Monday, March 01, 2021

Democrat: "God's Will Is No Concern Of This Congress"

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Last Thursday the Democrat-led House passed the so-called "Equality Act" that would enshrine homosexual and transgender protections in our nation's labor and civil rights law, while crushing religious freedom.

The "Act" now goes to the Senate this week

President Biden has promised the homosexual activists he will sign the "Equality Act" in his first hundred days in office.

The depth to which the left is willing to sink to pass this perversion of God's created order is stunning.

Be informed, not misled.

Former President Trump spoke at CPAC yesterday. We'll talk a bit about his comments today on our live radio program. You can join me from anywhere in the world. Here's how.

The bill passed by a vote of 224-206 with three Republicans joining the Democrats in voting yes. The three Republicans were John Katko (R-NY), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA.)

This bill reflects the godless worldview of the left.

During the debate on the "Equality Act" in the House, a number of Republicans stepped up, and on the record, said that this bill creates a right to kill unwanted babies, force Americans to pay for the abortions---and they accused Democrats of ignoring biblical values which have been a fundamental part of our culture.

Part of the debate over the pro-abortion nature of the bill revolved around sex and gender issues.

During that part of the debate, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL.) stepped to the mic and after confirming that God made boys and girls unique, said this: "When men or women claim to be able to choose their own sexual identity, they are making a statement that God did not know what He was doing when He created them."

Continuing, he said:

"The gender confusion that exists in our culture today is a clear rejection of God's good design. Whenever a nation's laws no longer reflect the standards of God that nation is in rebellion against Him and will inevitably bear the consequences. Were seeing the consequences of rejecting God here in our country today."

Rep. Nadler had had enough. He strode to the podium and declared to Congress and the world: "What any religious tradition describes as God's will is no concern of this Congress." 

It stunning that he, a Jew, would feel so strongly toward expressions about God and His natural order.

But he does,


Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president of American Family Association, said

"The Democrat Party, run by secular progressives in this country, are in love with the sexual revolution---and they are openly hostile to religious liberty... because, according to Roans 1, these are folks who hate God and hate His created order. So, anything that is in open rebellion to that created order---such as homosexual activity, the destruction of gender norms, which are clearly rooted in biology---anything like that  that is representative of the way God has created mankind is going to be in the crosshairs."

He also said, "We are expecting the Equality Act, if it passes the Senate, will be used to bludgeon religious liberty in this country in ways undreamt of by most Christians."

Christiana Holcomb is an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom. She said we see the possibility that "people of faith could be forced to promote messages that violate their deeply held religious convictions; we could see people of faith eliminated from the foster and adoption care agencies...doctors'and nurses' rights of conscience; potentially even parental rights could be implicated and their right to pass on their religious convictions to the next generation."

Leaders at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote lawmakers last week to say they had grave concerns about the bill.

And speaking of Catholics. President Biden is said by some to be the most religious president in the past 50 years.

FR. Jerry Pokorsky, a Catholic leader strongly disagrees.

Pokorski wrote a message Friday titled, "In Gratitude For Joe Biden" and it isn't complimentary.

He talks about the Sacraments, Christ's love, birth and baptism, marriage, anointing the sick, the beauty of God's handiwork...and then, sin and evil.

And he's direct regarding Joe Biden's claims to being a "devout Catholic."

He says, "Biden's supporters repeatedly claim that he is a devout Catholic. In 2005, Biden himself protested those who questioned his Catholicism: 'The next Republican that tells me I'm not religious I'm going to to shove my rosary beads down their throat'."

The Catholic leader quotes Matthew 7:21: "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord', shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."

He says of Biden, 

"In less than a month after his inauguration he celebrated the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade"---and he says, "For most of his political life---from his consistent pro-abortion record to his officiating at a gay wedding in 2016---Joe Biden has magnified and institutionalized countless major violations of the Ten Commandments. The hypocrisy rivals that of the chief priests and Pharisees and is worthy of the same condemnation. Indeed Biden is the most aggressively anti-Catholic President in history."

And he notes that President Biden is choosing a number of Catholics like himself to serve in his administration---all not authentic Catholics. 

He concludes, "If only for the clarity this brings to the Church, we have Joe Biden to thank."

A parallel from history.

About 2500 years ago the Prophet Jeremiah found himself in a culture that was continually giving verbal assent to a form of godliness---if asked, claiming, "of course I believe in God"---but not adhering to God's Word.

Chapter 36 in Israel is a kind of snapshot of 2021 in the U.S.

While Jeremiah continued faithfully to prophesy the "Word of the Lord," the people ignored the Truth, even sometimes attacking the messenger.

In fact, in chapter 36 he's in a dungeon---a pit because of his message that God would punish the nation if they continued on the current path. Yet the culture carried on---claiming on one hand to be religious-- even holding "a fast before the Lord," however, it was nothing more than a ritual--- only having a form of godliness.

In the chapter we see Jeremiah call his scribe or secretary, Baruch, saying, "I am confined, I cannot go into the house of the Lord," so you go and read the words I have dictated to you.

When Baruch read the words, the people were fearful, insisting they be read it in front of King Jehoiakim.

The story tells of how they actually hid the real scroll of Jeremiah's words, planning to simply recite the words to the king who was at the time residing in his winter house with a big fire in his fireplace. The king, however, demanded the actual scroll be brought in for the reading.

As the actual scroll containing Jeremiah's word from the Lord was read, King Jehoiakim took the scribe's knife and began cutting pages from the scroll that were unacceptable to him, casting them into the fire. 

By the end of the reading, the king had cut out all the pages of the scroll and destroyed them in the fire.

And the king commanded his people to seize Baruch and Jeremiah---however, Scripture tells us "but the Lord hid them."

The parallel is easy to see.

The Word of the Lord being spoken to a culture and a king that has a pretense of religion or godliness, while the king or the powerful person or people cut out the pages from God's Word they don't like, and affirm and celebrate the very things God rejects.

This was not the end of God's Word, because the Lord instructed Jeremiah to once again write the Words as God gave it to him. God's Word is not destroyed by fire---in fact, it "will never pass away."

The end of King Jehoiakim? In verse 30, because he had burned the scroll, he would have no one sit on the throne of David, and his dead body "shall be cast out to the heat of the day and the frost of the night. I will punish him, his family and his servants for their iniquity..."

These are perilous times. Most everything that can be shaken, is being shaken. God's Word will stand. We must stand on His Word.

Be not afraid. God is in control.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.