Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Disney Proclaims "We're In A New Age" of Pride

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Disney and Nickelodeon once limited their enthusiasm for the LGBTQ+ agenda to social media platforms, but are now broadcasting commercials placing the homosexual agenda squarely in front of America's children.

They're declaring June to be a very successful and gratifying month of indoctrination.

And should public schools across the nation open this fall, they too are significantly expanding curriculum on LGBTQ+ issues.

Seattle public school board has even pledged to rename at least one school for a homosexual activist this year.

Be informed.

Walt Disney dreamed of a place where families could come for "fun and amusement." A place absent of the "vulgar" aspects of most other parks.

The "happiest place on earth."

When "gay" isn't happy.

A June commercial, sponsored and aired by Disney, featured a smiling Raven-Symone, an actress who is lesbian, discussing LGBTQ Pride to kids. Although she avoids using the word "gay" or "lesbian," she communicates the message very effectively.

In the ad, she says:
"We're in a new age where it's not just black and white anymore. We have purple, red and the entire rainbow."

She continues,
"Everybody wants to be treated with respect and it's beautiful. I love being able to come together...all ages, all colors, celebrating the unity of being our authentic selves...Pride to me is strength. Pride is selfless. Pride is friends. Pride is you."

This message is set against a rainbow and the Disney logo.

Another ad features actress Amanda Stenberg, who is also a lesbian and well known to kids because of her starring in the "Hunger Games." The commercial with her features images well known to be associated with the LGBTQ+ movement with a background narrator saying:
"We still have a long way to go, but powerful voices like Amanda are helping us become prouder together."

The responses from adults are mixed---some calling it wonderful--other objecting, suggesting Disney not focus on sexual orientation with their 5-year-old children.

But the activists don't care what the parent thinks, because they are focused on what the 5-year-old thinks---and they've successfully planted the seed in the mind of the child.

And with great anticipation, the seeds are taking root in America's government-run schools.

This week the Seattle Public School board shared its LGBTQ+ vision for the coming year.

The Seattle Times said yesterday: "Seattle could soon see a school named after Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin, Cheryl Chow, or another LGBTQ+ individual."

The Times says: "Under a new resolution, the Seattle School Board passed unanimously this pride month to support queer youth identity" and will be moving the agenda forward.

Items on the agenda include:

  • Creating a new LGBTQ+ culture and identity curriculum.
  • Include an all-genders bathroom in any new school construction project.
  • Offer LGBTQ+ sensitivity training to all staff.
  • Rename one school in honor of a LGBTQ+ activist.

The district will also be required to survey all schools and report back on how many have gender-inclusive bathrooms, etc., etc.

The school district's obsession with bathrooms and curriculum is not a passing interest.

Zachary DeWolf, the board's president and first openly gay member, says they will enforce the agenda. He says,
"People assume that institutions will be good on their own. But unless we write it into policy, it won't happen."

Don't underestimate the resolve to support Disney's "New age."

You will note the "resolution" linked above, focuses on the difficulties LGBTQ+ kids have to deal with---promising that these and other similar actions by the Board will "help" your children.

A not so new remedy for the issues.

Family Research Council has released a report called "Sex Education in Public Schools: The Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination." Every parent and grandparent should read it.

So-called Sex-ed in public schools today include everything from how minors can obtain an abortion without the parent knowing it, to pressuring kids to "come out" because it's the thing to do, to teaching kids to claim they are transgender because they were " born in the wrong body."

Well-funded international pressure groups have been extraordinarily successful in pushing agenda-driven curricula that sexualize children.

Sex-ed in public schools is highly manipulative, carefully designed to get children to approve of the concept of sexual rights and fluid "identities" related to sexual behavior---and to reject their religious beliefs, the authority of their parents, and even physical reality itself.

The FRC report explains how education has become indoctrination and how school administrators and board leaders assert themselves---as in the case of the Seattle School Board---to push an agenda while asserting themselves over the authority of the parents.

California and Illinois have created "no-opt-out" policies that revoke the right of parents to opt-out their children from the indoctrination sessions.

The school board vice president in Illinois suggested the solution to parents keeping their kids home when these materials were being taught would be "not telling people the time" the curriculum would be taught.

One point in the report especially caught my attention---
"Even if parents identify problematic lessons in sex ed and manage to opt their kids out, that won't protect them from form sex propaganda appearing elsewhere in school, such as halls, in history class, on the calendar, and the library."

Indeed, public education has been taken over by well funded activist groups and organizations.

The conclusion of the report strongly suggests parents be informed, vigilant, and always make the school aware that you are informed, watching, and prepared to act.

It's sad that we are forced to fund public education, even though the institution has been essentially highjacked by people and groups that have little interest in education, but are obsessed with indoctrination.

The virus has caused most public schools to be shut down. Hopefully, it has been a time for parents to rethink how, and by whom their children are being educated.


The history of public education in America is inseparably linked to biblical truth. All of America's colleges were founded by Christians, for the purpose of educating children from a biblical perspective.

M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) founded in 1861, 72 years after the founding of the country, was the first college to be chartered by atheists. This was followed in the 20th century by the humanists' gradual takeover of our teacher's colleges and the moving of the headwaters of public education to the citadel of secularism, Columbia University.

At Columbia, John Dewey and his disciples produced what they called "progressive education," which is now fully secularized and its secularization has been sealed by the Supreme Court's expelling the Bible and prayer from the institution.

What we see today did not happen overnight. It's the result of Cultural Marxism's long march through our institutions.

Founding Father Noah Webster, the father of public education, said:
"Discipline our youth in early life in sound maxims of moral, political, and religious duties...The Bible is America's basic text book in all fields...Education is useless without the Bible."

Pray for our children.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful.