Monday, July 27, 2020

Biden In Solidarity With Antifa--Accuses Trump of "Egregious Tactics"

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Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused President Trump of "egregious tactics" in cracking down on protests in Portland, saying federal agents are stoking divisions.

Biden says federal agents in Portland are "brutally attacking peaceful protesters."

Over the weekend, leftists in cities across the country joined Biden and the radical left rioters in solidarity in the fight to dismantle America.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson says, "This revolution isn't like the 60s."

Be informed, not misled

A message from Biden's bunker.

Reuters News Service, a left-leaning international news organization, is reporting that Joe Biden has come out in solidarity with the rioters who are burning, looting, and destroying buildings, while wounding citizens and police officers in Portland, Oregon.

They note that "Biden, who leads Republican President Donald Trump in opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 3 election," said in a statement that "Homeland Security agents in Portland, some without any identifying markings, had been brutally attacking peaceful protesters," continuing that, "We have a president who is determined to sow chaos and division, to make matters worse not better.

Trump Campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh responded to Biden in a statement which said in part,
"That Biden would accuse law enforcement of 'stoking the fires of division' while the mob is literally setting fires to police buildings is unconscionable. Biden has clearly lost his moral bearings and failed the leadership test."

Ninety-nine days from today, America will decide who can best lead our country in these very, very troublesome times.

Trump? Or Biden?

A growing coalition of "solidarity" with lawlessness.

It's not only Biden standing with the rioters in Portland, but it's also a growing number of cities across the nation standing with Biden and Portland.

In Los Angles, one day after Mayor Eric Garcetti reiterated his solidarity with the rioters in Portland, rioters in Los Angles smashed plate-glass windows in federal buildings blocking traffic, destroying property and disrupting the lives of thousands of people.

Thousands marched in New York City in "solidarity with the Portland rioters, with violent clashes with the police, including attacking NYPD vehicles.

In Seattle police arrested 45 rioters on Saturday in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near the site of the former "CHOP" autonomous zones, while several businesses and public buildings were vandalized. Rioting continued again last night in Seattle and in other Democrat-run cities across the nation.

The press will breathlessly report on all of it today, from Seattle to Portland to New York to my home town Yakima, always introducing their "breaking news" report with the words "a mostly peaceful demonstration last night was interrupted by a few...and suddenly turned..."

Rioters joined in solidarity in cities from Oakland to Omaha to Richmond to Atlanta to Austin to Baltimore, to Chicago and elsewhere.

Where will this end?

A lot of ordinary people, who are sane, law-abiding, and responsible, are asking "Where will this end?" It's no longer an "incident" in Seattle or Portland---Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan initially called it a "summer of love"---it's a destructive, deadly movement that is killing people now and destroying our country for the future.

Lawlessness always destroys.

Victor Davies Hanson, one of America's great conservative historians with the Hoover Institute at Stanford University,  says,
"In the 1960s and early '70s, the US convulsed by massive protests calling for radical changes in the country's attitudes on race, class gender and sexual orientation. The Vietnam War and widespread college deferments were likely the fuel that ignited prior peaceful disobedience."

A half-century later he says today's revolution is vastly different. The enemies of the '60s were the "establishment"---"politicians, corporations, the military," and the "square" generation. Leftists essentially targeted their parents who had grown up in the Great Depression. And had won World War II and returned home to create a booming post-war economy.

I agree.

Today Government and government debt have mushroomed, social activism is institutionalized in hundreds of newer federally funded programs, Johnson's Great Society has flushed trillions of dollars while creating an even more dependent welfare state, divorce rates have soared, the nuclear family has been attacked and Judeo-Christian values are mocked---not embraced.

Marriage has been "redefined", while human sexuality is fluid and gender is optional.

Hanson says today: "America is far less resilient, far more divided, deeper in debt and a much more vulnerable target than we were in the 60s."

Today's radicals are not protesting against 1950s conservatism, but against the radicals of the 60s who have grown up and now hold power in may cities.

The hippies of the '60s are, for the most part, the mayors and other elected officials who are clinging to "solidarity" with today's uninformed, undisciplined and unaware young adults who have been taught to hate America, cancel our history and remake the nation---and destroy anything that gets in the way.

And the biggest speed bump in the road to remaking America today is Trump. The response of today's social warriors is to bring him down---remove him---any means is justified because the end is a noble cause.

Hanson cites a number of differences between the '60s and now but says "the scariest trait of the current revolution is that many of its sympathizers haven't changed much since the 1960s. They may be rich, powerful, influential, and older, but they are just as reckless and see the current chaos as the final victory in their own long march from the 60s."

Obviously, a reference to the commitment of Marxists to stay the course in the long march through the institutions of the west---specifically America's institutions---infecting them with secularism and relativism, while revising their history.

The takeaway.

Today the radical Left who are in power, are celebrating lawlessness. From Joe Biden to mayors of small cities, they're cheering on the lawless radicals pretending they are "mostly peaceful." They're not.

And that it's about equality for blacks. It isn't.

The people behind the scenes pulling the strings of the puppets, including Biden, hate America and see an opportunity to bring it down.

When a society ignores the law, lawlessness is the result. And chaos follows.

The biblical time of the judges---following the death of Joshua---was a time marked by upheaval, oppression, and general disorder.

The reason was that "Everyone did what was right in their own eyes," because Israel had no king.

Acts 19 is a New Testament picture of what societal breakdown looks like. The riots in Ephesus were lawlessness in action. In verse 32 we see rioters were so confused, they were unsure as to why they were even rioting.

Rioting is more of a spirit than an action.

The Bible connects man's lawlessness with rebellion against God. Paul, in Romans 4:7, quoting from Psalm 32:1, writes: "Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven and whose sins are covered."

Lawlessness is a rejection of God. The same spirit of lawlessness that was driving the confused rioters in Ephesus, is driving the rioters in the cities of America today.

And it is that spirit of lawlessness that will empower the Anti-Christ.

We face a spiritual battle, not merely a political difference of opinion.

This is definitely a time to stand for righteousness,

Be Informed. Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.