Tuesday, June 11, 2019

California: Compassion Or Confusion?

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California wants to lead the nation.

While other states are limiting abortions, California is about to pass a bill that will transform college dorm rooms into abortion rooms.

And the Golden State is about to pass a bill that provides free healthcare for all---tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

Is this a path of compassion or confusion?

Be informed.

California's "compassionate" healthcare.

Yesterday Mike Huckabee, former governor---and former evangelical pastor---said this about California's latest act of kindness:

It’s bad enough that California taxpayers have to worry about getting stuck by discarded drug needles. Now, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the state legislature want to stick them with the cost of having California become the first state to provide free government health care to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. Under the deal (which has yet to pass, but undoubtedly will), illegal residents age 19 to 25 would be allowed to enroll in Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid.
The cost is estimated at $98 million. But if I were a betting man, I’d bet the farm that it will be far more than that, with far more demand for care than anticipated, far more illegal residents claiming to be in the eligible age group than estimated, and free health care proving to be a giant magnet to attract more illegal immigrants who will come pouring in.
And how will this be paid for? By resurrecting the most onerous aspect of Obamacare, the one the Republican Congress got rid of: the tax on people who don’t have health insurance. That’s right, if you can’t afford health insurance, the state will take away even more of your money to provide free health insurance to illegal immigrants while you still go without, only you'll have even less money to pay your doctor bills out of pocket. That’s called “compassion,” California liberal-style.
California leftists like to brag that big social movements start in California and move east. Let’s hope this idea remains quarantined in California along with the typhus, although I imagine it is going to result in even more California taxpayers moving east.

Or, I would add; to the Northwest.

What struck me regarding this legislation is that it's masked as compassion, when facts and observation both affirm that this is the secular Left's preferred method of seizing control of disadvantaged people: Give them free stuff. Make them dependent. And do so under the guise of compassion.

California's compassionate "women's healthcare." AKA, abortion.

Patrina Mosley, Director of Life, Culture and Women's Advocacy at Family Research Council, said yesterday that "a radical proposal to expand abortion in California is quietly advancing."

She said:
"California's proposed mandate to transform educational institutions into abortion facilities has passed out of the Senate (SB 24) and now heads to the Assembly. This abortion mandate would force all 34 of California's public universities to dispense the abortion pill from student health centers."

She and others are saying this legislation is being rushed through to satisfy special interest groups and abortion activists.

California lawmakers who support the law are calling it an act of compassion toward those with unwanted pregnancies and "progress" regarding women's health care rights.

There are grave concerns about this brave new expression of compassion.

  •  A college dorm room is no place to have an abortion.

The Senate bill does not require trained or licensed physicians to oversee the entire abortion. The young women get free pills and are then left alone to perform the abortion.

Chemical abortions are a "multi-day" process, creating both sanitary issues and emotional issues.

  • The universities are not required to deal with adverse outcomes of the abortion.

The "compassion" law does nothing to resolve the liability concerns for universities. It's well known that abortion pill complications can include excessive bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion which then requires surgery, and even death.

  • No pre-abortion counseling is offered.

A study published by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found that more than 73% of women who have abortions admitted that they experienced at least subtle forms of pressure to abort babies. This often comes from the father and various social pressures.

  • The state has purposefully left the funding of the pills vague.

While they claim the pills will be privately funded, the overhead of dispensing etc. is paid by taxpayers. This, of course, is the Planned Parenthood business model. The state knows that most Americans strongly oppose public funding of abortions. So this is cloaked in compassion and women's rights with a wink and a promise that private money is paying for it.

  • No conscience exemptions are included.

The mandate requires staff to dispense abortion pills to all who ask for them without regard to the staff's personal religious beliefs.

It isn't compassionate to deny a woman an abortion. And it won't be tolerated, any more than declining to celebrate same-sex "marriage" is not tolerated.

The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, which grew out of the Margaret Sanger/ Guttmacher relationship in the founding of Planned Parenthood, has reported that chemical abortions accounted for 31% of all abortions and 45% of abortions before 9 weeks. They have also reported that women in their 20's were the most likely demographic to obtain abortions.

Patrina Mosley concludes that the abortion industry and the state of California have "colluded" to "target over 400,000 female students in its universities."

Twenty-two years ago (1997),  Don Feder wrote an article for the Heritage Foundation titled, "Killing Us With Kindness: How Liberal Compassion Hurts."

In the article, he identifies how "compassion" has fueled the welfare state, given us physician-assisted suicide, high personal taxes to help others and advance drug use. In fact, he notes that California's "Compassionate Use Act of 1996" was used to push the use of marijuana.

He speaks of how "compassion" is used to advance so-called "gay marriage"---22 years ago. In California.

And he said,
"Abortion is a grotesque example of compassion's unintended consequences. Twenty-four years ago this month, it was sold to the nation generally (and to the Supreme Court specifically) as pure benevolence. Here's a woman---single, poor, and pregnant. How can you not sympathize with her plight? Do you want her to court death through one of those fabled back-ally abortions?

Feder notes that the word "compassion" comes from the Latin word "to suffer with"---not just "give to."

Sometimes compassion means to give to, sometimes it means to suffer with. To sit with. To agonize with.

Is it really "compassionate" to inject the terminal cancer patient with a lethal drug?

He asks, "Is it compassionate to facilitate a society in which the weak, the sick, and the handicapped can be disposed of for convenience or economy?"

And Feder writes, "Is it compassionate to help the individual and society to violate one of God's most important laws---thou shalt not murder---with the knowledge of what that sin will do to the soul of one and the conscience of the other?"

Evil is evil. Whether 1997 or 2019.

May God deliver us from evil.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Faithful.