Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Pentagon: "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Military Necessities for US"

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The Pentagon is saying that "Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the military are necessities for the United States readiness."

Senior Advisor Bishop Garrison says the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion must be a consideration or a part of all decisions in the military.


He says it will make our military better and even more "lethal."

Do you believe that?

Neither do I.

Be informed, not misled. 

The Pentagon is serious about this new war strategy. 

After announcing last fall that "climate change" was our greatest threat to national security, the US Dept. of Defense is now officially vowing to promote minorities to higher ranks in order to achieve a more "lethal" armed forces.

NPR discussed at length how our Defense Department is preparing for weather crises such as temperature change in the Pacific Island Nations and the "deep freeze" in Texas last year as "existential threats."

Now, a year later, our national security is connected to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

American Family News said this: 

“Diversity, equity, inclusion are necessities in the U.S. military,” reads the Dept. of Defense article. It quotes a senior Pentagon advisor, Bishop Garrison, who said minorities comprise about 41% of the U.S. armed forces but those numbers are not reflected in higher ranks.

The reason for that must be addressed and corrected, he said.

Garrison, who is black and a senior advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Defense, said more people in uniform should see “diversity, equity, and inclusion” as a “force-multiplier” that makes the military better and even more “lethal.”

He is responsible for “Human Capital and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” at the Pentagon.

Kurt Schlichter, a well-known conservative, writing in Townhall said, "The idea that 'diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessities in U.S. military' is maybe the stupidest thing ever asserted by the Biden regime, which is saying something. You sit back and look at a pronouncement like this, which was apparently written and disseminated on purpose, and you really have to marvel."


He continues:  

"It would be funny if this kind of unserious idiocy was not going to get scores of our troops killed. In fact, scores of our troops have already gotten killed through gross incompetence, 13 of them in Afghanistan during Operation Utter Failure. And more will die. War is serious business and in America, it is being overseen by fatally unserious people obsessed with liberal wine women fetishes like “diversity, inclusion and equity” (DIE) instead of combat readiness. They will put the 'die' in 'DIE'.”

And he says this: "I wish I had some good news for you, but there isn’t any. We have three more years of this diapered dementia as our alleged commander-in-chief and he’s too stupid and too stubborn to change. It’s bad enough when a smart, savvy man becomes senile, but Joe Biden started off as a moron, so he’s already got a huge head start as he degenerates into drooling incontinence. And our enemies know it."

Elain  Donnelly leads the Center for Military Readiness. She is deeply concerned over this matter and wrote a "straight talk" article in The Federalist.

In it, she tells the confirmed story of a female Air Force captain who hoped to join an elite combat controller team known as a CCT. But she kept failing the difficult course again and again. Special Operations Command kept allowing her to try again and again, making a total of 11 concessions to a candidate who did not qualify to even get in line with other CCT candidates.

The female captain’s story was sent by a whistleblower to the Air Force Times, which dutifully tracked down the facts and confirmed the allegations were true.

“Why are we putting social goals above military readiness and morale,” Donnelly asks, “even in the most elite military units and communities that we have?”

One answer to that question came from the lieutenant general who oversees the Air Force Special Forces Command and did not dispute the accusations.

“While the standards remain the same,” he told the Times, “the norms have not.”

According to an Air Force Times story, those "norms" mean putting an unqualified candidate in a rigorous course and giving her chance after chance to pass, in the name of diversity.


Schlichter is not only a leader in the conservative movement, he is a trial lawyer, retired Army infantry colonel with a degree from the Army War College, a columnist, and best-selling author.

This really got to him.

He says, "Here’s the reality – soldiers do what the commander checks. If the commander checks combat readiness, then combat readiness is what he gets. But if he checks wokeness, if he prioritizes the CRT dogma that has wrecked academia and corporate America, then he gets a woke military that can’t win a war."

"And we can’t win a war," he says. "Not against Russia, not against China, and not against the other petty dictators emboldened by our manifest weakness. Congratulations, all you folks who chose this human asterisk because Donald Trump was mean to Rosie O‘Donnell and that was unbearable. You got what you chose – a senile joke who is accelerating the already in-progress decline of what just a few decades ago was arguably the greatest military in human history."

He says military "Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) lives up to its acronym." 

With certainty, Schlichter says, "When you choose DIE, you choose to have our troops die."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.