Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Cheney's Revenge--Is It Working?

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There's no question that Liz Cheney's political career is in free fall since she sided with the Democrats on their most important issue: Destroy Donald Trump at any cost.

Liz is trailing Republican Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming primary by 30 points today.

Hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi to serve and lead on the January 6 committee, "Republican" Liz has become the face and voice of the so-called "bi-partisan" hearing.

It is neither "bi-partisan" nor "a hearing." It's a trial by public opinion, in which the accused is not allowed to respond.

But is America buying the highly produced, highly edited, made-for-TV show called "The Hearing?"

Be informed, not misled.

No holds barred.

We learned over the weekend that Liz has subpoenaed former Donald Trump campaign manager William Stepien, who just happens to be Harriet Hageman's campaign manager.

As mentioned, Hageman is trouncing Liz in Wyoming in the upcoming primary polls.


According to The Hill, Stepien appeared before the committee last November and was a primary mover in former President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign.

Stepien reportedly “supervised the conversion” within Trump’s campaign around “Stop the Steal” messaging and associated fundraising, the committee said at the time of his subpoena.

That messaging “included the promotion of certain false claims related to voting machines despite an internal campaign memo in which campaign staff determined such claims were false,” the committee added.

The irony is that Stepien didn't show up yesterday for the TV special, because his wife was in labor and about to give birth to their new baby.

In fairness, Liz isn't the only one who hates Trump and is committed to getting rid of him---for good! 

For many on the Left, getting rid of Trump is their most important goal. This preoccupation is taking a toll on America in general. 

Will these ongoing TV presentations change the midterm vote in November?

The Democrats certainly hope so.

However, only 19 million people watched the first episode last week. Pelosi's Liz-led hearing committee was hoping for many more These are not good numbers given all network stations ran the "hearing" on their stations and channels in prime time hoping to reach more of the 329.5 million people who live here.

And certainly more of the 168.31 million registered voters.

They haven't published the number of viewers yet for yesterday's episode,


The American people, at least a segment of us, are becoming better informed because we are becoming more engaged.

Scott Adams produces a podcast, "Real Coffee with Scott Adams." In Episode 1771 titled, "Let's Talk About All The Jan 6 Propaganda Destroying the country," he makes some very valid, interesting points.

You can watch it on YouTube

Mike Huckabee summarized it with this:

“Let me say this: Any time people show you edited video, whether the clip is edited or it’s put together with the other clips from other things, and any time they put an audio overlay over that, especially if the audio comes from a different time or place, which is what the January 6 committee is doing…are we not sophisticated enough yet as voters and the public to know that when anybody does this, it’s propaganda? It wouldn’t matter who did it. If the Pope makes you a “mix” video, it’s propaganda.”

You are being manipulated. If your best friend does this, “he’s not your friend. I don’t know how much more clearly I can say it.”

“Every bit of that is criminal, basically, or should be criminal. We’re allowing our government to do something right in front of us that should be against the law [when the other side isn’t allowed to respond]. But the only reason it’s not is that the people doing it make the laws….and I’m kind of amazed that we put up with it.”

We’ve said it wasn’t the riot that was a threat to democracy, but the REACTION to the riot and Adams observed essentially the same thing: “If I had to rank them for which was worse, the events of January 6 or the hearings, it’s not even close. The events of January 6, with the violence: REALLY BAD. But, it’s not as bad as what the Democrats are doing in the hearings. I consider that worse, ‘cause the risks are higher. There was no risk that the country was going to be overthrown on January 6...but this hearing...to me, this is a gut-punch to the Republic.”

The fact that we even allow this makes Adams want to “have an insurrection right now,” he said. He never felt the urge before, but he does now. It’s the lack of any counter-argument. The Democrats are doing this with such impunity, that –- although he stressed he does NOT recommend violence –- he said that if he “were going to do an insurrection, they’re talking me into it.”

Adams thinks there should be “a hearing about the hearings.” The GOP, when they retake the House, should look into why these hearings were allowed to happen and how they were put together, “and then the Democrats should not be allowed to respond." He’d also like to see impeachment for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for his incitement of violence against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Tucker Carlson was more than a little upset pointing out that January 6 Committee TV episodes are literally scripted and read off teleprompters. 

Huckabee says, Tucker’s hypothesis is that they’re doing this because every minute they devote to January 6 “and some imaginary threat from QAnon” is another minute “they’re not covering the collapse of the American economy. As I’ve said, when leftists first started mentioning the so-called right-wing menace of QAnon, my staff and I had to look it up, because we didn’t know what it was."

Later in his broadcast, Tucker recalled what so many seem to have forgotten: “It was just two years ago, live on television, summer of 2020, a mob of Biden voters tried to storm the White House; remember this? They torched a church across the street. They attacked Secret Service officers. A mob called for the President of the United States to be lynched. He was taken to an underground bunker for safety. We don’t like to be hysterical, so we kind of downplayed it at the time…”

“This is what our country’s capitol looked like,” he said, with video of raging fire, broken glass, and protesters breaking down barriers in the background.

“It’s just too much,” Tucker said. “Stop lying to us! Stop telling us things that we know for a fact are not true. We watched them in real-time.” But no, we’re expected to believe that “January 6, 2021, remains the single worst thing ever to happen to America.”

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.