Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Seattle Mom Wants Her Kids Back From "Trans Cult"

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A Seattle mom says she wants her two kids back that she has lost to the "Trans Cult" (transgender movement).

She shares her exclusive story. It's one every parent and grandparent should hear.

Be informed.

In December, a therapist told a tormented Lynn Meagher that she should practice self-care, have a support network, and go to the emergency room if she wanted to kill herself.

The counselor then proceeded to make her feel guilty for supposedly being a judgmental person and essentially blamed her for her difficulties.

And charged her $160.

Lynn has told her story to the Christian Post exclusively. We would publish the entire story here, except that it is longer than what fits our format.

I personally believe every parent, grandparent or concerned Christian should read the entire story linked above.

The following is an overview of the story with a few of my own comments:

The prevailing story coming out of the mainstream media today uncritically promotes gender transgender and everything that comes with it, including parents who are celebrating their child's new identity as the opposite sex.

We are a culture living in denial. In fact, the Supreme Court of British Columbia recently ruled that doctors and educators have the right to give a 14-year-old trans hormones, even though the father opposes it.

Lynn's story.

Her story is not unlike a growing number of parents who are experiencing the effects of the intense indoctrination our children are experiencing in public schools, entertainment and the culture in general.

Lynn has three children. Two of them have come out as transgender.

Her daughter, Emily, 23, (not her real name) informed her mother that she would no longer have a relationship with her and asked her mother not to try to contact her. Emily said she believed she was transgender, had changed her name to Evan and had begun taking testosterone and was going through life as though she was a man.

Lynn's son, Daniel (not his real name), 36, has changed his name to Daniella. He came home from the Navy at Christmas time and announced he had always wanted to be a woman. A couple of years later he traveled to Thailand and had his genitals amputated, got breast implants and has his Adam's apple shaved down. Daniel was ultimately dismissed from the military for a "personality disorder."

Lynn has a third child, a daughter who is 22.

The mother says she had a workable relationship with her son until the Spring of 2016 when he asked the ultimate question about how she felt about bathrooms and if other single-sex intimate spaces should be open on the basis of gender identity. When she didn't give him the answer he wanted, he wrote her out of his life.

She would only see him one more time---at a coffee shop in Seattle where he would call her a "fascist," several times. He had met with her to explore if he could obtain a copy of her birth certificate. She was born in Canada, and he wanted to move to Canada as a result of Donald Trump being elected.

Lynn describes herself as a Bible-believing Christian with conservative political views.

Following that meeting, Daniel started telling other family members and family friends what a terrible mother and person she was, even trying to control family events in an attempt to exclude here.

Lynn's response.

She says she was "crushed beyond belief. She went home and spent several days bedridden, nearly paralyzed with heartache.

She and her husband eventually became divorced. Emily presently lives with her dad, Lynn's ex-husband.

Lynn went to a secular counselor, as I mentioned. She is quite open about the dynamics within the family as various family members accepted or rejected the transitions to varying degrees.

Lynn says one of the most devastating messages she received was from "Emily".

It said:
"This is difficult for me to write but I feel the time is right to do it. I don't believe it is good or healthy for me to maintain our relationship. I will not be initiating further contact with you and ask that you respect my wish for no further contact. Please avoid attempting to get in touch with me through phone, social media, in-person contact, or through third parties like Anna, Dad, or family friends. I wish you well and hope you find peace and happiness in your future."

Following her receiving the letter, she says she was "overwhelmingly, excruciatingly upset"---"in a kind of indescribable grief-shock."

It was like having the flu---when you can't eat, night turns to day, you just go to bed and be sick. She stayed in bed for 5 days.

She says, "I couldn't sing, I couldn't go to church, I couldn't worship, couldn't read the Bible, couldn't even pray."

She shares much more of how she grieved, but this gives you a feel for what she, as a mom, went through.

I understand the cathartic aspect of sharing all this---getting it out and off one's chest, but I wondered why she is sharing it so publicly at this time.

Why is she telling her story now?

She says,
"The reason I am choosing to speak publicly is because I want people to be aware of the grief and loss many parents experience. I have talked with many parents who describe their lives as a horror film. Watching your children struggle is one thing. Watching them reject their body, insist they are a different person, a different sex, demand hormone treatments and a new identity, it's unbelievably difficult."

She describes how she attended a conference on dealing with these issues in Washington DC---and describes how the feminists and lesbians better understood what she was going through than many of her well-meaning friends.

She says, "My friends from home, they care about me. They think this is all really bad, really sad. But they don't get how bad it is. They're not grieved about it enough to do anything about it."

"My Christian friends do understand my grief, abandonment, and betrayal," she says, and "they support me and are wonderful in so many ways---yet," she says, "I was finding myself in solidarity with these radical fems and lesbians and it was pretty powerful."

Lynn Meagher now has dreams of opening a retreat center for parents who have suffered from this can come together to talk and recover from the trauma of losing children to transgender medicalization and identities.

She believes this is her assignment from God.

She says,
"The bottom line is that I've lost two kids to the trans cult. I want them back. This ideology ruins and corrupts everything it touches. We can't compromise or give an inch to it. And I'm willing to do whatever I can, and talk to and work with whoever will listen to me and help me."

And she says,
"I don't hate my children as complete strangers as trransgender activists will say. Because I don't affirm them in this and that, I'm supposedly contributing to their potential suicides. No, I love them with all my heart. I just can't affirm this lie."

And she concludes: "This absolutely is a national emergency. Somehow, we've got to stop this."

I agree. It's got to be stopped. It's child abuse, with consequences that destroy the child, the family and will destroy the culture and our nation.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.