Thursday, December 05, 2019

Rep. Jayapal, D-WA: "Democrats Must Save the Country"

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Washington State's own US Representative told CNN yesterday that "patriotism" is at stake, and if the Republicans won't step up, it will be up to the Democrats to save the country.

Really? Why, then, have they been telling us they want to "remake" the country?

A closer look is enlightening. And revealing.

Be informed.

As Democrats race to remove this president before the next election, they are now embracing "patriotism" as one of their virtues.

Washington State Rep, Pramila Jayapal (D) told CNN yesterday that if the Republicans are not "patriotic" enough to remove Trump, the Democrats would have to do it.

Most would not view Jayapal as a profile of "patriotism", but here's what she said

What we need from Republicans at this point is that kind of character and patriotism to our country, to our Constitution, and to our democracy. If they don't give it to us, then it will be upon Democrats to preserve our Republic, our democracy. And we will be up to the task.
But I hope that there will be some Republicans that remember what is at stake, and this is far beyond their re-elections or their party.

The CNN host noted that some people have suggested that Democrats are "rushing" to impeachment... she asked, "Are you moving to fast?"

Her response is rooted in her (and other far-Left progressives) emotions---their hatred for the man, Trump, and their lingering sense of loss in the 2016 election.

By most accounts, there is substantial concern among Democrat leaders that none of their current candidates will beat Trump in the 2020 election.

Connect that to the fact that the Democrat majority in the House has done essentially nothing for the people who elected them---except try to remove Trump from office.

Jayapal said:

Yeah, you know, the thing about this is this is unprecedented. The way that this president is behaving is unprecedented.
Even Nixon sent his top aides to Congress to testify. He did not try to stop them from testifying. Now They lied, they did other things. But he didn't try to stop them. He released enormous numbers, amounts of documents. This president has obstructed congress every step of the way. A
And so for us, the balance that we have to strike is when is there enough information to move forward versus the real danger to the country of leaving an abusive president in office with unchecked power. And that is a very grave danger. So we are proceedings.
The facts are uncontested, as I said, there is a very clear trail here. And it reflects the same pattern we saw also in the Mueller report, you know, with obstruction of justice, that 400-page report that Robert Mueller put out. This is the same pattern that we saw there. But it has unfolded directly in front of the American people. We don't know what else is out there as we're seeing even with the Intel report, new reports of how Republicans were coordinating at every level with some very, very shady characters. So we do have to move forward. We will move forward.

What "moving forward" looks like to far-left progressives.

NBC noted this week that the "Democrats are singing a different tune as Republicans close ranks in support of Trump."

NBC notes that the Democrat candidates are "talking about healthcare, tax policy, and racial equity---but barely mentioning the biggest political story in Washington."

When asked how the impeachment was going, Elizabeth Warren said she would "work to convince her Republican colleagues to vote to remove President Trump from office," then turned the conversation to the amount of money that wealthy donors contribute to get ambassadorships.

When asked how the impeachment was going, Bernie said: "Right now, 87 million people don't have health insurance or are underinsured..." And, "We're facing the existential threat of our times...climate change."

Buttigieg delivered a similar response.

Last week Joe Biden told the press that the question of impeachment is not "first and foremost among voters."

Bottom line: Republicans are telling the public that Trump has done nothing that supports impeachment, and the ongoing drama that the Democrats are playing out in front of television cameras is making the Republican's point to the American people.

And the Republicans are telling the public that this whole pretense is hurting the country---because it is.

While the Democrat leadership continues, on stage, to tell the American people the most important thing they can do is to remove this President---the public is more and more concluding that they are really just trying to reverse the 2016 election, because the Democrat Party has offered no solutions for the challenges in our country.

Even NBC recognizes where this is going and says, "At some point, that messaging disparity is going to be unsustainable for Democrats."

And NBC wonders, "How do you make the case that a sitting president of the United States can't run for re-election when your party's presidential candidates aren't making the same case."

How will it end?

The long-awaited Justice Department's inspector general's report will be given to the public next week.

United States Attorney General William Barr is already saying the Democrats didn't have enough information to launch their first investigation into members of the Trump campaign.

But VOX, not a conservative news source, is probably getting it right.

They note that all year Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been dealing with the far Left fringe of the party--Ocasio-Cortez and her "squad" and a few vocal "others" like Maxine Waters, who have been demanding that they impeach Trump.

I believe Pelosi knew all along "impeachment" was a losing matter for the Democrats. Now, everyone is coming to know it.

Pelosi concluded that the only way to pacify her people in the House was to proceed with impeachment.

Once the House has rushed to "impeachment," the matter will go to the Senate, and the Republican majority will not vote to impeach the President, because he has not committed impeachable offenses.

The Democrats will then rehearse over and over what went wrong, whose fault it was and "if only"---much like Hillary is still doing over the 2016 election.

The Democrat candidates will run from city to city over the next year promising people whatever they believe the people want to hear---drifting further and further to the Left toward socialism---another idea the American people will reject.

The Republican senators are standing strong with the President, in fact, Mitt Romney is the only Republican in the Senate that is not solidly behind the President. According to all polls, Trump's voter base has not diminished, in fact, support among blacks and Hispanics is growing.

Pray for our country, and for our President.

Don't be overcome by anxiety over these matters. Remember, it is written: "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me." Jesus.

God is in control.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Blessed.