Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Next Big Heist

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A new Rasmussen Reports survey published yesterday found that 65% of voters say "politicians want more money and power for government."

Now, why would 65% of us think that of our public servants?

A quick look at the so-called COVID-19 Bill and the bill known as HR 1 causes a person to ask why 19% of voters believe our politicians want the government to have less money and less power?

It is said, "A picture's worth a thousand words."

Be informed, not misled.

Rasmussen Reports, not surprisingly, found that 65% of voters believe that most politicians want the government to have more power and more money. But what was surprising, at least to me, was the  19% of voters who actually believe most politicians want less money and less power.

Some do---but "most?" And 16% don't know what they think.

Townhall published this yesterday. It's worth at least a thousand words, but please read on.

Now that nearly $2 trillion of "COVID" money, that isn't really for "COVID," is tucked away in Nancy and Chuck's closet---it passed yesterday--- it's time for act two: HR 1.

NBC reported yesterday that "House Democrat's top legislative priority---the H.R.1 For The People Act of 2021---is 791 pages of big election changes."

Let's take a quick look at what this power and money grab really looks like.

NBC News summarized it with this: 

"The legislation---a wish list of policies voting rights advocates have urged lawmakers to adopt for years---rethinks the entire voting process: how people register to vote, how ballots are cast and how states conduct elections."

"The goal," NBC says, "is to improve access, particularly for voters of color."

That ensures that any resistance or disagreement will be labeled, "racism."

At least 10 Republican votes will be needed to pass HR 1.

Activist attorney praises the bill, declaring it to be "the next great civil rights bill."

Elizabeth Hira, an attorney at the progressive Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, who helped craft the bill---she was previously in the House of Representatives, and Wendy Weiser, also at the Brennan Center, say it will help prevent gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws. And, they say, it will "thwart nearly all of the more than 200 restrictive voting proposals her group has identified in 43 states.

And it will "accomplish" the following:

  • Make it easier to register and stay on the rolls, by offering online voter registration, same-day voter registration on election day, and requires locals to automatically register eligible voters.
  • It limits how states can purge voter rolls and requires the US Postal Service to facilitate voter registration updates. 
  • It requires states to allow 16 and 17 years olds to preregister when they get their driver's license so they can vote when they turn 18. Because they are now the largest voting block. And, I would add, they are the most freshly indoctrinated by our government-run schools.
  • HR 1 will require all states to allow all voters the option of voting by mail. It will stop lawmakers who are already trying to "place more, not fewer, restrictions on mail voting."
  • Waiting to vote at local polls can not be more than 30 minutes.
  • Voting rights will be restored for felons who have completed their sentences. That's about 5.2 million people. It's estimated that about 900,000 of those living in Florida---a very important state the Democrats are working to turn blue politically.
  • The bill will ban district maps that "unduly" favor one party over another, ending "gerrymandering," beef up election cybersecurity, create public funding---cutting out big donors, and will test out a voucher program in three states that will let voters allocate $25 to the candidate of their choice, which is based on a similar program in Seattle, Washington.

Why it should be defeated: 

  • Nancy Pelosi's top priority is "power and money"---turning America into a one party nation ruled by Democrats.
  • HR 1 includes banning any state ID requirements, so anyone can show up and vote, securing the left's lock on elections.
  • It's reveille for illegals. From California to New York---Seattle to Miami the far-left has been trying to integrate illegals into our elections.
  • It compels states to send out absentee mail-in ballots universally, which favors Democrats.
  • It legalizes "ballot harvesting," a practice many states are trying to control because it is unconstitutional, and it's a setup for fraud. A political organization pays a person to walk through housing projects and neighborhoods, knock on doors, offer to help residents fill out the ballots they've received in the mail, then submit the piles of ballots to be counted---up to 10 days after election day.
  • It gives Congress the authority to make the District of Columbia into the 51st state. Voter registration in DC is 76% Democrat and 6% Republican.

Fraud. Personified. 

  • And HR 1 requires disclosure of all donors. When Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay advocated that the public ratify the new US Constitution, they signed their advocacy under the name "Publius" to shield their identities. Americans today deserve the same freedom.

Will it pass?

If it does, America will be changed forever. Probably irreversibly. 

Pray that the Senate will rise to the occasion and defeat HR 1. It's in their hands. Democrats need 10 Republicans to join them in the Senate to pass this bill into law. Today, they don't have the 10 Republicans.

Pray for America.

Ask your senator to vote against HR 1.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.