Wednesday, October 06, 2021

How Can Jews and Christians Vote Democrat?

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A college student speaking to the vice president of the United States, a Democrat, condemned America for supporting Israel and charged Israel with committing "ethnic genocide" against Palestinians.

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose Protestant pastor has affirmed that she is deeply spiritual, faithful, enlightened, and committed, responded: "Your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth cannot be suppressed, and it must be heard."

The so-called Christian left echo many of the same false statements as they explain how they too, can claim on one hand to be a biblical Christian and vote for leaders who stand and take action against the very Judeo-Christian values and principles they claim to believe in.

A closer look.

Be informed, not misled.

Jewish hypocrisy 

Dennis Prager, himself a Jew, noticed the vice president's response and took considerable issue with it. As any Jew should have because it's a lie, not a "truth."

Prager writes, "It was indeed the student's truth---which means it was a lie. 'Your truth' always means 'a lie'. When a person says something that is true, people don't say 'that is your truth.' They say 'that's true'."

Prager explains that groups who are victims of genocide decrease in number, then note the stats that show the Palestinians are growing in number significantly.

He says, "Most American Jews loathed Trump despite the fact that he was the most pro-Israel president since Harry Truman; that his daughter and grandchildren are religious Jews; and he engineered the Abraham Accords, a peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and Israel, which was followed by normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel and between Morocco and Israel."

"Most American Jews," Prager says, "identify Republicans with the 'right' and they assume 'the right' means 'fascist' or even 'Nazi'."

And he says this: "Most American Jews have signed on to just about every secular substitute for Judeo-Christian religions: feminism, environmentalism, 'anti-racism', humanism, socialism. Jews, I have often noted, may well be the most religious people in the world---but for the great majority of them, Judaism is not their religion. The Democratic Party is the party of all these secular religions."

He says, "America has been the best country Jews have ever lived in outside of Israel. That's why a Jew wrote 'God Bless America'...Yet something happened to American Jews after World War II. They veered more and more left---becoming able to support America-hating movements like the Black Panthers for whom Leonard Bernstein and other prominent Jews in music and Broadway threw an infamous fundraiser." 

Why did this happen? "Because Jews became less and less committed to Judaism, substituted the New York Times for the Torah and went to college in greater proportions than any other ethnic or religious group in America. Colleges corrupt most students' values. Jews are no exception."

That helps explain why a Democrat vice president could praise a student who just told her that Israel commits ethnic genocide---and have it mean nothing to most American Jews.

In reading Prager's article, I was struck by the similarity between what he describes as "American Jews" and what we call the "Christian left."

"Christian" hypocrisy.

Earlier this year POLITICO Magazine published a feature article titled, "You Need To Take The Religious Left Seriously This Time" in which the "religious Left" is shown to be transforming the conversation about major political issues of our time.

POLITICO explains that until now Christianity has been pretty much defined by evangelicals---or the Christian right. "But now America's religious Left is showing something genuinely different. Places of worship are participating in demonstrations for civil rights larger than any protest movement in  American history. Democrats like the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden---political leaders whose faith isn't just incidental to their public personas, but is a core component of both their identities and their appeal to voters..."

The entire article is based on an interview with Dr. Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary in New York.

Over the years Jones has led the seminary to deny every tenet of biblical Christian faith from the deity of Christ Himself, to the Resurrection, to the Trinity, to the infallibility of Scripture to original sin, and so on. Why do they even exist?

Jones says she is very proud of Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is a graduate of Union Seminary, and his leadership in organizing the religious Left around the issues of our day.

You will recall Warnock was pastor of Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta--- the same church where MLK preached--- until he was elected to office.

It's a lengthy article but gives a good look at how the religious Left sees itself.

An even more clear look is found on the Christian Left website

The site opens with "Welcome! Are you a Christian and a liberal? We've been searching for you for 10 years!"

"Welcome home. You have found your tribe. Conservative 'Christians' are wrong, and you've been right about Jesus all along." 

In 2015 Chelsen Vicari wrote a book titled, "Distortion: How The New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging The Faith." It's still available at Amazon and elsewhere.

In the book, Vicari warns that if American Evangelicals disengage from the public square and also fail to keep watch at the doors of our own sanctuaries, we risk losing our voice for truth, and then we risk losing our religious freedoms.

That was 6 years ago.

And Vicari said this: 

Some professing evangelicals are working to change minds when it comes to same-sex marriage, religious liberty, big government, and even the sanctity of life. Their success has been modest but noticeable in some evangelical churches, campus ministries, and even Christian universities. The Christian Left is trying to creep in ---quietly championing a distorted version of the Gospel more consistent with political liberalism than biblical teaching.

The Christian Left heralds its political agenda by undermining the authority of the Bible.  Once the lines of truth are blurred, confused young Evangelicals start trying to reconcile their faith with same-sex marriage, taxpayer funded abortions, anti-Israel sentiments, feminism, pacifism, and the nanny state. The danger of this distorted liberal theology is that it breaks down the moral values outlined in Scripture. It also encourages young evangelicals to deny Judeo-Christian principles used to establish a just and prosperous nation.

By undermining the authority of the Word of God, the Christian Left concocts its own cafeteria style Christianity---taking parts of the Bible out of context so that it fits their own liberal political activism.

The Takeaway

Dr. Jones, in answer to where does the religious Left go from here: "We are going to see more and more how the religious Left is also an interreligious reality. It is not just a Christian religious Left; it is a religious Left that includes people of many religious traditions and spiritual people who may not have a specific tradition. That is going to keep growing."

So the plan is to continue to expand a "religion" that is the blend of not only various thoughts and beliefs related to Christianity, but one that blends the beliefs and traditions of all people, and even those who do not have a religious tradition---then we will become one.

I suspect they will call it  the "One World Religion."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.