Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The Assault On Lady Justice

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The world is riveted on the dramatic charade surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation to the US Supreme Court.

And the world is weighing in on the drama.

A Canadian newspaper first published the cartoon showing the arms of a man wearing a suit with "GOP" elephants on the cuffs of his white shirt pinning Lady Justice to a bed, with one hand over her mouth, as the scales of justice lay behind her.

The Washington Post and other papers around the world are celebrating the cartoon.

However, there is a Truth that transcends the intended Left wing message.

The cartoon.

The Canadian Chronicle Herald, a newspaper in Nova Scotia, Canada first published the cartoon.

But it was the Washington Post who celebrated it, and made it become viral on social media---and caused it to appear in other newspapers across our country.

The Post says, "Throughout Donald Trump's presidency, Lady Justice has often been depicted as a victim of abuse and assault."

And they say, "Perhaps no illustration of her during this administration, though, has resonated as strongly"...as this cartoon.

The cartoon, as you can see above, in the mind of the far Left progressives, shows Lady Justice being pinned down on a bed with "GOP" elephant hands, the scales of justice lying behind her on the bed and her blindfold still in place.

This, of course, is intended to be a re-enactment of Ms. Ford's performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, and the committee's desire to have a full Senate vote on the nominee.

The Canadian creator of the cartoon, Bruce MacKinnon, says, "As a cartoonist, I deal in symbols, and Lady Justice is a powerful one," adding that it seemed to him that the Republican members of the committee wanted "to smother justice before it had a chance to be heard."

The reality.

With due respect to our Canadian neighbor, Bruce---and maybe it's just the Canadian way---he should take a break from his drawing board from time to time and pay attention to who is saying what.

How is it that the "Republican members of the committee wanted to smother justice before it had been heard'" when it was Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer who said--- even prior to President Trump announcing who the nominee would be-- "I will do everything in my power to defeat the nominee?" His far Left colleagues on each coast nodded and applauded in approval.

Lady Justice originates from the supposed personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as "Lustitia or "Justitia" after Latin. Lustitia is the equivalent to the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike.

The blindfold symbolizes that justice is "blind," supposedly "objective" without bias.

The fact that the Lady is blindfolded suggests true justice is not based on people's ideas, feelings or senses; but on "reality, facts, and rationality."

Interestingly, the blindfold only came about in the 15th century. The Romans showed Iustitia with the scales and the sword, but with her eyes uncovered.

The secular Left Democrats in America have removed the blindfold, by prejudging not only Kavanaugh before they even knew he was the nominee, but every person from biblical Christian to conservative student who would disagree with the secular progressive mantra.

They often use the color of people's skin, gender or age over the content of their character to make the judgments---like, "I believe her because she is a woman."

Lady Justice could not make the politically correct decision if she could not see the accused.

Lady Justice's sword is double-edged. Lethal.

The "sword" is a power that must be wielded "judiciously" otherwise imposters who do not seek truth, but political outcomes, use the sword to punish those with whom they disagree, whether it is those who believe in the sanctity of life, marriage as between a man and a woman or a judge who holds a "constitutionalist" view of justice.

And about the snake under her foot: Evil is crushed by Truth.

The Lady's stoic figure reminds us that true justice cannot be confused with kindness, inclusiveness, predetermined outcomes or other myths of evolving personal truths.

The sword must be subservient to true justice, not the other way around.

Take away.

But what is true justice? Without a basis for truth, how do we know what is right and what is wrong?

The far Left, under the pretense of social justice, fairness, equality, and political correctness has stripped the blindfold away and weaponized the sword to accomplish their own ideological purposes and ends.

In the mind of the progressive, the end is always noble, and the end always justifies the means.

The Left has not only stolen her blindfold and weaponized her sword but they, not conservatives, are forcing her onto the bed. Rather than covering her mouth, they are prompting her through manipulating our institutions to rule as they wish, not as justice and truth demands.

But it is beyond assault. It's rape.

That intercourse has birthed an offspring that uses the courts to redefine marriage, affirm human sexual behavior that is condemned by every successful society in the history of the world and every major religion for more than 5000 years.

That same intercourse has birthed an offspring that declares killing unwanted babies is "woman's health care," not murder. Abortion is to be celebrated. Murder is ignored in these cases because values and virtue are relative.

This illegitimate offspring lives by the rule of relativism and evolving truth. It's a system of law that is built on the shifting sands of human understanding alone---based on nothing more than someone's feelings at the moment. And it demands that only its disciples be allowed to sit on the courts of our land---particularly the Highest Court in the land.

It demands Christian and conservative students remain silent in the government-run schools, or be penalized.

It demands businesses affirm and celebrate same-sex relations and so-called marriage---or be punished by the "sword" of the law, with both businesses and individuals destroyed.

Lady Justice didn't wear a blindfold when she presided over the Roman Empire. We are seeing her assaulted and raped before our eyes as the Left forces her onto the bed of godless secular progressivism.

She presided over the fall of Rome.

True justice is not found in a Greek or Roman goddess, nor in the ever-changing winds of secular progressive thought.

It is only found in the law of God. That's why our Founding Fathers combined the laws of God with the institutions of their newly created Republic.

Justice is ultimately not found in the sword, but in the Word of God that is sharper than any two-edged sword.

Justice is not found in a woman holding a scales, but through the removal of the scales from the eyes of those lost in sin, being given sight by the transforming power of a risen Jesus Christ.

And that person---Jesus Christ, is Himself the Truth.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.