Tuesday, May 26, 2020

In the Name of COVID-19

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A celebrity-driven campaign called "#PassTheMic" includes Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman, and Dr. Anthony Fauci---the lead medical adviser on the Trump Covid-19 response team.

Its upfront funding is coming from U2 frontman Bono, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

Celebrities and the global community will follow.

Barack Obama's former special assistant, Gayle Smith, is apparently helping launch the new effort.

So, what are they up to?

Be informed.

In the name of COVID-19.

"PassTheMic" has been created to address the Wuhan virus, now known as COVID-19, worldwide.

The first step is to enlist well-known celebrities to encourage other celebrities to join them in handing over their social media accounts to the crew running the new organization.

This probably amounts to hundreds of millions of names---and maybe billions of dollars in contributions.

The purpose, they say, is to address COVID-19 worldwide. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

Bono has been raising millions to help in needy African countries for a number of years through his ONE Campaign. #PassTheMic has apparently been linked to Bono's "One" but is being run by a select group including Bono.

Dr. Fauci, who seems to be the face of the effort, appeared in a video with Julia Roberts last Thursday urging people to pay more attention to how the coronavirus is impacting poorer countries.

He explained to Roberts how "we have people throughout the world in the global fight against COVID-19."

The message is "demand action now." Because "none of us are safe until all of us are safe."

Roberts gushed:
"Oh, this is such a thrill. This is a thrill to me because there are very few experts of anything in the world and you truly have emerged as a personal hero to me. Just to have this little corner of your time for us is such a joy."

The far-Left Huffington Post is also gushing, explaining that finally we are moving forward on science, not superstition---"Hearing from people who know what they're talking about."

Why didn't Fauci know what he was talking about when he shared the mic with President Trump and VP Pence----- but now is the hero?

I'm sure there's an explanation.

This such a noble cause, it could justify almost any means.

The web.

No, not that web. The web woven over time, behind the scenes---like a reverse Charlotte's Web, which when exposed to the light reveals that behind the scenes, everything is connected in an effort to destroy a presidency rather than save a life.

The website for #PassTheMic invites you to "sign up now to demand a global response to COVID-19."

It says, "Grounded in data, science, and facts, experts and front line workers from around the world are telling us that "a global response is crucial to defeating the COVID-19 epidemic everywhere."

It continues, "We are one world and we must fight for humanity against this virus."

George Soros is not well known for his compassion, but for his obsession with "open borders." In fact he calls his main charity,  "Open Borders Society."

Bill Gates, as a philanthropist, is not best known for an obsession with open borders, but for healthcare---vaccines, etc. And he does see the value of globalism.

Barack Obama is best known for his opportunism. Never let a crisis go to waste.

How the web connects.

ONE Campaign was co-founded as an advocacy group by Bono to combat poverty and illness, especially in Africa. The group is closely aligned with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars and holds a seat on its board of directors.

The Gates Foundation---the wealthiest philanthropic group in the world---has already given a fortune toward medical help to the world's poorest nations.

They have also been in the news lately for slamming President Trump while praising China. Bill Gates, in a recent interview, couldn't admit that China held any responsibility for the spread of the COVID virus, but said: "China did a lot of things right at the beginning."

Melinda Gates recently gave President Trump a "D-" for his response to the outbreak, saying "we need leadership."

The Gates Foundation is also a major donor to the World Health Organization, which President Trump has denounced and withdrawn US support for botching the early Wuhan virus response in China, its close ties to China politically, and for covering for China while they initially misled the world.

Gayle Smith has been publicly criticizing President Trump's decision to withhold funding from WHO---recently telling CBS's Face The Nation that his cut in funding "means a reduction in funding, possibly, for the fight against polio" worldwide.

Dr. Tsion Firew, a New York-based emergency doctor---the other doctor involved in the #PassTheMic effort, has been highly critical of Trump. She has denounced Trump's border wall and recently said, "He doesn't represent what America stands for!"

She tweeted this:

"While all these leaders were pledging, showing solidarity and investing in what matters--health, one leader was busy taking hydroxychloroquine & drafting a letter to permanently stop funding from [for] WHO. He doesn't represent what America stands for. We miss integrity and authenticity."

So it all comes to taking down Trump.

And the person she and the Left are putting up to represent "integrity" and "authenticity" is Joe Biden.

Thankfully, Americans get to decide whether or not Trump represents what America stands for.

And that happens in November.

In the meantime, watch these guys and ask yourself, if these efforts are primarily to help the poor in Africa or to bring down a president they hate, while advancing a globalist agenda.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.