judeo-Christian values and principles.

Should these accusations be given serious consideration? Absolutely.

Should they be allowed to delay the confirmation of a highly qualified, highly vetted candidate? Absolutely not.

The ultimate solution is in God's people seriously setting aside a time of prayer---even prayer and fasting-- for our nation and for God's Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Throughout the history of our country, there are documented accounts of how God intervened in the course of human events in answer to the prayers of His people.

This is such a time.

Be Informed. Be Prayerful.