Monday, October 07, 2019

"A Spell To Bind Donald Trump"

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Those not included in the 63 million citizens who elected President Donald Trump, seem to be coalesced around getting rid of him---there's little to no middle ground.

Witches around the world are casting spells on him, while the Democrat Party announced last night they have agreed on the 6 words they will repeat again and again and again---a kind of political spell---to convince America that Trump should be impeached.

A war on two fronts. Political and spiritual.

Be informed.

About 24 months ago the witches of the world unified in a common cause. To render Donald Trump ineffective. The effort continues.

The New York Post published this: "They’re out to put a spell on you, President Trump."

The Post said:

Witches around the world are expected to cast a mass spell at the stroke of midnight Friday “to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him” — as Christian groups are urging prayer to combat this “declaration of spiritual war.”
The spell is to be performed “on every waning crescent moon until [Trump] is removed from office, [the spell includes] setting ablaze an “unflattering” picture of the 45th president.
People performing the ritual will need the snap of Trump, a “tower tarot card,” a “tiny stub of an orange candle,” a “pin or small nail,” and “matches or lighter,” among other items.
According to the instructions – which have circulated across the Internet – “Donald J. Trump” is to be inscribed on the candle with the nail or pin and practitioners are to recite the 23rd Psalm.
After lighting a white candle, the spell begins with the words: “Hear me, oh spirits/ Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air/ Heavenly hosts/ Demons of the infernal realms/ And spirits of the ancestors.”
“I call upon you/ To bind/ Donald J. Trump/ So that he may fail utterly/ That he may do no harm/ To any human soul/ Nor any tree/ Animal/ Rock/ Stream/ or Sea,” is to be said when lighting the orange candle.
Practitioners are then asked to burn Trump’s photo with the orange candle while “loudly” chanting, “So mote it be!” or Trump’s famed catchphrase, “You’re fired!” over and over, according to the instructions published this month by “magical thinker.”
At the end of the ritual, demonstrators are to “blow out orange candle, visualizing Trump blowing apart into dust or ash.”

This ritual appeals to Satanic power to destroy the President. It is continuing until his presidency is destroyed.

The next worldwide "Binding Meeting" is scheduled for October 25, 2019, at 11:59 PM.

A "ritual guide" has been published so witches everywhere are on the same page, using the same words in their attempt to "cast a spell on the President."

Last night we learned the Democrat Party has agreed on a list of 6 words they will repeatedly use to convince America Trump must be impeached.

Top Democrats confirmed last night that yesterday afternoon they formalized their messaging operation on impeachment with more focused talking points. It came after leaders faced blowback from some lawmakers, particularly those from swing districts, over past messaging stumbles.

Someone in the meeting and several others have confirmed to POLITICO that the Democrat leadership has outlined a plan to message the issue with “repetition."

The Democrats will repeatedly use these 6 words: — “betrayal, abuse of power, national security” — as they make the case to impeach Trump.

House Speaker Pelosi says House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler's panel will be responsible for crafting any articles of impeachment.

Nadler says. "If we stick to our Speaker's plan, we will prevail."

Speaker Pelosi says she doesn't care about the polls---although there has been a slight uptick toward impeachment in the past few days in some polls, Pelosi says she is all about "saving the Constitution"---"Our first responsibility is to the Constitution."

The battle strategy appears to be set.

Beginning today, you will hear repeatedly--"Betrayal," Abuse of Power," and "National Security" attached to every word that is uttered by the Left. Including the media.

Witches are appealing to the Prince of Darkness---the Father of Lies, while the Democrats are appealing to the spirit of deception.

If the real concern was to protect the Constitution and the national security of America, there would be at least some expressed concern over the Biden boys' dealings in Ukraine.

And Hillary's past dealings with Russia are "deplorable," to use her word.

As Sec. of State, she approved a deal to sell Uranium One---a company that controlled 20% of US uranium production to the Russian Atomic Rostam.

In return, she and Bill received vast amounts of payoffs from the Kremlin and related interests most notably a $500,000 speaker fee to Bill Clinton from a Moscow based investment bank. No one really knows how much was donated to the Clinton Foundation following the deal with Russia.

Peter Schweizer, author of the book, "Clinton Cash," notes that uranium is, in fact, a very rare commodity, found only a few places on Earth---and this deal was, in fact, a "fundamental issue of national security."

Even the New York Times--a Bill and Hillary ally, blinked and questioned whether she should have done that, suggesting that Putin may now have a monopoly on uranium---a critical component of our national security.

This battle is not about flesh and blood.

Donald Trump does not exemplify righteousness any more than Nancy Pelosi exemplifies evil.

But this contest in America is about righteousness and evil.

It's about two competing worldviews. One is biblically-based, the other secular, humanist based.

There are four primary secular worldviews prominent in the history of mankind.

  • Might Makes Right. This belief holds that those who are the strongest will rule the others and have the power to determine right and wrong. It's related to social Darwinism.
  • Social Darwinism/Rugged Individualism. It preys on those who are weak and vulnerable.
  • Superiority Ideology. Whether this is racial, economic or otherwise, it is an outgrowth of the Might Equals Right humanist view.
  • Narcissism. We live in a self-centered world where our own pleasures and emotions are elevated above all things.

Relativism has been foisted on American thinking through public education and the silence from the pulpits on such matters. It has almost become a norm that different people hold different "truths."

No one's "truth" is absolutely correct, because there is no absolute truth. Relativism has become a kind of secular gospel.

What follows is more silence from those who should not be silent.

The byproduct of these ideologies are destructive. And they are based in deception, beginning in the Garden of Eden.

The destructive byproduct fosters narcissism and a turning away from God and His Truth, which is always destructive socially whether its Rome or the United States or wherever.

The byproduct of Relativism and Political Correctness is a paralysis of free speech, which is Satan's way of silencing the Church and preventing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared with our neighbor, our community and the world---as Christ has commissioned us to do.

So, while the witches are casting spells, and the secular humanists are casting their 6 magic words, the soul of a nation hangs in the balance by all accounts.

Be strong in your biblical worldview, by being strong in the Lord.

Remember, you are the light of the world. You are salt and light in a decaying culture. And the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ's Church.

Pray for the President./ Pray for America.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.