Friday, December 20, 2019

Pew Research: "Democrats Divided By Race"

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The Pew Research Center has found that while partisanship appears to be the largest factor dividing Americas' political views, "perhaps surprisingly, the Democrat Party is divided by race."

I'll be talking more about this on our live radio program this morning--- and the latest events in Speaker Pelosi's attempt to delay the Senate trial on the House impeachment of President Trump.

Be informed.

Pew says "Black Democrats are much more likely than white Democrats to associate belief in God
with morality and less likely to say that same-sex marriage has been good for society."

The report continues:

Black Christians have long been more likely than white Democrats to describe themselves as Christian and to attend religious services more frequently.
These differences are reflected in sharp divides between black and white Democrats and Democrat leaners in opinions related to faith and religion. White Democrats are nearly twice as likely as black Democrats to say it is not necessary to believe in God in order for a person to be moral (89% vs. 44%).

Pew also says, "When it comes to issues of faith and marriage, the view of black Democrats are more similar to those of Republicans than to white Democrats."

About faith and marriage.


On the issue of marriage, black and white Democrats show significant discrepancies regarding their view of same-sex marriage.

Pew found 88% of white Democrats said the legalization of same-sex marriage is a positive social value, while only 52% of black Democrats agreed.

Many leaders of the black church, for example, for whom faith in God and traditional marriage between one man and one woman are primary values, support President Trump, whose administration has made religious liberty a central issue.

This is why homosexual "married" candidate, Pete Buttigieg, does not have much support from the black community.

In a press statement recently, Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), spoke in support of Trump as Democrats were moving the impeachment forward.

Owens and his wife, Deborah, have co-authored a book titled: "A Dream Derailed: How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights to Create a Permanent Underclass."

In his press release Owens said this:

We are closing 2019 with an opportunity to make a firm stand against the hatred of President Donald Trump by political rivals and many of their constituents. This is a dark day in America, but we can overcome it. I am calling on black Americans and all Americans to stand up against this hate-filled agenda. Stand up for what is right and fair. Refuse to join the hate crowd, and support President Trump and his positive agenda.


The Church of God in Christ (COGIC), one of the largest historically black protestant denominations in the United States, recently announced it had unanimously passed a resolution that affirms the value and dignity of all human life and condemns elective abortion---an issue highly associated with faith values.

COGIC represents more than 7 million black members.

Rev. Owens says, "The left supports unlimited abortions that have led to black babies being aborted more than any other group."

He's right. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist, committed to "weeding out" (her words) the undesirables in the culture, and began the policy of planting clinics in black neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood has continued with her policy.

It's noted that issues of faith, life, and marriage loom large among blacks---particularly in light of the Democrat Party's decision to not only embrace secularism but to even mock those who do not embrace secularism.

The Democrat Party has made a conscious decision to "write off" religious citizens, including blacks.

Their reasoning goes like this: Last August the Party noted that 70% of the "religiously unaffiliated" Americans share the Democrat Party's values. The religiously unaffiliated demographic, they decided, represents the largest religious group within the Democrat Party.

In reaching out to the "nons" and secularists, they have been making the case that the nonreligious are often "targeted and subjected to unfair bias and excluded from American society by the Republicans."

The Democrats have demeaned those of biblical faith. Remember Hillary and here "deplorables" and Obama describing those non-elites in mainstream America who "cling to their guns and Bibles"---that has become a doctrine of the Democrats?

In fact, they have demeaned those of faith, referring to them as "those most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their religious views."

The DNC has also said that religious Americans "have used those religious views with misplaced claims of 'religious liberty', to justify public policy that has "threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans"---"particularly but not limited to, the LGBTQ community... "

The DNC has concluded that they care about the 17% of Americans who identify as "nonreligious" and have written off the other religious people---including religious blacks who have traditionally been Democrat.

The black community is awakening to the deceptions of the secular Democrats.

Two recent polls showed that 34% of likely black voters approve of Trump's presidency. This outcome, which is apparent in Pew's research, is further boosted by polls showing black Americans also sharply disagree with the Democrat Party on the issue of school choice.

An Education Next poll released in August found black Democrats approve of targeted school vouchers, universal vouchers, and charter schools by 70%, 64%, and 55%.

Owens says, "The black church has long been the center of the black community. But Leftists are now actively trying to push Christians out of the public square. When they're not trying to silence us, they're mocking us or our values."

Black leaders are suggesting the Left is going to be shocked by the amount of support President Trump will have from the black community in the 2020 election.

Rev. Owens says, "President Trump asked black voters to give him a chance...and we did. Now he's delivering on his promises and gaining more support...I suspect his support is even higher than the polls indicate."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Confident. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.