Friday, November 16, 2018

Planned Parenthood: New Face, Old Lies

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Under the guise of "news," CBS News show "This Morning" celebrated Planned Parenthood's new president, Dr. Lena Wen, this week as she told them, "As a doctor, I am proud to lead our organization as we deliver life-saving care to two and a half million people every year."

Is she also proud of PP's new ad that shows a live happy cooing baby girl, with words on the screen that says: "She deserves to be ...a choice?"

Be informed.

While CBS fawned over the doctor and Planned Parenthood as though she was delivering the truth, many pushed back, because she was not telling the truth.

She's not as accomplished as her predecessors Margaret Sanger and Cecile Richards, but every bit as misleading about the abortion giant.

Soon after the interview on CBS aired, Life News published an op-ed by Ryan Bomberger.

Bomberger said it was apparent that CBS gave her the questions in fact the interview, he said, came across as an infomercial for PP.

I agree, it did. Because it was.

Bomberger notes that the doctor tried to cast her new role leading Planned Parenthood as "deeply personal," claiming that her mother and her sister used PP's services for "healthcare."

"Yet," Bomberger says, "up until she was announced as the next president of the billion-dollar abortion chain, she never mentioned 'abortion', 'Planned Parenthood', or 'reproductive rights' in any of her (now removed but archived) online blog entries."

Even as recently as November 2017, her op-ed in the Baltimore Sun described her moving immigrant story, but never credits or even mentions Planned Parenthood.

Bomberger identifies 5 lies she told CBS, then gives a sourced and documented response to each lie, while CBS never raised one question that would go above the "softball" category.

This is an overview of the lies, with the response. I encourage you to read the entire response.

1. Healthcare [abortion] Shouldn't be Political.

Planned Parenthood spent over $20 million in the recent mid-term elections to unseat pro-life candidates and elect pro-abortion candidates.

2. One in Five Women Use Planned Parenthood.

According to the math based on Planned Parenthood's own report, Bomberger shows that the number is 1 in 50, not 1 in 5.

3. Women's Healthcare is [only] breast cancer screenings and birth control.

Bomberger notes that breast cancer screenings at PP has plummeted 62% between 2006 and 2016, from 882, 961 to 336,614---and he asks if PP really wants to be a leader in women's health care, shouldn't they have at least one mammogram machine? CBS never asked---and they know the answer.

4. Parenting defines Planned Parenthood.

The organization doesn't promote any parenting classes. You will not find the words "mother", "father" or "parent" in Planned Parenthood's annual report, other than the word "parent" in their name. They don't profit when parents protect the life of their child from the violence of abortion. When does becoming a parent motivate you to play a role in destroying other's children?

5. We Trust Women.

No, they don't. Not even a little. They mislead women and don't trust them to make any decisions regarding abortion. That is why they tell women that "having an abortion doesn't increase your risk for breast cancer, doesn't cause problems for future pregnancies like birth defects, premature birth or low birth weight...or infant death. Bomberger identifies 39 studies from 2000 to 2018 on breast cancer, 29 of those peer-reviewed studies showed positive correlations.

And there's this: Planned Parenthood found itself engulfed in controversy when an ad in support of the organization was recently posted to the internet. The ad in question depicted a short video of a live baby girl before displaying the caption “she deserves to be a choice.”

The ad, which comes from the left-wing advocacy organization Agenda Project Action Fund, gained popularity after Nigerian pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha posted the video to her Twitter feed on Friday.

Although the ad is only 40 seconds in duration, it has elicited strong reactions from many who have seen it. Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted his horrified reaction to Twitter, saying: "This has to be a joke. If not, it is truly jarring.”

The video presents footage of a happy baby girl cooing as the tune of a lullaby plays in the background. Interspersed with the footage is a message that reads: "She deserves to be ... loved. She deserves to be ... wanted. She deserves to be ... a choice."

Patricia Heaton, widely known for her outspoken support of the unborn in infamously liberal Hollywood, took to Twitter to ask:

Um...which ghoul at @PPFA decided this was a good idea? "Let's show a beautiful infant girl, then list the criteria she needs to meet in order to avoid being aborted!"

Alexandria DeSanctis, a staff writer for National Review, said after seeing it, "This ad looks like it ought to have been created by an anti-abortion group or a satire show to make pro-choice people seem like horrifying zealots. But it wasn't.”

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire commented that the ad "seems almost to go out of its way to highlight the beauty and lovability of the child. It presents human life—wondrous, miraculous life—and says, 'Yes, it is good to kill this person'.”

Sadly, this is exactly what abortion activists believe. It's Margaret Sanger's vision expanded, Cecile Richards, Hillary Clinton, and others' goal.

And the consequence of all who stand by silently and watch it happen.

May God forgive us.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.