Thursday, August 15, 2019

LGBTQ Destroying Culture---While You Were Distracted

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Dennis Prager said this week that while our attention has been focused on a number of other events this summer, the LGBTQ activists have been "busy dismantling the norms of our culture."

Penny Nance had her own personal experience this week when she took her youngest son to orientation at Virginia Tech.

While making a mockery of our education system, they are working to silence and punish biblical churches.

This is a wake-up call---"May I have your attention, please?"

Be informed.

Dennis Prager published this yesterday:

Virtually every week, there seems to be another issue that preoccupies the country. But while our attention is focused on President Donald Trump, Google, Charlottesville, Russia, impeachment, Jeffrey Epstein, the next elections, racism, a trade war with China, the #MeToo movement or something else, LGBTQ organizations are quietly going about their work dismantling ethical norms, making a mockery of education, ruining innocent people's lives and destroying children's innocence. If you think this is overstated, here are some examples:

Prager's examples.

1. The LGBTQ dismantling of women's sports.

He gives examples of males dominating women's sports and winning almost every time.

He says, "Because the Western world cowers before LGBTQ demands, no matter how unfair they are to women athletes, men who deem themselves female must be allowed to compete against women. They almost always win."

2. The dismantling of Male and Female---even at birth.

He notes that New York is joining California, Oregon and Washington state in allowing an undesignated gender option on birth certificates. New Jersey's similar law takes effect in February.

3. The dismantling of children's innocence and parental authority.

Giving examples of "drag queen story hours," to labeling a child as "transgender at age 3," Prager says this is happening while the homosexual activist organizations apply professional and peer pressure on the parents.

He says,
"Parents and parental authority have always been a thorn in the side of totalitarian movements. Therefore dismantling parental authority is one of the primary goals of the left, of which the LGBTQ organizations are a major component."

4. The dismantling of reality.

Prager says, "Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), in a letter to USA Powerlifting said this: "The myth that trans women have a 'direct competitive advantage is not supported by 'medical science'."

And Sunu Chandy of the National Women's Law Center makes the same claims.

He says "How can these people say such lies? Because lying is not an issue when truth is not a value."

"LGBTQ organizations," he says, "cares about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders as much as communists cared about workers. They use them as a cover for their real agenda: dismantling civilization as we know it."

Penny Nance goes to college.

Penny Nance is president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy women's organization.

The Washington State director, Maureen Richardson, sent me an article written by Nance and published yesterday in the National Review.

I recommend you read it.

The madness begins.

Nance writes, "Like many other women, I just sent my youngest child to college. I am so proud of him and his decision to join the Army ROTC and study engineering."

The campus of Virginia Tech is aesthetically and historically beautiful. The centerpiece of the campus is the military parade field featuring beautiful pylons bearing the school's founding principles---such as "honor", "duty", "brotherhood" and "ut prosim" (that I may serve).

Nance says the madness began immediately, not that she expected the National Anthem or a prayer, but to her shock and that of the other parents, once the new students were separated from their parents, "the extreme and overtly leftist propaganda spewed at our children's orientation."

Parents vs Children.

She says the rest of the day followed the same two-track program, parents versus children---"be open to new experiences," "Parents don't be shocked if your kid comes home changed," and "you should feel privileged that your child was selected to attend here..."

Sure enough, they lectured students on making assumptions about each other's gender or sexuality.

Nance says,
"The school constantly defined and showcased identity group politics, but certainly not all identities. It's apparently way cooler to be a minority trans woman with food allergies than simply to be an American college student."

She says, "As a mom, part of me wanted to load my son in the car and head up the road to Liberty University, but since he's an adult, it wasn't my choice to make."

Nance says, "I"ve called out Virginia Tech in this op-ed, but other schools in Virginia and around the nation exhibit the same issue. It's rampant."

Indeed it is. And it isn't only in public education. It's also in local government.

Illinois Governor signs law to ensure LGBTQ history taught in all public schools.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has signed a bill that mandates the teaching of LGBTQ history in all public schools in the state.

It says, "In public schools only, the teaching of history shall include a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the history of this country and this State."

The bill also includes a section which grants the state education department the power to enforce new rules and guidelines that will "ensure the religious neutrality of the textbook grant program."

In a statement of commitment to the LGBTQ community, Gov. Pritzker declared that "the LGBTQ community won't just have a place at the table, they will be equal partners in the fight to make equality a lived reality for all."

He also vowed to "fight back against Donald Trump" with regards to "LGBTQ rights"---claiming GOP members of the state legislature are "bigots."

State Sen. Heather Steans, a co-sponsor of the bill, said, "the new inclusive curriculum" will not just ensure that an "accurate version of history is taught," but will also "promote acceptance of the LGBTQ community."

And she said, "LGBTQ children and teens will have new role models."

In the old Soviet Union there was a well-known joke: "In the Soviet Union, the future is known; it's the past that is always changing."

History is no longer about what happened, it is merely propaganda because rewriting history is no problem for the left.

Truth is a conservative-Christian value, but it has never been a left-wing value.

The effort to silence the biblical church.

Earlier this year, popular video hosting site Vimeo removed the account of Fairview Baptist Church (Oklahoma) after the church hosted a conference that identified homosexual behavior as sin---in accord with Scriptural teaching.

Vimeo explained to one of the participants "we don't believe that homosexuality requires a cure and we don't allow videos on our platform that espouse this point of view."

They cited their criteria for removing videos from their platform, which includes: "Make a derogatory remark or inflammatory statement about individuals or groups of people," "Are intended to harm someone's reputation," and "Have an overall mean-spirited vibe."

Pretty subjective.

Penny Nance has requested a meeting with Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands. She says she is going to try to wake up the "wokes" [progressive term for the so-called informed] to the fact that conservatives have had enough.

She says, "Campus insanity has gone this far because we were silent. When do we say 'enough'?"

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Aware. Be Awake. Be Active. Be Prayerful.