Wednesday, February 03, 2021

American Girl Introduces LGBT Storyline

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The newest American Girl doll, 10-year old Kira Bailey, is pretty much like all the dolls in the popular American Girl series, except...

She has an LGBT family storyline--- The first ever for the successful Mattel owned "American Girl" line of dolls.

And the storyline is dividing the brand's loyal base.

Parents and grandparents: Be informed, not misled.

After buying our youngest granddaughter several American Girl dolls over the past several years, this "coming out" of sorts by this line of dolls caught my attention.

That's why I'm bringing it to your attention.

Mattel is trying to further normalize perversion.

The storyline

"Kira's" great-aunts, Mamie and Lynette, are a married lesbian couple that lives in Australia and operates an animal sanctuary. Kira, herself, has a passion for caring for animals, so she visits her aunts.

The plot or storyline is described in the accompanying book, "Kira Down Under."

Each year Mattel releases a limited edition "Girl of the Year" doll that has a unique talent, and they release a book about the character.

In this edition, the young reader learns that Mamie and Lynette were "married" after the "law was changed to allow it." Australia legalized same-sex "marriage" in 2017.

As parents are becoming aware of this new adventure by Mattel, many are becoming angry and reacting.

Mattel's explanation.

Julie Parks, an American Girl spokesperson, says: "From the beginning, our 'Girl of the Year' characters have been designed to reflect girls' lives today and the realities of the times."

She says:

"As a brand, we've always strived to share the message that 'there's no magic recipe' for a family and that families can be made up of all kinds of ingredients---each is unique and lovely. We know girls who can relate directly to Kira's circumstances (i.e., a father who has passed away or a couple in a same-sex marriage), we're glad to show them that the make-up of one's family doesn't matter---it's still a family and that's all that counts."

It's profoundly disappointing to see yet another wholesome model of American life become a tool in the hands of those trying to redefine and remake the culture. 

Julie isn't telling the truth. If what she says is true, why then would they not have chosen the non-controversial "father who passed away" storyline to make the same point about family, and avoided the backlash they are receiving?

Because when it comes to the LGBTQ agenda, brand integrity and profit are not the first priority.

On Amazon, one-third of the reviews are a "1" out of 5 stars, showing strong disapproval---a high percentage of negatives for an American Girl book.

Now that people are discovering the hidden agenda of the doll and the book, Parks is trying to make the case that Mattel is "proud of our reputation" for being "inclusive" and having "diverse dolls" that will allow "even more girls to see themselves reflected in our products."

Here's why Julie Parks is misleading the public regarding the motives of her company.

The deception

If it were true that the only motive was to include girls with "lesbian aunts" or whatever, why did they hide the fact to the buyer that the book contained an LGBTQ storyline? Wouldn't they want the girl and her parents to know? 

The American Girl website doesn't mention the same-sex relationship. It says, "Kira is thrilled when she gets to spend a month at her aunt's Bailey Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia helping care for koalas, wombats, and kangaroos."

That sounds exciting. What little girl wouldn't be drawn to that adventure? And why would a trusting parent give that storyline a second look? 

The answer becomes clear.

A parent wrote on an Amazon review

"Parents are not informed of the lesbian relationship in the story. There is a wedding picture of her aunt and a woman named Lynette...The story is written  for ages 8 and up. I think there should be a warning to parents so that they can make an informed choice whether or not to allow their young child to read a story that includes a lesbian relationships."

That's exactly why we published this article today.

Homosexual activists are always deceptive in how they present their indoctrination to our children. So is the abortion industry.

Generally, they use taxpayer-funded public education as their preferred forum. However, in more recent years they have captured the loyalty of the entertainment industry, and now the toy industry.

And because it isn't about meeting the needs of the kids, anyone who exposes or speaks out about what they are doing is met with swift retribution.

Every Christian organization that stands for biblical truth and biblical family values are attacked.

One example: Tony Perkins is president of the Family Research Council, a biblically based ministry.

He has been labeled, along with terrorists, as a threat to the community because of their biblical beliefs regarding family, marriage, abortion, etc., by the Southern Poverty Law Center and labeled by the homosexual organization GLADD as a threat.

Don't think for one moment this about entertaining little girls. It's about indoctrinating them, while misleading their parents.

This month Mattel is releasing a book titled, "Pets," and I presume a doll as well, that features a "mixed race family with two dads."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.