Thursday, September 03, 2020

Blurred Vision For 2020

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Although Biden still leads in most polls, there's an undeniable sense of panic--- his handlers are concerned.

Their actions are signaling that concern as Biden continues to crawl toward the White House, changing his plans and vision daily, in the attempt to achieve his proclaimed life-long goal of becoming President of the United States.

Should he not beat Trump in his race to the White House, his people are assuring the Left, a Bloomberg funded backup plan is firmly in place.

Be informed, not misled.

An example of a desperate candidate occurred again yesterday.

Joe Biden's campaign announced Tuesday of this week he would not be visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin because he did not want to "disturb the peaceful nature" of the riots. And he criticized President Trump for doing so.





Trump went to Kenosha on Tuesday as planned, after sending the National Guard and federal law enforcement agents to control the violence. The President saw first hand the devastation caused by the violent riots, met with law enforcement officials, and announced millions in federal aid for small businesses and public safety.

By the time the President's plane had lifted its wheels, Biden was telling the press, Trump "failed to meet the moment"---despite the President's commitment to rebuilding Kenosha, and his zero tolerance for violent protests.

By Wednesday (yesterday), Biden put out this announcement to the press:

"On Thursday, September 3, Jill and Joe Biden will travel to Wisconsin. Vice President Biden will hold a community meeting in Kenosha to bring together Americans to heal and address the challenges we face."

Ironically, Biden has refused to condemn the far-left rioters behind the devastation---at least so far.

It would be difficult for him---I presume--- to condemn the rioters themselves when a number of his staff and aides, and his vice-presidential running mate, have donated to the bail fund that let violent rioters back on the streets.

He still believes that merely condemning Trump will suffice and get him to the front door of the prized White House.


Monday, many saw exactly why Kamala Harris and his handlers are keeping Joe Biden out of sight---under wraps.

In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden gave a rambling and at times incoherent speech that lasted less than 20 minutes. He then ducked out, avoiding reporters who help and nurture his candidacy, saying his sign language guy didn't show up so he couldn't speak to the press.

CNN went ahead and conducted a presidential interview anyway---with Joe's wife, Jill.

Jill, who is an educator, railed about the fact that President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos do not have a plan in place to open up schools---noting a number of negatives with examples resulting from kids not being in school as though Trump is some-how advocating schools be closed, when the opposite is true.

She concluded with a story about a 5-year-old boy crying because he doesn't have internet service and can't do his homework.

Biden's vision for this boy? "My message is when Joe Biden is elected he won't be sitting there crying. He will be sitting there with a laptop, with a smile on his face. Joe has empathy---he understands what families are going through."

So a five-year-old boy will become happy when Joe Biden is elected?

This was a placeholder moment sold as a solid campaign production. And it underscores the vacancy of the campaign. Biden is a no-show candidate. The message is that a kindergarten boy is frustrated to tears over his workload, but he needs to learn the word "empathy" in order to feel better once the desired political outcome is achieved.

Can claiming that electing Joe will fix a flood of problems created by their own party policies influence the American people?

Maybe some. But many are now seeing through the deception. But not to worry. A back-up plan is in place to get Joe Biden into the White House, even if they have to carry him in the front door.

The blurred vision back up plan for 2020.

A Monmouth University poll shows Trump has dramatically narrowed the race in Pennsylvania and other swing states. The numbers are beginning to be such that it's clear the momentum now is with the President.

An analytics firm, "Hawkfish," bankrolled by failed presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is predicting that while Trump may appear to win on November 3, Democrat Joe Biden will actually win the election days later due to mail-in voting.

Bloomberg is putting tens of millions of dollars into this effort. He's joined by Oprah, Michelle Obama, and a legion of "celebrities" pushing all mail-in voting.

They are demanding every ballot is returned by mail.

Hawkfish is calling their prediction a "red mirage," because they say the data is going to show on election night that it was an incredible, "landslide" victory for Donald Trump. But, it may take weeks "before Trump's election night victory is chipped away at by mail-in votes that will show Biden as the winner."

The company that is working exclusively with Biden and other Democrats say at least 4 in 10 voters this year will vote by mail. Electorally, Hawkfish's models predict Trump could win 408 electoral votes on election night to Biden's 130 if 15% of total mail-in votes are counted.

"After 75% of mail-in votes are counted, days and potentially weeks later," Hawkfish says, "the race may flip to put Biden in the lead giving Biden a blowout victory of 334 electoral votes to Trump's 204."

Bloomberg is paying Hawkfish to not only predict an outcome---but I'll bet they are also focused on helping their predictions come true.

I personally believe they are priming the stage for their delayed dump of "recently found ballots" after the election night results are known.

Who knows how many ballots they will have stored in a secure place waiting for the call to action?

The New York primary election a couple of months ago is a snapshot of what Biden and Hawkfish are counting on.

The New York Times reported that 6 weeks after the election---because so many were mail-in ballots--winners in the statewide election were still not known.

How many reports have we seen of thousands of ballots being mailed to deceased people, illegals, duplicate ballots, ballot harvesting in California, the elderly giving their ballots to activists claiming to be assisting in the election---the list goes on and on. It involves millions of ballots.


Yes, this is a battle for the soul of our country. And God cares about such things. He has a way of working things together according to His will.

Remember. God is in control.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Vote.