Friday, November 30, 2018

New Public School Assault on Kid's Gender Identity--Heads Up Parents

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The New York Times is reporting that "A new openness about gender identity is making its way into some of America's public schools."

The Times says first it was bathrooms, now children will be allowed to officially register as a category other than male or female.

Sadly this ideology is having egregious consequences for students, teachers, and parents---from pre-school to graduate programs.

Heads up, parents.

Be informed.

The New York Times says,
"Washington DC is the latest, with a small change on the public school enrollment form for next year, that some members of the LGBTQ community regard as a big step forward: The term 'nonbinary' which refers to people who do not identify exclusively as male or female, will be included as a gender choice."

A spokesman for the DC public schools says the schools have "focused on establishing a collaborative, intentional and ongoing process for supporting LGBTQ students throughout their time in our school. Our enrollment forms are the latest iteration of our ongoing effort."

This is not only in Washington DC. It is across the nation.

The Times says, "Starting this year, the Oregon Department of Education required that each school district's forms offer students and families at least three gender options; male, female, and nonbinary."

The Times also notes that in Oregon, each school district can draft its own forms.

Not surprisingly, the NYT also reports that "Some parents embraced the decision to change the enrollment forms to include nonbinary,"---with confirming personal stories to follow.

Gender activists are ecstatic. They claim there are not two genders, but multiple identities, calling this a good first step.

The Times makes the point that "Kids should be able to have the agency and the freedom to define themselves and have that respected, especially if there is no support for them at home."


Sadly, this ideology is having egregious consequences for students, teachers, and parents---from pre-school to graduate programs.

Here are four stories that show the negative impact of this movement on free speech, religious freedom, parental rights and an individual's right to privacy:

Story 1

Two middle school P.E. teachers objected when a Florida school board told them they must allow a girl who identifies as male to undress, change and shower with boys. Acomplaint letter sent from Liberty Counsel to Pasco County School Board says that the young girl “walked in, catching boys (literally) with their pants down.” One teacher, Robert O., objected to supervising a minor girl while she dressed and undressed in the locker room. Both teachers were forbidden from discussing the issue with students, and school administrators have told Robert he will be disciplined by being transferred to another school.

Story 2

Dr. Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee State University in Ohio, was punished by university officials when he refused to refer to a male student as “ma’am” or with a female title such as “Miss.” The student berated Meriwether and filed a complaint with the school. After one official mocked his Christian faith, university officials then said the professor “created a hostile environment” for the student and placed a warning in Meriwether’s personnel file. The Alliance Defending Freedom(ADF) has filed a federal lawsuit against the school.

Story 3

In a heartbreaking case in Georgia, a five-year-old girl was assaulted in the girl’s bathroom by a “gender fluid” boy. The City Schools of Decatur had implemented a policy allowing students who identify as the opposite sex to use restrooms, locker rooms and shower areas that align with their “gender identity,” rather than their biological reality. The girl’s mother, with the assistance of ADF, filed a complaint alleging that the school district’s policy opened the door for the attack. The Department of Education (DOE) is investigating the incident.

Story 4

A Christian student, Isabella Chow, at University of California-Berkeley is under fire because she abstained from voting for an Associated Students Senate resolution condemning the Trump administration and supporting transgender- and non-binary-identified students. Under the Obama administration, “sex discrimination” in various non-discrimination laws was redefined to include “gender discrimination” – and cover the wide variety of “genders” claimed by activists. Now, the Trump administration intends to return the definition of “sex” back to its meaning when these laws were passed by Congress: two sexes, male and female. In a graciously worded statement, Chow affirmed her belief in God’s creation of humanity as male and female. In a three hour student Senate meeting, LGBT-identified students and their allies attacked her faith and called for her resignation.

Clearly, the activists are going to continue their assault on children, teachers, and parents regarding their obsession with redefining God's created order, by confusing kids about their birth gender.

Focus on the Family has published the following resources for parents. If you have children or grandchildren in public school, I strongly recommend you check out this information, some of which is downloadable.

  1. Equipping Parents to Respond to Gender-Confusing Messages in Schools. 
  2. Public Restrooms--Your Privacy and Safety. 
  3. Transgender Resources. 
  4. When Transgenderism Enters Your World. 

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.