Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Obama's Election Day Message: "Don't Be Charlie Brown"

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Most everyone knows that "everything is on the line" in today's election.

The strongest political voices have been featured.

President Trump has taken his message to more than a hundred rallies, speaking to hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Although former President Barack Obama has experienced smaller crowds, he too has taken his message to America.

His final message before election day seemed odd and unhinged.

A closer look is revealing.

Be informed.

How will America vote today?

Chuck Todd said on NBC's Today Show yesterday morning,
"We may cross 100 million total vote...when you have a turnout like this, it's going to make pollster's look ridiculous, not because they don't do a good job but you cannot accommodate for all these new voters."

He has a point. What he doesn't mention is the fact that many pollsters are biased, which influences the way they ask the questions, which in turn influences their projections. And most polling organizations lean Left.

The pollsters are trying to access one of the greatest political shifts in American history.

The GOP "establishment" elites never envisioned millions of blue-collar, regular middle-class people flooding into the Republican Party. But they have.

Associated Press said yesterday,
"Trump's Republican coalition is increasingly becoming older, whiter, more male and less likely to have a college degree. Democrats are relying more upon women, people of color, young people and college students."

They also report that "Democrats hope to elect a record number of women to Congress. They are also poised to make history with the number of LGBT candidates and Muslims up and down the ballot."


The Seattle Times published the AP story with this headline: "Nothing Certain on Eve of First Trump-era elections."

Well there is one thing certain. The God who created us all, whether we believe in Him or not, is in control of all things---including the course of human events.

AP also quotes Tom Steyer, the far Left billionaire donor who has already given about $120 million to Democrats for this election. Most of his money has gone toward efforts to impeach President Trump.

He insisted that most Democrats agree with him.

Steyer said: "Concerned voters everywhere have invested their heart and souls into the fight to punish Trump's party"..."That's what's at stake: my heart and soul, along with everybody else's."

So in the mind of who is likely the Left's biggest donor, this election is about punishing President Trump and those who voted for him.

That thinking is probably why Barack Obama sounds so unhinged---disconnected, in his latest speeches.


Martin Walsh writes, "Former President Barack Obama has had a hard time staying focused on the campaign trail lately."

Walsh says, "While stumping in Miami, Florida...the former president tried his best to deliver a home run speech before Tuesday's midterm elections."

One short clip sums up the Democrat message:

  • He mocks Ebola outbreak that killed thousands.
  • He mocks the press for caring about Hillary's emails.
  • He mocks Trump for cell phone use.
  • Says "a bunch of poor refugees' not a threat.
  • Says Trump moving troops to border is "a political stunt."

Walsh also wrote this:

“We all try to put a positive spin on things, but what we have not seen the way we are seeing right now is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lie. Just making stuff up. That’s what they’re doing now all the time. By the way, it’s not the first time. They do this every election cycle. Try to terrify folks and then the election comes and problem suddenly magically vanishes,” Obama said.
“In 2010, they said Bill and I were setting up death panels to kill your grandma. Remember that? In 2014 they said Ebola is going to kill all of us, shut the borders. In 2016, it was Hillary’s emails. They were all wound up about that. Now in 2018 they’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border,” he added, with the crowd cheering him on.
Obama, without a whiff of self-awareness, went on to claim Republicans and Trump have been “shamelessly lying.”
“Don’t be Charlie Brown. Don’t fall for the okey doke. Don’t be bamboozled. Don’t be hoodwinked. Because when you get distracted, while you’re distracted with all this stuff they’re making up, they’re also robbing you blind. It will be like, look, look, look over there, and then they’re giving tax cuts to billionaires,” Obama added.

Barack Obama better be careful with using Charlie Brown as his buffoon character. Webster defines a "buffoon" as "a ridiculous figure."

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be airing this year on Wednesday, November 21 from 8 to 9 on ABC. And he will have many more viewers than Barack had for his speech. Charlie Brown is a perennial ratings hit. He will be on ABC again this Christmas, as well.

In fact, Charlie Brown also has a series of DVD's available this year for $44.98. The series includes "This is America, Charlie Brown." In it, Charlie and friends explore the history of our country.

In the episode titled, "The Constitution," Charlie and the rest of the gang witness the country's Founding Father's discussion of putting together our Constitution.

Perhaps Barrack Obama could re-hinge himself if he watched that episode---maybe he could even read the Constitution in his spare time, now that the election is essentially over, except for the counting.

We love Charlie. He isn't perfect, but then neither are we.

Good grief, Barrack.

Be Informed. Be Prayerful.