Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Barrett On Abortion: "I Have An Agenda..."

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The Democrat radical left is obsessed with abortion.

That was on full display again yesterday in the attempted assault on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Diane Feinstein, the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, wasted no time asking the judge about abortion.

Finally, Barrett admitted, "I have an agenda..." And it's not what the far-Left is looking for.

Be informed, not misled.

Yesterday's Senate hearing produced at least two of the finest presentations I've heard in a long time.

Every kid and adult should set aside time and watch these two presentations on faith and freedom and the Constitution.

The first is by Sen. Ted Cruz. 

The second is by Sen. Josh Hawley.

There was no question, nominee Barrett was prepared for the insincere "gotcha" questions from the radical Left.

Senator Feinstein launched her questioning with "abortion." Specifically Roe v Wade.

Feinstein began, "It's of great importance, I think, because it goes to a woman's fundamental right to make the most personal decisions about her own body."

She continued, 

"And as a college student in the 1950s, I saw what happened to young women who be came pregnant at a time when abortion was not legal in this country. I went to Stanford, I saw the trips to Mexico, I saw young women try to hurt themselves and it was really deeply, deeply concerning "

Knowing that the late Justice Scalia was Barrett's mentor---she clerked for him at one time---Feinstein quoted Scalia in a dissent where he wrote that "Roe" (Roe v Wade) had been "wrongly decided."

She then asked Barrett, "Do you agree?... I hope your answer will be forthright."

Barrett responded: "I do want to be forthright...and I'm going to invoke Justice Kagan's [one of Obama's appointees] description which I think was perfectly put."

She then quoted Kagan saying she was not going to grade precedent so would not give a thumbs up or thumbs down on such cases because they will be further litigated.

That answer was fine from Kagan, but not from Barrett---always a double standard with the Left.

Barrett then said this: 

"Senator, I completely understand why you are asking the question, but again, I can't pre-commit or say yes I'm going in with some agenda, because I'm not...I have no agenda to overrule Casey [the specific abortion case Feinstein referenced]. I have an agenda to stick to the rule of law and decide cases as they come."

"My agenda is to stick to the law"---is exactly what every Christian conservative wants to hear from  a Supreme Justice.

Feinstein went on and on and on. Barrett remained steadfast in her agenda of  "following the law."

Barrett also invoked the so-called "Ginsberg Standard" to avoid hypotheticals--- "no hints, no forecasts, no previews" on cases that may come before the Court.

Why is the Left so obsessed with abortion?

One of the reasons is because, unlike conservatives, they don't operate under a set of principles---they support causes, not fixed values and virtue---like a right to life.

While abortion has become their holy grail, it's still an "activist" movement. So-called "progressives" measure their character by the volume of their support for abortion and Planned Parenthood.

The Left---Democrats and others---are energized by abortion because it gives them the "right" to dehumanize people...Anybody, for any reason.

This is why far-left activists feel no shame when they demean people. There is no "sanctity of life" in their world. 

They have deluded themselves into believing that an unborn child is not a person, therefore, anyone can be regarded as less than human.

I often don't agree with what Jonah Goldberg writes, but back in 2016 he wrote an article I do generally agree with titled, "The abortion truth that liberals can't deny--but try to." 

He notes that Hillary Clinton had gotten into trouble with her colleagues when she made reference to the fact that there are "some restrictions on abortion" permitted under the law.

She told NBC's Chuck Todd ---quote: "The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights."

Boom! She was immediately called to task by the Left because she referred to the unborn as a  "person."

Planned Parenthood always cautions activists to never use the term "person" until it's born, or as Sen Barbara Boxer once said---"until you bring it home from the hospital. Until then, it's a fetus or 'uterine contents'."

Planned Parenthood teaches activists to avoid the term "abort a child" and use the term "terminate a pregnancy."

Most abortion activists use the term "women's health care" when referring to abortion.

Goldberg reviews a number of sitcoms on TV that, at that time, were pushing this manipulation of words. It's interesting and informative.

He also identifies the abortion truth that liberals can't deny: Once a pregnant mother chooses to keep "it," it ceases to be an "it" and becomes a person.

He says:

"When a woman wants to keep her baby, it becomes a baby long before its born. No father speaks to a belly full of 'uterine contents', and no mother thumbs through a book of baby names for a fetus she is going to dispose of anyway."

The abortion issue has desensitized us to the sanctity of life---and devalued life generally.

But the abortion warriors fight on against human nature and God's design.

Mother Teresa appropriately said: 

"We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of war, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. VOTE.