Thursday, January 13, 2022

Parents Misled Regarding CRT in Republican Led State

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North Carolina parents are upset---very upset after they learned the state school board approved using a $7 million federal Preschool Handicapped Grant to push Critical Race Theory into the state school system and into the minds of disabled three-year-olds.

If this can happen in a state that is led by Republicans, it can happen anywhere.

The takeaway: Just because you elect Republicans to office, it doesn't mean you no longer need to pay close attention. Like being informed, discerning, vigilant, and engaged. 

And prayerful. Because CRT is demonic in its destructive spirit.

Be informed, not misled.

This is the tale of some well-intentioned politicians, and some who were not, and a group of activists obsessed with pushing Critical Race Theory--- a destructive ideology---into the school district, and into the minds of disabled three-year-olds

Let's be sure we understand what CRT really is.

The Heritage Foundation has published an in-depth research paper on Critical Race Theory--- its origins and its intent. The complete study takes about an hour to read, but I would encourage every parent and grandparent to set aside the time and read it. Please.

I personally believe CRT has a demonic component. It certainly has a destructive cultural and anti-biblical structure.

This is a brief overview of the report. 

Critical Race Theory (CRT) makes race the prism through which its proponents analyze all aspects of American life---and do that with a degree of persistence that has helped CRT impact all of American life.

It underpins identity politics, an ongoing effort to reimagine the United States as a nation riven by groups, each with specific claims on victimization. In entertainment, as well as the education and workforce sectors of society, CRT is well-established, driving decision-making according to skin color---not individual value and talent.

As Critical Theory ideas become more familiar to the viewing public in everyday life, CRT's intolerance becomes "normalized" along with the idea of systemic racism for Americans, weakening public and private bonds that create trust and allow for civic engagement.

In my opinion, CRT is actually a complete worldview that replaces the core beliefs of biblical truth, replacing them with destructive secular, humanist values, under the guise of redeeming the culture and the individual---without any message of redemption or of forgiveness. The guilty are eternally guilty and must forever live under the weight of some kind of reparations.

About N.C.'s parents and how they were deceived. 

The Daily Wire is one of the few news organizations that has reported on this.

When parents began realizing what was happening in their schools, Sloan Rachmuth, president of the group Education First Alliance, said in a press release:

"Preying on disabled 3-year-old children---getting them to participate in a political movement and to hate themselves based on skin color in the process, shows our public schools to be more morally corrupt than all others. With this vote, North Carolina's schools became the most radically divisive system in America."

During the program's "identity" module, teachers have been told to teach that whiteness affects everything outside of the classroom, and the goal of pre-K is to "deconstruct" whiteness for all students. Deconstructing whiteness, they explain, is challenging whiteness and building skills to be accountable to people of color.

The $7 million grant came from the federal Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs.

One of the teaching slides says teachers should help preschoolers with "building racial identity and encourage the children to question social, scientific, and historical facts. We want children to question whether the information is true."

In a section titled, "General Supervision of Children," which governs "children's health and safety," a page says controlling a preschool class requires "understanding that 'control' is based in white norms and is associated with white supremacist thought; it is appropriate to focus on social-emotional teaching and learning."

North Carolina has a Republican-dominated legislature and its state superintendent, Catherine Truitt, is also a Republican. Yet critical race theory has overtaken the state perhaps even more than most blue states.

The Daily Wire says this happened "because politicians are generally involved at the high-level policy stage, whereas the devil often resides in the details, which are often implemented by the staff, consultants, and activists."

The state's Republican lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson---who is black and strongly opposes critical race theory---has done everything he can do to root it out of the system, but others who should have stood with him have merely given lip service, with no action or follow-up

Only one board member raised concerns about the pre-school grant and how it was being used, but she was not specific or forceful in her objections.

Video of a January 5 meeting of the State Board of education, where the $7 million contract was approved, shows staff effortlessly taking control of the conversation and swatting away any concerns a board member may try to bring to the superintendent.

Superintendent Truitt has previously told a Republican group she opposes critical race theory. She was out of the room when some concern was raised, so a staff member gave a vague response and they moved on.

When she returned to the meeting she was told of the questions. Her response? "This is wholly separate from anything that they [UNC's Institute through which the money flowed] are doing...When we talk about equity and culturally responsive training, it is specific to preschool children with disabilities."

Clearly, she missed the point that the objection was that a 3-year-old was being exposed to "culturally responsive training" at all.

After the exchange, the evidence was taken from the website.

Dr. Nancy Andersen, North Carolina leader of the "No Left Turn in Education" organization who actually brought the concerns to the full board, says: "Hiding this controversial material after questions from the public were raised revealed the corrupt and ideological intentions behind these trainings." 

Anderson said she had actually "walked Superintendent Truitt through the facts" of the matter but in the end, she caved and fled.

She also said this speaks volumes about the incompetence of education leadership in the state.


  1. Electing Republicans is a good thing, but it does not ensure Godly principles and values will be put forward.
  2. Remember what Peter wrote (I Peter 5:8): "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."
  3. And what Paul wrote (II Corinthians 11:14): "And no marvel; for Satan, himself, is transformed into an angel of light."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful. Be Bold.