Tuesday, February 23, 2021

54% of All Voters Say Biden is a Puppet

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If a majority of all voters are right in thinking Joe Biden is a mere "puppet," whom do they think is running America?

The "deep state?"

The media?

Nancy Pelosi? Or Chuck Schumer?


Be informed, not misled.

Is the "deep state" real?

There's an abundance of evidence that it is.

Back in 2017, the idea of there actually being a "deep state" bubbled to the mainstream surface with an article in POLITICO, which is not a conservative publication, verifying that there is a kind of deep state in our government. One that does not change with elections.

They noted, "At a conference in mid-July, Barack Obama's CIA director, John Brennan, remarked that executive branch officials have an 'obligation...to refuse to carry out' outrageous or anti-democratic orders from President Donald Trump."

"The comments," they said "quickly caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh who saw nothing less than a threat to the republic," noting that the now "late" Rush "bellowed" on the air that there were certain people embedded in the Pentagon, State Department, and various intelligence agencies who were orchestrating a coup.

The article admits there really is a "deep state" of sorts that transcends our elected officials.

The article is lengthy, but interesting because it's from a left-leaning news organization.

If 54% of all voters believe Biden is not the real president, who is in their mind?

Rasmussen Reports says

"Less than a month after President Joe Biden 's inauguration, most voters believe the Democrat is a 'puppet of the radical left' and not the moderate 'nice guy' he was portrayed as being during the election campaign."

The survey found that 54% of voters agree with the statement: 

"Joe Biden's not a moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He's a puppet of the radical left." Only 40% disagreed.

A majority of Americans apparently believe that the actors on the radical, political left, who could have never been elected in their own right, put their support behind "moderate" Biden, helping carry him into the Oval Office, accomplishing his life long dream---to be the President of the United States.

He often shares that dream publicly. 

The dream seems to end with his being seated behind the Resolute Desk. No vision beyond reversing what Trump did.

And that's where VP Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and the rest of the "Ship of  Fools" who do have a vision for America, only to remake it, fit in.

But the "elephant in the room" as they say, is Barack Obama assisted by VP Kamala Harris.

"Meet the new President o the United States...Barack Obama."

Wayne Root, in his article by that title, says: "Trust me, I was Obama's classmate at Columbia University. I know how he thinks. I understand his plan...This is the Cloward-Piven plan we learned about at Columbia almost 40 years ago."

The Cloward-Piven Plan is a political strategy written by a socialist husband-wife team of Columbia professors named Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven. It's rooted in the teaching of Saul Alinsky and before him, Karl Marx. It was created as a blueprint for what it will take to bring down America.

In short, it calls for overloading our welfare system by giving everything to everybody until our capitalistic system collapses from its own weight. It can then be replaced by socialism, giving everyone a guaranteed annual income, thus bringing an end to poverty. And inequality, etc.

This is an article Fox News published awhile back written by Glenn Beck about the Cloward-Piven plan.

Root says: 

"This is the third term of Obama. In his first two terms, Obama tried his best to destroy the economy, high paying jobs, healthcare, the US energy industry, the great American middle class, our relationship with Israel, American exceptionalism and capitalism itself. He damaged it badly, but fell short.

To even a casual observer, Biden's actions certainly reflect Obama's agenda. And why not. If Biden's dream ends when he enters the Oval Office, why would he really care what kind of legislation the radical left puts on the country? We deserve whatever we get because we are racist---and all of the rest of what's wrong with us.

Root makes a good point. Look at the executive orders and new laws and new policies proposed:

  • Open borders. No more border wall. Halt certain deportations. Legalize millions of illegal aliens. Include illegal aliens in the US census. Once into the country, give them the right to bring in their relatives with no education, skills, or background checks. Ban the use of the word "alien."
  • Make actions and economic policy about "racism", "social justice" and "racial equity." Declare climate change is about "racism."
  • Restart the Iran nuclear treaty. Give the mullahs everything they ever dreamed of having...and a little extra. Endanger our best friend Israel's existence and get absolutely nothing in return. And underscore the revised policies of the US wait for over a month into your presidency to even call Israel's Prime Minister, so Israel's enemies are assured that we no longer have their back.
  • Kill the lucrative US energy industry and make us dependent on foreign oil from our enemies again. Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline. Kill the oil and coal industry. Suspend permits for drilling oil, kill fracking and reenter the Paris climate agreement while allowing China to pollute all it wants. Kill energy jobs while making us dependent on "green jobs" that will likely never materialize as promised.
  • Ban the use of the term "China" or "Wuhan" virus. End the trade war with China. Give China access to the US energy grid---and anything else they may want or need.

All this while Hunter and brother James---unbeknownst to President Biden, of course, are most likely making the deals of their life.

Root notes that, "Even the players in Biden's Cabinet and staff are all Obama retreads."

Now Obama's back, working through a surrogate, with no accountability---while Biden lives his dream sitting at the Resolute Desk.

The takeaway.

The Psalmist in chapter 11 wrote, "If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?"

He wrote that the enemy bends their bow with the arrow made ready---ready to shoot secretly at the upright in heart. While the birds flee to the mountains---God's people "put their trust in the Lord."

These are tough times for biblical believers, but God is in control. To borrow a phrase---"we shall overcome."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.