Monday, October 22, 2018

Hoax Hate Crimes--Byproduct of Victimhood and Identity Politics

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It seems if we don't maintain some kind of "victimhood' status, our opinion is worthless, our accomplishments are dismissed, and our success is written off as the product of privilege.

Victimhood is so critical to the "progressive way" of identity politics, that if there is no victim to flaunt, we make something up---we make it happen.

Let's take a closer look at some of the recent "national victims."

And why we are obsessed with creating 'victims."

The "Victims."

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Anna Ayers is a student government leader at Ohio University. Recently, she reported finding threatening messages in her desk drawer. Ayers is an LGBTQ person and was a university senator.

The university newspaper---The Post Athens--- reported that the bigot who wrote the messages made specific attacks on her sexual orientation and sexual identity. She told the school paper the messages were "hateful and harassing."

The incident caused a stir on campus. Police were immediately involved because it was a hate crime.

The problem is that the "stir" was caused by a lie. It was a hoax.

The authorities' investigation revealed that Ayers had written the messages herself and placed them in her desk drawer so she could "discover them." And report them. And be the victim.

As of two weeks ago, she has been charged and is no longer enrolled in the university.

Incidents like this are not rare, but all to commonplace.

On New Year's Eve---December 31, 2016---The Daily Caller published an article titled, "HOAX", calling 2016 in America, "The year of the hoax hate crimes."

In 2017, and so far in 2018, the year of the hoax has continued. And excellerated.

The Daily Caller lists a number of incidences that had created national attention at that time:

Three black women at the university of Albany received media coverage from liberal outlets like CNN and others when they claimed a "white mob" followed them onto a bus, hurling racial slurs and later attacking them. It was later discovered to be a hoax.

A lesbian professor faked a hate crime to "raise awareness," claiming to have been a victim of a hate crime at a Toby Keith concert---the charges included the professor being beaten up with resulting bruises and cuts on her face. A month later the lesbian confessed she had made up the story and bruised and beaten her own face to add credibility to her story, and to raise awareness to the problem of hate crimes. It was all a hoax.

In Texas, a homosexual man sued Whole Foods claiming that he had ordered a cake with the words "LOVE WINS" written on the cake with icing. Instead, Jordan Brown claimed when he picked up his cake it read, "LOVE WINS FAG." Later security footage showed Jordan actually picking up the cake. And it had no homophobic slur on it...just "LOVE WINS." Another hoax.

Campus police at Salsbury University opened up a "hate crime" investigation after a noose was drawn on a university white board, along side the "n" word, with the hashtag "#whitepower." The investigation revealed that two black students had done the handiwork. They were not charged with a crime.

An 18 year old Muslim woman, Yasmin Seweid, was the subject of breathless headlines after she claimed to have been attacked by a group of Donald Trump supporters on a subway, while a group of on-lookers stood by watching, doing nothing to help[ her. She, too, later confessed she made the whole thing up. Another hoax.

As we have progressed through 2017 and now nearly through 2018, these kinds of hoaxes have increased is number and deepened in the severity of the accusations.

The so-called Brett Kavanaugh "hearing" seemed to have reached the lowest possible point in victimhood hoaxes.

Ironically, this weekend Senator Cory Booker, who grilled and mocked Brett Kavanaugh during the hearing, repeatedly affirming that the accuser Ms. Ford was standing in her own truth and must be believed---is now being accused of sexually assaulting a young homosexual man.

The story published yesterday reports that the man gives a shocking description of how he was sexually assaulted by the New Jersey Democrat and potential 2020 presidential candidate...saying he has "much more probative evidence" than Christine Blasey Ford did "when she accused now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual abuse."

The Motivation

Laird Wilcox, author of the book "Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America," recently told Fox News that regarding this hoax movement, "It's a place where consciousness of discrimination, sexism, and homophobia is at a peak, and when there's nothing happening, and they need something to happen, they make it happen."

A variety of motivations may prompt a student or activist to make up a hate crime, but one thing is certain---The overwhelming dominant ideology today on campus and in politics celebrates victimhood, even above achievement, and achievement is worthless without victimhood.

This, of course, undermines legitimate claims that should be addressed.

The Remedy

I don't agree with all "The National Interest" publishes, but recently they published an article titled, "It is Time to Debate---and end---Identity Politics."

They say,
"America's partition into mutually antagonistic identity groups has reached every nook and cranny of society, from sports to education, the corporate world and politics. It has never been openly debated or voted on by the America looks at America through a post modernist lens of power struggles among groups based on race, ethnicity or sex, but where the individual looses agency. It resegregates America into subnational 'protected ' groupings whose members receive benefits simply as a consequence of group membership and in whose name self-appointed leaders demand unequal treatment."

This view diametrically opposes the belief of our Founding Fathers, who believed that "we are all created equal." And our Creator God has given us freedom and liberty that is to be protected by our government and enjoyed by all.

Some believe that the "Identity" movement is merely a drive to find personal identity and dignity.

It isn't.

The Identity movement itself is a HOAX.

Identity politics began undercover of darkness about 40 years ago. It, too, had it's founding fathers: militants who were influenced by Marxist thinking that was then beginning to sweep through our colleges and universities. They intimidated the professors who disagreed with them, while they forged new identity La Raza, HRC-the homosexual rights movement, feminists, black panthers, black lives matter, know the groups. Saul Alinsky led people like Hillary Rodham (Clinton), Barack Obama and others during those transformative years.

One of the last identity projects President Obama was creating was MENA, a new identity for people from the Middle East and North Africa. Fortunately, President Trump stopped it.

There's so much more, but you get the point.

The common thread that runs through all this cultural chaos is a thread of godlessness.

It was Founding Father Patrick Henry who said: "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

The tyrants who advocated for a segregated "Identity," divided America, and are surely forging the chains for those who allow it.

God liberates. Cultural Marxism imposes spiritual bondage---intellectual slavery.

As America could not continue, as Lincoln described it, part slave and part free, we cannot continue in clustered identity groups, while the identity groups wage war on civility itself. And on freedom and liberty.

One or the other will ultimately prevail.

This is a time to stand strong for the Christian faith. It transforms hearts and lives.

Judeo-Christian values and principles birthed this great nation. And they will restore it. If we stand for God's Truth.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful. Vote.