Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Here Comes Kamala

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Monday, 23 progressives sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris demanding that Harris use her power to force the $15 minimum wage increase to stay in the bloated, pork-filled COVID relief bill.

While the far Left progressives in the Democrat Party may not yet hold a majority of their party, their collective voice is loud, forceful, and demanding.

And their attention is turning to the woman who will likely be president before another presidential election is held.

They are counting down to Kamala.

It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.

Be informed, not misled.

Monday's letter wouldn't be a big deal out of the context of what is happening before our eyes, but because of what's happening, it is.

The letter.

Senate Parliamentarian previously ruled that including the minimum wage increase violated the budget reconciliation process. House progressives believe Harris can overrule the decision, and they cite "precedent"--- two previous occasions where it happened.

My interest here is not so much the $15 minimum wage, although I oppose it, it's the process happening in the Biden administration.

First, the letter identifies some of the most strident far-Left lawmakers in the history of our country. Their views make past liberals in their party---including John F Kennedy, look and sound like conservatives by comparison.

I noted that a couple of the signers represents Washington and Oregon---Earl Blumenauer (OR) and Pramila Jayapal (WA). 

You can check the list to see if your representative is included and read the letter which explains what exactly these public servants want.

But my point is that it appears the countdown for a "President Harris" has begun.

Countdown to Kamala

Back on November 20, Andrew Stiles wrote in the Washington Free Beacon, under the title of "Countdown to Kamala" that "Joe Biden turns 78 today, as Kamala Harris inches closer to becoming the first member of Willie Brown's [former speaker of California Assembly] extensive stable of former lovers to become president of the United States."

Stiles says:

"Even if Biden manages to take the oath of office in January, few expect his role as 'president' to involve anything more than the symbolic duties associated with figureheads or first ladies. For this very reason, some Biden advisers argued against the selection of Kamala Harris as a running mate, given her reputation as a ruthless ambitious politician who will do anything to obtain power."

Some have suggested she is not qualified to be president because both her parents were foreign-born. However, Associated Press has cleared that up in a hurry, calling that a "false claim." While her parents were born in Jamaica and India, she was born in California.

Townhall also published an article titled, "Countdown to Kamala" last Friday, outlining Joe Biden's declining cognitive abilities, which were on display over the past few days. 

The following is drawn from both articles: 

He is certainly not the man he was in his first two presidential campaigns---yet even then, he was a stunning failure. In 1988, he was forced out of the race after his repeated plagiarism was discovered. In 2008, he bombed again as a presidential candidate, barely registering 1% support from his own party.

Biden was rescued politically when President Obama chose him as his running mate, but oddly never encouraged him publicly or privately to run for the presidency in 2016--rather endorsing Hillary and in 2020 waited until the last minute to endorse him.

Biden admits he was never even in the living quarters of the White House during his 8 years with President Obama. 

It was only after Bernie Sanders surged in the polls and in the voting that the godfathers of the Democrat Party stepped in, got behind Biden, and did whatever they had to do to get him elected.

They knew a socialist like Bernie Sanders could not beat Trump, so Biden, following his primary win, was put in his basement where he was allowed minimal exposure to the press---with only a few highly controlled contacts in their efforts to cover his obvious cognitive issues. 

After the election, his mental decline became even more obvious.

Anytime President Biden is given the opportunity to speak spontaneously, he stumbles, often forgetting where he is. Friday, after being unable to pronounce the names of  those who were meeting with him, he finally muttered to himself, "What am I doing here...?"

President Biden is mentally deteriorating as most all observers are now admitting---privately, if not publicly. His condition has become so worrisome that 31 House Democrats are demanding the control of the "nuclear football" be removed from the sole authority of the president.

The press continues to cover for him, much like a loving mother for her challenged son.

In the background, smiling and patiently waiting, is Vice President Kamala Harris, a far-Left socialist---the most far-Left member of the Senate (Bernie is second most), who couldn't even stay in the Democrat primary election until her home state of California voted---much less win a general presidential election.

But they pulled it off.

Standing directly behind her, to bolster her position, she has the full support of Barack Obama and his political entourage.

And the press.

She knows that her ascendancy will come sooner rather than later.

Harris is biding her time, as the countdown has begun.

The takeaway 

God's ways are higher than our ways. And He is in control. 

To my biblical Christian friends: Let's watch and see how God works this out for His glory,  His honor, and His plan.

To my non-Christian friends: Obama does not have the last word.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be not Afraid, Be Prayerful.