Friday, March 15, 2019

First "Nonbinary" Person in US: "It's All a Sham"

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Jamie Shupe, the first man in the United States to be legally recognized as "nonbinary," now says it was all a sham.

He was once the darling of the LGBTQ movement and the press. Now? He says they "treat him as though he does not exist."

His story can be helpful to parents and grandparents whose children are being inundated with the myth of "gender fluidity" in their classroom.

Be informed.

But first:

A couple of times recently on our daily live radio program I have mentioned how disappointed I was that some Republicans, both in the House and the Senate, have voted against the President and border security when "crisis" on our southern border is an understatement.
I'm not the only one who feels that way. Lou Dobbs on Fox Business channel agrees. Check out his comments.

The deception.

The first man in the United States to be legally recognized as "nonbinary" says "it was all a sham."

He explains "that four years ago he wrote about his decision to live 'authentically' as the woman" he said he always had been. He explained it all in a New York Times column.

Three years ago the State of Oregon allowed him to legally be "nonbinary"---neither male nor female. He was the first person in the US where a "third" sex was formally designated on his legal documents.

Several Christian/conservative news organizations have written about Shupe, detailing all the phases he went through in his confusion.

I'm not going to go through the detailed medical and misleading counsel he received, but it is well documented in the two articles linked below.

I wrote about this today because I am aware of the intense indoctrination regarding gender fluidity that's taking place in the public classroom.

Parents or grandparents who are dealing with this issue in your family should read both articles:

  1. First Man Recognized as "Nonbinary" In US Regrets taking Hormones, Warns Against 'Sham'
  2. I Was America's First 'Nonbinary'Person. It Was All A Sham.

Shupe says the transgender community always bills life as the opposite sex as wonderful and fulfilling, yet he says it is miserable. His confusion was compounded by so-called "medical experts" who counseled that the patient was essentially "born in the wrong body."

Shupe says he was---and they are, being led to think that alternative gender identities are real---but they are not.

He told the Christian Post this week, he would tell young people who have begun believing they are transgender or nonbinary---they are being misled. Don't buy it.

He tells children:
"I understand that you are reluctant to take advice of older people and would prefer to test things for your self, but you can't walk this harm back. You only have one body. You only have one reproductive system. Please don't ruin it chasing the fantasy that you are something other than your biological sex."

He also talks about how kids dealing with gender confusion often weaponize suicide, using it as a weapon against parents or adults who try to reason with them.

The medical consequences.

Shupe says the health consequences from attempts at gender transition are significant.

He says:
"Now I have irreversible breast growth. I have a number of health complications from this. I now have bone density problems. I've had kidney problems. At one point my mental health was so destabilized by the hormones that I had two stays in a psychiatric ward because of it."

He says probably the worst health consequences would be the breast growth and bone density issues. He has been diagnosed with osteopenia.

The social consequences.

He says he was previously a "media darling," but the political Left has completely silenced voices like his and now they won't even acknowledge that he exists because he no longer supports transgenderism.

The media, he says, were only interested in him when he advanced their agenda of transgenderism.

"As long as you're speaking the language they want to hear, you have a place on their pages. The moment you disagree or stop speaking their language they replace you with a new voice. We are creeping toward a world where vast wealth controls not only the media, but its message and who sees its message. This isn't going to end well," he says.

He says now, conservatives are the only ones who will even reach out to him.

Shupe says he is not a religious person, but has begun thinking about faith every day. He says he respects people of faith because he considers it the "least harmful coping mechanism known to mankind."

Mr. Shupe obviously has a ways to go spiritually, but certainly, he's talking to the right people now.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful--Have a great weekend.