Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Pelosi's Prayer, Promise and Perception

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) on Friday introduced President Joe Biden when he addressed the House Democratic Issues Conference in Philadelphia and told the president that they had begun the conference with a prayer to St. Francis.

Introducing President Biden, she said: "Actually, we began, Mr. President, with a prayer, and it was a prayer to St. Francis, "Where there’s despair, may we bring hope.'"

Would you join me for a couple of minutes as we take a look at Pelosi's prayer, her promises, and her perception of where America is at this point in time? 

Be informed, not misled.

The prayer.

She began her introduction of President Biden --- "Actually, we began, Mr. President, with a prayer, and it was a prayer to St. Francis,” said Pelosi. "Where there’s despair, may we bring hope."

"And you have brought us hope," she said.

Mr. Cleaver had apparently offered the prayer in his introduction of Speaker Pelosi: "Now, Mr. Cleaver's prayers have their own imagination but they also bring us hope. So, thank you, Mr. Cleaver, for your introduction, your, I say your introduct (sic) ---your prayer."

Then, she began her formal introduction of President Biden.

The promises according to Nancy.

Noting that the Ukrainians are fighting for their democracy, she transitioned to what it is that she and  her fellow progressives are fighting for, as they also fight to rescue our country with their "American Rescue Plan."

She said, 

“Now I'm just saying, Mr. President, it’s an honor for us to see you any day.  But on the one-year anniversary of the Rescue package – that’s the American Rescue Plan, thank you for joining us.  Thank you for your leadership.

“Now, I know you all talked about it all weekend: millions of jobs created under your leadership, hundreds of millions of vaccinations taking place, children in school, people back to work, Child Tax Credit, so many things that you made possible and to improve the lives of the American people, on this one-year anniversary.  More to be done – what we talked about here, when I heard you say in that room, and I quoted you – you will be very pleased: to join, in a bipartisan way, for an infrastructure bill that would not confine your vision for America to just that, and we have other initiatives that are being put forth.

“As you said in your State of the Union address, clearly your message was about hope, it was about progress and it was about empathy For The People – many of whom have not felt the benefit of the upturn in our economy. 

“With this election—because we talked about empathy, under your leadership, we talked about the equality and empathy and all that we are doing, whether it is building infrastructure or advancing our economy to do so in a new, fresh way to not only help people survive but to help them succeed and to do so in a transformative way, where men or women and people of color participated in that.  And you’re making that happen with policy equity, with empathy For The People, making progress.  

“I'll just close by saying our democracy is on the ballot here.  We know that.  Not every – Mr. Hoyer has said again and again that Republicans are saying ‘legitimate political discourse’ is what happened on January 6th.  That’s a threat to our democracy.  

Then she said this: 

"Yesterday, we were at the Independence Hall and saw the reenactment of the peaceful transfer of power with George Washington and John Adams–very emotional, especially in light of what happened last year."  

Quoting atheist Thomas Paine, she said, "The times have found us. The times that try men’s souls."

She talked about the need for Democrats to show the public the relationship between democracy and their "kitchen table" concerns.

She said, "If the other side has its way in suppression the vote –  suppressing the vote and nullifying elections, what does that mean? It means big, dark money dominates. So at the kitchen table, people will not have confidence that they can have lower drug prices or higher minimum wage or better public education for their children, safer neighborhoods free of gun violence, because that big, dark money, which would prevail if the Republicans have their way in suppressing the vote and nullifying elections."

“So, so much is at stake," she said "nothing less than our democracy, but what democracy also means, fair elections mean in the lives of the American people. You have been–your time–time has found you." 

“This is a President who has a great vision for our country. We see that every day. He has vision and values that go with – he is a President who has knowledge and therefore judgments about policies that can work," she claimed.

Nancy's perception.

In conclusion of her introduction, she said:

“So again, God has blessed us with the timing of this presidency and this person, who is just making such a tremendous difference in the lives of the American people. So what a joy for us to be able to welcome him, as we discuss how we go forward and how we press upon the American people that their concerns are our concerns. That we sit with them at that kitchen table, and we are determined, again, to win the election, to make a difference.  And our message will be the message of the President of the United States: our special guest, Joe Biden–President Joe Biden.”


The Left is in panic. Nancy Pelosi knows what she was saying is not true. Even the New York Times is in panic.

Saturday, the Times said, "After offering her customary lavish praise of President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got to the business at hand at the White House meeting last month on the mid-term elections."

The message at hand was to tell Biden his "Build Back Better" slogan is not working---people are reminded of his failure to pass his far-left agenda when they hear those words.

The New York Times piece is, I believe, intended to be a wake-up call to the left, who have begun to believe their own press releases.

The reality is that the Leftist agenda being pushed by the current administration is killing America as we have known it. 

I'll be talking more about this on the radio today. Please join me. Here's how

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.