Friday, October 30, 2020

Biden: "I'll Pass Equality Act, First 100 Days"

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Joe Biden outlined his agenda for LGBTQ rights this week, telling "Philadelphia Gay News" publisher Mark Segal, a well known and long time homosexual rights activist, "I will make enactment of the 'Equality Act' a top legislative priority during my first 100 days---a priority Donald Trump opposes."

Even Reuters News questioned his priority, given the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic, and other pressing issues.

But Joe soldiered on pledging to "expand queer rights internationally by making equality a centerpiece of  US diplomacy."

Homosexuals, like blacks and other minorities, Biden has said, deserve equality because "they're born that way."

However the Justice Barrett confirmation hearing this month brought to light some very interesting "science" which  undermines the entire "born that way" mantra.

Be informed, not misled.

Biden thinks he's a civil rights trailblazer, but he's an old liberal lost in old science.

Reuters News notes that "Biden has been a leading voice for lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, and queer rights as vice president under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017."

Biden notes that Trump opposes the Equality Act because "Trump says 'it would undermine parental and conscience rights' and has restricted queer rights in the name of religious liberty."

That's true. Tens of millions of biblical Christians also oppose the "Equality Act" for the same reasons.

The "Equality Act" is a Trojan Horse---appearing to be one thing while, in fact, being something very different. It is a frontal attack on biblical Christians and will punish biblical Christians for living according to their biblical faith and conscience.

Bakers, florists, photographers, venue owners and others have already been punished because their deeply held biblical beliefs on human sexuality does not allow them to celebrate so-called "same-sex marriage" with their talents.

"The Equality Act" has been presented as extending to homosexuals the same rights given in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which "bans discrimination based on race, religion, sex and national origin."

The "Equality Act" would be an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, essentially equating sexual behavior with ethnicity---"because homosexuals are born that way," the message goes, "a black and a homosexual are the same." 

This should offend every black---and every other minority as the whole notion offends biblical Christians.

"Born this way" is old science.

Remember during the confirmation hearings for now "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett,  far-Left radical Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) took Barrett to task, wagging her finger in Barrett's face for using the phrase "sexual preference?"

She expressed outrage and shock that the nominee used the term "sexual preference" rather than "sexual orientation," telling Barrett that is an "offensive and outdated term" because it suggests that gays are not born that way.

Following that exchange, Merriam-Webster, which like most Americans, had not gotten the memo that the word, too, is now banned by Hirono and the rest of Biden's crew.

Merriam-Webster immediately changed the definition of "sexual preference" in their online edition to mean something "offensive."

Sen. Hirono, after all her theatrics, now appears to be the confused one ---a progressive living in the past--So does Joe Biden.

Dr. Glenn Stanton has published a scholarly new article in "Public Discourse" that shows Justice Amy Coney Barrett's thinking to be far more relevant than that of the so-called "progressives."

Her thinking and terminology is also much more in line with the latest thinking on "born that way" than the so-called progressives.

This is an overview of his extensive and well-sourced article titled, "Sexual Orientation Is Not What You Think.

If you have personal questions about your sexuality, or have family members confused about their's, I would strongly recommend you read Dr. Stanton's complete article and Break Point's comments about the article. 

Keep in mind, Stanton's article is coming from a medical, not spiritual or biblical perspective. Break Point, however, is a part of the Chuck Colson Ministries.


"Sexual orientation" as a term is increasingly seen by the medical community as a "regressive" not "progressive" term because it belongs to the biossentialist project.

The word "orientation" suggests that sexuality is hard-wired and according to Professor Sari van Anders from Canada's Queen's University, "That's just not the consensus anymore" among her medical peers.

She says, "'born this way' was once a useful slogan to advance gay rights, it no longer serves the goals of the LGBTQ movement."

UCLA medical scholars have been saying for some time that "the concept of sexual 'orientation' for women is fluid and can change over time if they desire to do so."

Stanton quotes a Pew Research report that says bisexuals account for almost half of LGBTQ adults in the US.

There's more, but the bottom line of the article is that the claim that "born that way" is not even the accepted identity among the medical community, because it's clear that LGBTQ people change their sexual behavior often.

Gay Rights and "marriage" were sold to the American public on the premise that homosexuality is hard-wired, perhaps even genetic, like race. 

The medical community, including some who support the LGBTQ agenda, are now saying there is no scientific evidence to essentially treat sexual behavior as equal to ethnicity.

This, of course, merely affirms what biblical Christians have always known: Homosexuals who want to leave the destructive, addictive behavior and lifestyle can successfully do so.

The person who has believed they were "born that way" and "couldn't change" has been misled.

The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality, calling it an abomination. While hating the behavior, God loves you and will transform your life if you ask Him to.

God did not create you "that way," but can deliver you from the behavior and lifestyle through His power if you ask His Son Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, come into your heart and empower you with the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The takeaway.

Under a Biden administration, what I have written here today would most likely be unacceptable and likely punishable under existing and newly enacted discrimination laws.

And we now know that even medical science admits that the "born that way" line is old, outdated, and irrelevant except to "progressives" like Sen. Hirono and Joe Biden who are obsessed with the "agenda" and blinded to the science.

And yes, this election will have great consequences.

Pray for the President. Pray for our country. And if you have not yet voted--do so.

Be Prayerful. Be Informed.