Thursday, October 03, 2019

Over 500,000 Kids Bring Bibles To School Today

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More than half a million students will bring their Bibles to school today---as a witness to their faith, and to celebrate religious freedom in America.

There is push back.

The story of one student who stood alone.

Be informed.

The purpose of the day.

Focus on the Family launched the "Bring Your Bible To School Day" back in 2014. It is centered on students sharing their Christian faith with their peers.

Last month Focus said,
"The annual student-led event, now in its sixth year, provides a unique opportunity for young people to share about their faith by highlighting its source---the Bible."

This year's observance will contrast a bit from previous years, in that it will involve "specific", tangible actions the kids can take to live out their faith at school and in the community throughout the year.

This year the event is also partnering with the Christian law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, which is offering free legal representation to any student who might be challenged by school officials for their involvement.

Well known professional football player, Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, appears in a video promoting today's event.

There is already push back.

The video is titled, "Shout Out From Drew Brees." It features Drew, a deeply committed Christian, encouraging students to take part in the observance and explaining his favorite verse of the Bible: II Corinthians 5:7, which says, "For we live by faith not by sight."

Brees says in the video,
"So I want to encourage you to live out your faith on 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' and share God' love with friends. You're not alone."

Brees' involvement immediately caused controversy. A New Orleans based far-Left publication, "Big Easy," is criticizing Drew Brees for associating with a Christian organization that is "anti-homosexual."

Big Easy launched a Twitter attack on Brees. Now other homosexual activist organizations, including The Advocate, Queerty, and Patheos', 'Friendly Atheist blog" have joined.

They say, "Brees didn't just film a commercial urging kids to bring their Bibles to school. He filmed an ad for one of the most vehemently anti-LGBTQ organizations in the country."

Of course. The mission of every biblical evangelical person in the world, including Focus, is to be "vehemently anti-LGBTQ." Their narcissism is overwhelming.

The gospel is not about being "anti"---it's about deliverance from the bondage of sin. It's about forgiveness and restoration and freedom and life, now and eternally.

Like Brees said. "You're not alone." He is certainly not alone.

But sometimes we are required to stand alone.

The boy who stood alone for Christ.

When a friend urgently texted Florida mom Stacy Philpot, a professional blogger, about a Facebook post she just had to see, she wasn't sure what to expect. The post showed a teenage boy...

Here's how she tells her story:

The air on Facebook has felt a bit toxic to me lately. So, I announced I'd be taking a little hiatus. I needed some space between me and all the heated political discussions, the finger pointing, and name calling. I looked forward to the wide-open space free from Facebook notifications.
For this reason, a friend of mine knew I wouldn't see the thread in a local community group she'd tagged me in and yet it was a tag I wouldn't want to miss, so she texted me a head's up. At first, I couldn't understand why she felt it was so vital I see this particular thread. It was about a young man who'd stood alone that morning at his school's flagpole praying in observance of the annual "See You At The Pole" day for students. Members of the community were chiming in, praising both the student and his parents: 'I don't know who he was, but his Momma and Daddy should be proud. That takes courage'. 'He's obviously a young man of great character', one man commented.
As I scrolled through the pictures, it hit me---the boy who stood alone at the pole was my boy.
The little boy I'd rocked to sleep in blue airplane pajamas when he was sick. The toddler who loved Elmo and couldn't go to sleep without holding his Veggie Tales characters in his hands had captured the attention of our community by standing alone, by doing everything we'd ever taught him, everything we'd ever hoped he would do. I was completely undone.
I read on. People who professed no faith commended my son for standing up for his.

Takeaway. When standing up means standing alone.

Chuck Colson often told the story of Telemachus, a 4th-century Christian monk.

This man lived in a remote village, tending his garden and spending much of his time in prayer. One day he thought he heard the voice of God telling him to go to Rome, so he obeyed, heading out on foot. Weary weeks later, he arrived in the city at the time of a great festival. The little monk followed the crowd surging down the streets into the Colosseum. He saw the gladiators stand before the emperor and say, “We who are about to die salute you.” Then he realized these men were going to fight to the death for the entertainment of the crowd Telemachus cried out, “In the name of Christ, stop!”

As the games began, he pushed his way through the crowd, climbed his way over the wall, and dropped to the floor of the arena. When the crowd saw this tiny figure rushing to the gladiators and saying, “In the name of Christ, stop!” they thought it was part of the show and began laughing.

When they realized it wasn’t, the laughter turned to anger. As Telemachus was pleading with the gladiators to stop, one of them plunged a sword into his body. He fell to the sand. As he was dying, his last words were, “In the name of Christ, stop!”

Then a strange thing happened. The gladiators stood looking at the tiny figure lying there. A hush fell over the Colosseum. Way up in the upper rows, a man stood and made his way to the exit. Others began to follow. In dead silence, everyone left the Colosseum.

The year was 391 AD, and that was the last battle to the death between gladiators in the Roman Colosseum. Never again in the great stadium did men kill each other for the entertainment of the crowd, all prompted by one tiny voice that could hardly be heard above the roar, one voice that spoke the truth in God’s name. One voice that stood alone.

Be Faithful. Be Steadfast, Be Prayerful.