Tuesday, November 03, 2020

And the Winner is.....

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Today, November 3, will be the longest day of the year, because, by tonight, most informed people say we will still not know who our next president will be---with a couple of exceptions.

Less the exceptions, "November 3" will probably last until Friday---or beyond due to legal challenges.

Experts are saying anxieties among Americans are higher today than at any time in recent history.

Be informed, not misled.

If we know the results of the election tonight, the New York Post says, 

"It will likely be because Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden in important swing states that voted for him in 2016, such as Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio, which begin opening and counting mail-in ballots before Election Day."

"But," the Post says, "if Trump wins in those states and GOP strongholds such as Texas, attention will shift to Rust Belt battlegrounds where most tabulation work begins November 3, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which narrowly broke for Trump in 2016."

I would suggest we not take any declaration of the outcome of the election this evening too seriously---unless it's a landslide.

So much of this election is different than any previous election, given the pandemic, the sheer number of votes cast, the high number of mail-in votes, higher potential for voter fraud, and misinformation regarding the results.

Florida is key to who wins the election, and it's a good example of just how unpredictable this election will be in the early stages. 

In Flordia, mail-in results will be released first. Democrats are expected to have a stronger showing than Republicans because Oprah, the Obama's, and Hollywood have been telling Democrats---with an emphasis on Florida, to vote early and they did.

However later, in-person votes, are expected to favor Trump.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, even Fox are all saying they are going to be more focused on accuracy, than being the first to declare the "winner."

CBS News President Susan Zirinsky says: "We're preparing the audience that this might not be over in one night."

There are a thousand ways to construct a "winner" in advance and all the media who have worked so tirelessly to elect Biden floated them out yesterday trying to discourage any Republican voters who had not yet voted--- to not bother.

I did notice one poll that was very impressive---at least to me.

The cookie poll.

Lochel's Bakery is a family-owned business in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. For the last several presidential elections they have been baking cookies with each candidate featured on the cookie.

The candidate who sells the most cookies is projected to win the election.

The cookie poll has been accurate in the past several elections.

As of yesterday, the "poll", which kicked off two months ago, has sold 28,000 Trump cookies and 5,000 Biden cookies.

The "poll" ends tonight where they will tally up the cookie sales and give America their definitive answer as to who wins the election. Sales are heavily favoring Trump.

I'm not sure how accurate their polling is, but their business sense is remarkable. By tonight they will have sold upward of 30,000 cookies---people are even driving in from other states to buy a cookie.

The big lesson in the cookie poll is not which candidate wins---it's the fact that the Lochel family wins every election. They are practicing capitalism, the very principle Biden's people want to replace with socialism, which would provide a cookie for everyone with no winners or losers---just one plain cookie.


Mark Davis wrote an article for Town Hall yesterday that deserves notice.

He says, "If it's the America I still recognize, Biden will not win."

"The polls say what they say. The media culture is what it is. American liberalism will  be what it will be, and it can be expected that as returns roll in Tuesday night, it might be a full-blown indignation as it attempts to limit President Trump to one term," he writes.

He continues, "But if the nation is still the place I believe I still recognize, that effort will be no more successful than the failed and forgotten impeachment."

Davis writes, "The America I recognize has not always been the one I wanted. I want an America that would limit Bill Clinton to one term and keep Barack Obama from the presidency altogether. But I did not expect those results. I do expect the Trump re-election, for reasons that have nothing to do with poll results or other scientific samplings."

He also notes polling has famously over-weighted Democrats in this cycle, and this time the pollsters might be somewhat less at fault. Their attempts to divine the intents of Republican America may be heavily dampened by Republican America's distaste for pollsters.

Are there enough reticent Trump supporters to swell a "silent majority" of voters who rise up to speak on the only occasion where it matters---through the ballot?"

We're about to find out.

Whether Trump supporters are quietly going about their business, speaking only through their ballot, or standing on a corner with a bull horn, or driving their pick-up or boat in a rally, one thing seems obvious: There are no less of them now than in 2016. It looks and sounds like there are many more. 

Whatever appeal Trump had in 2016 among women or men, among city dwellers, suburbanites, or rural folks, it was enough to win by nearly 80 electoral votes.

Now, let's do our own survey.

Spend 10 minutes thinking about who you know that voted for Trump in 2016. Then ask yourself if you know anyone who voted for him then, but is not voting for him now.

Now ask yourself what drives the Left in voting for Biden? They either hate Trump so much that they will vote for anyone other than Trump. Or they are so committed to a socialist, open borders country, that isn't a country anymore...and they hate Trump and America, and want to get rid of both.

The man, Biden, who can't draw a crowd larger than a few hundred for a so-called rally is buoyed only by hatred---for Trump, and for our country.

Davis notes that "Trump is one of the most loved and most hated presidents in history."

And he concludes with this:

This is not an era of ambivalence. Americans have often felt that their lives do not change much based on presidential elections. Few felt that way four years ago, even fewer do now.

So, one more simple math problem. Which is larger? The number of voters eager to see a second Trump term, or those driven to prevent it?

I don't believe the country I know will reward his party's insufficient distaste for anarchy and violence in our cities.

I don't believe it will invite the COVID lockdown fetishes of the authoritarian left.

I don't think many voters will welcome the planned extinction of our fossil fuels industries, or seek to change horses in the middle of a stream brimming with economic hope.

I don't believe the electorate lacks appreciation for a Middle East so quiet that peace deals now arise with familiar regularity.

And I don't for one minute believe that a deciding number of voters will follow the siren song of a media culture that has sacrificed any remaining shreds of its credibility on a four- year altar of vindictive dishonesty.

This is not a guarantee of a Trump win. It is a statement about a nation I still think I recognize.


I agree. 

Now we find out if that America still exists.

VOTE today, if you have not already done so.

Remember, God is in control.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.