Monday, January 28, 2019

Schumer: "Hopefully President Has Learned His Lesson"

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Following President Trump's announcement Friday that he would sign the continuing resolution that temporarily re-opens the federal government, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the press, "Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson."

What "lesson" is he and Speaker Pelosi trying to teach the President? And the 63 million people who voted for him?

And are those who support the President continuing to stand with him?

Be informed.

A smirking Schumer told the press this weekend,
"The American people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over an unrelated political dispute. Working people throughout America empathized with the federal workers and were aghast at what the president was doing to them. Hopefully, now the president has learned his lesson."

The Lesson

In a passing comment, Schumer also told the press that Trump had underestimated the power of Speaker Pelosi.

The fact that Schumer describes the security of the United States as an unrelated "political dispute" says much.

He also said,
"Today the president will sign a bill to reopen the government along the outlines of what we proposed, and hopefully it means a lesson learned for the White House and for many of our Republican colleagues:..."

"The lesson" the Democrats are teaching seems to revolve around a dictatorial ideology that punishes both political expression and religious expression with which they disagree.

Roger Stone.

We only have to look back to Friday to better understand what Schumer really means.

Friday morning at 6 a.m., 29 FBI SWAT team agents in bulletproof vests and 6 unmarked cars rushed 66-year-old Stone's home where he and his deaf wife were sleeping---Stone doesn't own a gun, his passport was expired and the authorities knew full well he was not a flight risk.

And remember, someone tipped off CNN, only CNN, who was there waiting in the shadows with reporters and news cameras, standing by to video the event when authorities arrived.

The tactics used on Stone are those of a police state, where people have become apathetic or even gleeful about such things. Unfortunately, the real truth has been lost on too many---the truth that one day they too may be in the crosshairs---perhaps for political affiliation or the practice of deeply held religious, even biblical, beliefs.

This was an act set up for television. Designed to not only teach Stone a lesson, but through the auspices of CNN, to teach the nation a lesson---Don't mess with the Left. Don't affiliate with unapproved people

In the list of famous arrests, Roger Stone's has to go down as one of the most absurd in history.

Our government only used 23 men and 2 choppers to take down Osama bin Laden, yet were compelled to use 29 agents and 6 cars to arrest Stone.

Ironically, after a prolonged crime spree of documented theft and murder, it took 4 Texas officers and 2 Louisiana officers to capture and kill Bonnie and Clyde.

But for Stone; 29 SWAT agents in bulletproof vests, in 6 unmarked cars with guns drawn to capture Stone.

His crime?

There is no "collusion with Russia" charges. The charges are the same that they arrested Martha Stewart on a few years ago, namely---perjury, obstruction, and witness tampering.

Stone is accused of trying to get stolen emails from the DNC via WikiLeaks just like reporters were trying to do at the time. He is accused of lying to Congress about WikiLeaks according to Pelosi's Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh noted Friday on his program, "Roger Stone had not committed a crime until the Mueller investigation began. Roger Stone had not committed a crime until they began questioning him."

Rush is right.

This so-called "justice" is selective.

Keep in mind Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and other Clinton associates did not face charges or have their homes raided for lying under oath, nor did any Hillary associates who told lies.

Remember, James Clapper lied twice under oath and laughed it off.

Hillary Clinton wasn't even sworn in so she couldn't lie under oath.

Most informed people, even partially informed, know that the target is not Stone. It's Trump. And the 63 million citizens who voted for him.


The assault using a weaponized government is not only directed at President Trump, conservatism and the voters who elected him, but also biblical Christians who dare live out their faith in public.

Colorado Cake maker Jack Phillips has been dragged through courts for the past several years because he is a biblical Christian who believes God created male and female, instituted marriage as between one man and one woman, and believed he had protection under the Constitution to live out his faith in his work.

After declining to create a cake for a homosexual couple who wanted to get "married," they filed a discrimination suit. Finally last year his case was heard by the Supreme Court that ruled in favor of Christian Jack Phillips.

Case closed. Not a chance.

As the Supreme Court ruling was being booked in the record, Jack returned home to resume creating cakes. Just before last Christmas, the state filed another suit against him. Another shot at bringing him down because of his living out his Christian faith in public.

There are others...Barronnel Stutzman in Richland, Washington, and dozens of others who have faced the same secular Left "lesson."

If we don't agree with what you do or what you believe, you will be punished.

Are Conservatives still supporting the President?

The Washington Times published an article yesterday saying:
"The no-wall deal that ended the government shut-down was a bitter pill for voters who sent Trump to the White House, but they say they they're still backing him as the border security fight with Democrats enters round two."

The Times says, "Even as conservative pundits blasted the president for 'caving' to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi," they have found through their survey "they aren't holding the set back against Mr. Trump."

In this Times story, you will note the strong continuing support from a large group of Mexican pastors in the US.

I doubt that any acceptable compromise will be reached by February 15, when this continuing resolution expires. As I've expressed, the Left is staggering forward in a drunken stupor of misguided, overestimated power. They are focused on their own political power and hatred of President Trump, not on what is best for the country.

I will not be surprised if no acceptable deal is reached, President Trump will take executive action on the 15th, declaring the border a national crisis, and proceeding to build the wall.

Mexican Pastor Ramiro Pena of Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco,Texas told the President:
"We want to say thank you for doing everything you can to get aid in a humanitarian way for this crises where we need it most, securing the borders, and providing for law enforcement and the Border Patrol everything they need."

He told the President that "you have not manufactured this crisis--it's real." And he said, "I'm grateful that you have shown leadership to recognize it, call it out and actually do something."

We are living in perilous, disturbing and frightening times. Psalm 37 speaks to such times as these, telling us at least three times not to "fret"---don't worry about. Stand strong. Do good. Don't get mad.

I'll be talking more about this on our live radio program today. You can join me on the radio or online. Here's how.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful.. be Strong. Be Prayerful.