Thursday, July 16, 2020

Seattle Hiring "Social Justice Advocates" to Administrate City

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Seattle is hiring "social justice" advocates to staff and lead its administrative offices---And unlike private-sector jobs, these jobs aren't subject to the city's new tax on six-figure salaries.

These new jobs have the prerequisites of "advancing racial and social justice equality."

The city claims to be "adapting" to cultural shifts.

It's about more than Seattle.

Be informed, not misled.

Seattle awakens to the new "wokeness."

Following the "CHOP" disaster, which caused the City of Seattle to become the laughing stock of regular people and banner carrier for the far-left anti-American socialists and Marxists, it appears that the city has had an epiphany regarding how to deal with so-called "systemic racism."

They are staffing administrative offices with social justice advocates who are being paid 6 figure plus salaries.

Library administrators, public utility employees, and city auditors are a few of the positions for which the city requires prerequisites of "advancing racial and social justice equality."

Seattle is adapting---they say. But to what?

Seattle is hiring a "director of Administrative Services" who is "responsible for directing and overseeing all of the financial activities for the organization."

The position pays $110,393 to $182,155 and must be "knowledgeable in the area of race and social justice" to enable them to create "better community and staff equity."

Seattle Public Utilities is recruiting a "Deputy Director of People, Culture, and Community." It pays up to $215,000 and the person hired must help "to embed race and social justice and service equity policies and practices across the utility, by positioning equity at the core of decision making at Seattle Public Utilities."

In addition, the city is recruiting for a "compassionate, collaborative leader committed to equity and social justice to lead the Office of Labor Standards." It pays up to $182,115.

To qualify, the city says you "must be centered in racial, social, and economic justice."

Another job opening for the Office of the Inspector General requires "an understanding and appreciation of the intersection of policing and race and social justice."

There's more, but you get the idea.

Earlier this month, the city passed a new tax law that will require businesses with payroll expenses over $7 million to pay an additional 0.7 percent tax on employees who earn more than $150,000 per year. Larger companies like Amazon will be required to pay up to 2.4% on salaries for employees who earn over $400,000 per year.

All of the city's restructuring mentioned above will be exempt from any consequences from the new tax.

The response.

City Council members expect their tax---called the "Jump Start Seattle" initiative---to bring in $200 million per year. And will pay the bill for the new city-employed social justice warriors.

More sane minds are saying all this will not work. First, because it will affect about 800 and will push businesses out of Seattle because of the higher taxes. One look at the skyline of Bellevue affirms they're right. Businesses are already moving out and across the state and the country.

A similar business tax was passed by the City Council in 2018 but was repealed by voters before it could even be implemented.

Without the new tax money, how will the city pay for the new army of social justice soldiers?

City councilwoman and member of the Socialist Alternative Party, Kshama Sawant, says:
"We are winning because of the determination of workers and socialists to smash obstacles and find a path to victory."

As long as the agenda is advanced, who cares about the budget?

About determination of socialists, smashing obstacles in the way, and their path to victory.

Seattle is a profile of how the left is attacking our nation today. From within.

It really doesn't matter to them how many statues and monuments are torn down, or how much of our common history is erased, or how much personal property is burned and destroyed or how many people's lives are disrupted, or how many laws are broken, as long as the socialists in the streets can smash the obstacles.

It doesn't matter the cost, their path to victory must be followed. With near-supernatural determination.

Eric Blanc is a committed socialist, and he works for Bernie Sanders. In the waning days of the presidential primaries, he and other cultural Marxists believed Bernie still had a chance to become the Democrat candidate.

This is some of what he wrote to his comrades:

"But the news isn't all bad---far from it. We're still early in the race, with plenty of time for Joe Biden to continue putting his foot in his mouth and for Elizabeth Warren to falter under increased scrutiny as a front runner."
"But Bernie's path to the White House ultimately doesn't depend on what the media says or what political rivals do. It depends on us."
"So ignore the punditry, and take the polls with a grain of salt. For the first time in US history, we have the real possibility of electing a democratic socialist to the White House. It's up to us to make it happen."

Well, it didn't happen, but Blanc and his colleagues for a socialist America have just published a new report, noting how much they accomplished in the last election cycle, and outlining the work left to do.

They never quit.

However, with the new formal "unity agreement" between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, should Biden be elected, Bernie would have one foot in the White House and his influence would be significant considering Biden's obvious health issues, and the fact that he has already said, "My presidency will be a 'transitional' presidency."

I am fully aware that Christians are first and foremost citizens of heaven. As an ordained minister my entire adult life, I have emphasized that truth.

But do we believe that because we have accepted Christ and received eternal life through His death and resurrection, that we bare no responsibility as citizens on earth?

The most consequential presidential vote since the Civil War is a mere 3 and a half months away.

Can we justify before God voting to dismantle America, which was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and advance socialism?

A non-vote is also a vote for socialism and cultural Marxism.

Please be prayerful.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active.