Monday, August 16, 2021

Afghanistan: Biden's Vietnam

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The Taliban has entered the presidential palace in the capital city of Kabal, Afghanistan, and is now in control of the entire country.

The group will soon, possibly today, declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Even CNN is asking how President Biden could have been so wrong on the way he handled our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And how could Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, be so wrong in his calculations?

Some thoughts on how the "woke" movement is beginning to undermine our foundations.

Be informed, not misled.


After leaving the White House Thursday and after days of silence in Wilmington and Camp David, President Biden finally made a statement late Saturday on his fiasco withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan.

Claiming he had been in close contact with "my national security team to give them direction on how to protect our interests and values as we end our military mission in Afghanistan."

And he said, "I have authorized the deployment of about 5000 troops to make sure we can have an orderly and safe drawdown of US personnel"

Our president also warned the Taliban that if they put any of our US personnel or the mission at risk, they will be met with a swift and strong military response.

As Biden prepared for the imminent, catastrophic, and embarrassing defeat, he began attempting to blame Trump.

This while the situation continued to unravel Saturday evening as US Embassy workers began destroying sensitive and classified materials, 


By yesterday, the Taliban had entered the presidential palace in the capital city of Kabul and were in control of the entire country.

All soldiers said their commanders, after receiving messages to surrender from Kabal, decided to surrender.

The Times of India was confirming the Taliban controlled the palace.

Pictures of the Taliban inside the palace began appearing on Al Jazeera late last night in Kabal.

Even the Taliban themselves were said to be "rubbing their eyes in disbelief" at how quickly and easily the Afghan forces crumbled.

President Biden may also be rubbing his own eyes.

Following the Taliban's stunning takeover of the entire country in just a few days, Mullah Baradar told the Taliban:

"We have reached a victory that we couldn't imagine...we should show humility in front of it's time to test---now it's about how we serve and secure our people, and ensure their futue/good life to best of ability."

All this is actually about more than that. It's about bringing down the "Great Satan," America, and pushing the "Little Satan," Israel, into the sea.

Biden's humiliation.

In July President Biden said

"The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese army. They're not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There's going to be no circumstance where we're going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable."

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milly, told reporters at a press conference on July 21 that the local military was fully capable of defending Afghanistan from the insurgent Islamic terrorist militia.

But Milley has also been distracted.

Last June he apologized for walking with President Trump when he walked over to the historic church across from the White House.

In June of this year, he defended the use of Critical Race Theory materials in a suggested reading list for members of the US Navy, saying it will help our armed forces to understand the "white rage" that he says motivated the Capitol riot.

Yesterday morning (Sunday), "helicopters airlifted American embassy personnel from the US embassy as terrorists entered the city's outlying districts."


Yesterday Speaker of the House Pelosi, one of the most powerful people in our government at this time, said that "President Joe Biden is to be commended for the actions he has taken"---as the Taliban takes over Afghanistan---a feat he said was impossible.

She praised Biden for the "wisdom of his actions."

Eight days ago, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a spirit-filled, spirit-led Christian warned the Biden administration that it must exit Afghanistan in a way that prevents the Taliban from using it as a staging ground for new attacks on the United States of America.

The humiliating and sudden collapse of the Afghan government to the Taliban forces and the rushed evacuation of the American Embassy in Kabul in the ensuing few days since the prophetic warning indicates the Biden administration was in no way prepared to complete that mission.

The Taliban victory follows Biden breaking the peace deal former President Trump had negotiated with the jihadist organization. Under Trump's terms, the US would have withdrawn all of its combat personnel by May 1 of this year in exchange for the Taliban promising not to harbor terrorist groups, like al Qaeda, to negotiate in good faith with Kabul, and to refrain from attacking US forces as they left.

Bien announced in April he would extend the US presence to September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. The Taliban expressed outrage over the delay and said Biden's delay had released them from their commitments under the Trump deal.

So, now we're ferrying people out of harm's way in helicopters---hoping for the best.

Pompeo told the Biden administration, "We need to make sure our resources are deployed appropriately to protect our homeland. And that's the mission set. It's the mission President Trump had given me. I'm confident we would have delivered on both those missions."

And he said, "I pray the Biden administration can get both of those right."

Biden got neither right.

Elections have consequences. I believe God is speaking to His people to America.

May we have ears to hear.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.