Thursday, April 14, 2022

America's Response To Disney--Disney's Response To America

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Although we've mentioned the Disney issue a couple of times lately, it bears another visit.

America has responded to Disney and some Disney family members' all-out push to use the company as an advocacy and indoctrination vehicle for the LGBTQ agenda.

America is not positive about it. Even the Left has been given pause.

However, Disney is not listening---or simply doesn't care; they are charging ahead with a new ad campaign intended to reach every man, woman, and child in the country. 

America's kids and families deserve more from the Disney family---who have been given so much by all of us who have supported Walt's dream---and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Be informed, not misled.

America's response to Disney.

An overwhelming majority of Americans say that they are less likely to do business with Disney after learning the company is "creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas."

The Trafalgar Group has released a nationwide issues survey that it conducted between April 5--8. It asked people about their response to the Walt Disney Company's publicized embrace of the LGBTQ activism following the Florida law that prohibits public school officials from teaching curriculum on sexual orientation on gender identity to children in kindergarten to grade 3---including teaching them that they can identify as any gender they choose.

The Florida law also ensures that parents are notified of all subject matter taught in class that has to do with sex-ed.

The survey is revealing.

A majority of all those surveyed (57.2%) indicated that Disney's embrace of LGBTQ activism made them "much less likely" to do business with the company, while an additional 11% said they were "less likely."

More than three quarters---76% of Republicans said they were "much less likely" to do business with Disney, while 9.3% said they were just "less likely."

Only 0.9% of Republicans said they were more likely, and 3% said they were "much more likely."

Similarly, 63.4% of those who are not Republican--- "no party/other"---said they are much less likely to have a business relationship with Disney going forward.

While Democrats were much less likely than Republicans and Independents to express a desire to boycott Disney over its LGBTQ activism, a plurality of Democrats ---48.2% said they are "less likely", while 34% said they are "much less likely."

There's more information in the survey, but one thing is certain---people in general, are not pleased with the direction Disney has chosen to go.

So given this degree of opposition from Americans of all political parties, how are Disney and the Disney family responding?

Disney's response.

In response, Disney is accusing Americans who oppose genital mutilation of kids of "wanting to tear families apart."

The Walt Disney Company will soon be airing an ad on all of its channels featuring the mother of a trans-identified child lambasting supporters of bills banning genital mutilation surgeries for children and the teaching of LGBT ideology in schools. The mother accuses these Americans of trying to “tear our families apart.”

The LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD released a public service announcement called “Protect Our Families” last week. The 60-second ad profiles the Briggle family, which includes Amber Briggle along with her husband and her two children. The ad focuses on her trans-identified daughter, who now identifies as a boy and goes by the name Max.

In the video, Briggle discusses Max’s interests as she narrates a background video of her daughter in an effort to persuade those watching the ad that society should support parents who want their children to be given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, saying a transgender child “is no different than yours.”

CNBC reports that the ad, which does not explicitly mention any legislation, in particular, will air on channels owned by The Walt Disney Company as well as channels owned by Comcast, WarnerMedia, and Paramount.

Briggle, a progressive activist who is running for city council in Denton, Texas, operates a blog titled “Love to the Max.” In an August 2019 blog post, Briggle listed “3 things your child can do to help make middle school better for my trans son." Accompanying the blog post is a photograph of Max, which identifies the child as a member of the fifth grade graduating class of 2019. This seems to indicate that Briggle's child is now in eighth grade and is either 13 or 14 years old.

In the blog, she noted that “my sweet [daughter], Max, socially transitioned in 1st grade — changing [her] name and pronouns, but otherwise living life exactly the same (only much, much happier).” In a speech at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards, Briggle said, “We live in Texas, where Gov. [Greg] Abbott issued a directive to investigate parents like my husband, Adam, and I for child abuse because we provide Max with the gender-affirming care he needs.”

Is this really the "care he needs?"

Supporters of legislation banning what LGBT advocates refer to as “gender-affirming care,” including the American College of Pediatricians, warn that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones can have negative side effects. Side effects of puberty blockers identified by the American College of Pediatricians include “emotional instability” as well as “osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, cognitive impairment and when combined with cross-sex hormones, sterility.”

The medical organization lists “an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, blood clots and cancers across their lifespan” as possible complications of cross-sex hormones.

CBS's “60 Minutes” profiled a group of “detransitioners” last year, including a male who once identified as female explaining to CBS’ Lesley Stahl that he “had never really been suicidal before until I had my breast augmentation.” He told Stahl that “about a week afterward, I wanted to actually kill myself,” adding: “I had a plan, and I was going to do it but I just kept thinking about my family to stop myself.”

Another detransitioner, who once sought to transition from female to male, developed a “really disturbing sense that, like, a part of my body was missing, almost a ghost limb feeling about being like, there’s something that should be there.”

The activists are playing with destruction, not the "care he needs" for these children.

This is child abuse in its rawest form. Some from ignorance---some deliberate. 


This is how low culture can go when it rejects God's order for His creation of humanity.

In Variety Magazine, one of Hollywood's most-read business journals, we were told last week what the entertainment industry plans to do.

They said this about not bowing to LGBTQ demands:

On the heels of a rare public gaffe for The Walt Disney Co. — regarding the media giant’s silence over Florida’s incendiary “Don’t Say Gay” law — the GLAAD Media Awards used its annual Los Angeles show to caution the rest of Hollywood about the perils of ignoring the LGBT community.

“Don’t wait until you’re in the hot seat,” the media watchdog’s president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis bluntly told the crowd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday. “There’s no more time to sit on the sidelines. We need Hollywood on the front lines, fighting for our rights and telling our stories.”

As if GLAAD would let the Disney debacle go unchecked. Ellis went further, saying she will call on Hollywood “to take meaningful action and will soon convene the biggest brands, agencies, studios, and streamers together with two goals: one, to commit to improving the quantity, quality, and diversity of LGBTQ images, especially in kids and family programming. And, two, to speak out against anti-LGBTQ legislation in favor of rights like the Equality Act.”

The war for your child rages on---from the classroom, to the family room, to the formerly "Happiest Place On Earth."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Bed Prayerful.