Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Mickey Mouse and Communist Chinese Party Team Up

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China’s Global Times state propaganda newspaper published a story promoting a Disney exhibit in Beijing on Monday in which the entertainment giant invited Communist Party-approved artists to reimagine Mickey Mouse in the context of “Chinese culture.”

Photos of the exhibition show art pieces depicting Mickey Mouse with red and gold traditional Chinese artistic motifs, a Mickey Mouse taikonaut (Chinese astronaut) helmet, and one bizarre exhibition showing walls of electronic screens replicating dozens of images of Mickey Mouse, apparently invoking the all-encompassing Chinese communist surveillance state.

Disney has no restraint. 

Are they now going to promote communism as they do LGBTQ?

Be informed, not misled.

The exhibition is an expansion of a project that began in New York to celebrate 90 years since the debut of Mickey Mouse. In China, the project – titled “Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious” – toured the cities of Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen before landing in Beijing and is a joint project with an organization closely tied to the regime that identifies part of its mission as promoting the Communist Party interpretation of Chinese culture.

The Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party newspaper, begins with this introduction: 

"The exhibition Mickey: the True Original & Ever Curious kicked off in Beijing on Saturday, jointly held by Disney and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) Lab. In the next four months, a number of contemporary artists will present their new ideas and understanding of this classic character."

"These outstanding artistic talents have explored multiple art forms to combine Mickey and Chinese culture together, presenting the wonderful Mickey art exhibition that we see now."

This pretty well sums up the project and its goals:

 Ever since Steamboat Willie, the first animated film with synchronized sound, hit the silver screen in New York in 1928, a little dancing mouse - Mickey Mouse - has captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages and across generations around the globe.

In the past nearly 100 years, as societies, economies and cultures have developed and the spiritual needs of people have changed, Mickey Mouse has grown from the protagonist of early animated short films to a global pop cultural icon that has transcended cultural and regional differences and becomes a positive force of influence across animation, art and beyond. The spirit of optimism, curiosity, and fearlessness that Mickey represents continues to propel the character to explore and push boundaries, making his legacy today as strong as ever.

The current exhibition was held for the first time in New York in 2018 to celebrate Mickey's 90th anniversary. Disney invited artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to re-imagine the world-famous animated character, sparking a fantastical exploration of the possibilities of what Mickey means to our times.

In 2020 in Tokyo, the exhibition was further upgraded to what we see now. However, in addition to the important artworks displayed in Tokyo and New York, the Beijing exhibition will see 34 Chinese contemporary artists contribute their own new creations featuring brand new definitions of Mickey. 

So. Mickey has global appeal, therefor he has value to the Communist Party. In fact, Mickey "is" a globalist. And Mickey is evolving, so he can be anything we say he is, including a representative---a voice, for people's "changing spiritual needs." Mickey once represented what was good and wholesome in America---now he represents what is good and wholesome about the Chinese Communist Party.

I'm not overstating.

That's what the Chinese Communist leadership is saying. And planning.

Some observations.

Disney has taken political stances against Donald Trump, the state of Georgia, and Republican members of Congress. But when it comes to China's Communist Party and its human rights atrocities, the Magic Kingdom sides with the Evil Kingdom every time.

Disney has continued to remain silent on the atrocities against the Uyghurs living in concentration camps in China.

BBC News has reported that China is "overseeing the systemic rape of ethnic minority women" in the camps where they are raped, sexually abused, and tortured.

Disney's silence stands in stark contrast to their shouting about Republican members of Congress who opposed certifying President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College win, promising it would suspend donations to those Republicans.

Following the January 6 riot at our Capitol, Disney released a statement moaning about the fact that the riot was an opportunity to "come together as a nation" but "some sadly refused to embrace the opportunity."

At the height of the Black Lives Matter deception, Disney posted a social media message expressing their disdain for all who did not follow their lead.

The message was, "We stand against racism. We stand for inclusion." That, of course, is a lie.

Two years ago the studio threatened to boycott the state of Georgia over their heartbeat legislation, claiming they may stop producing movies, etc. in the state. 

I have never seen Disney speak a single negative word against the brutal Chinese Communist Party.

In fact, Disney is so connected at the hip with the Chinese Communist Party that they have put out memos to employees that it is very important for Disney to be "culturally correct" when dealing with  China.

Sen. Ted Cruz has proposed a zero-tolerance policy for Hollywood studios that willingly censor their movies to please Chinese Communist officials. The proposed legislation would block all federal assistance to the studios behind those film productions. 

The strongest words have come from those who know best.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Attorney General Bill Barr also put Hollywood on notice in separate speeches, taking the studios to task for self-censorship and slamming celebrities for promoting social justice at home while remaining silent about China.

In the final days of President Trump's administration, Secretary of State Pompeo declared that China's policies on Muslims and ethnic minorities constitute "crimes against humanity" and a "genocide."

President Biden says he is "reviewing" the matter.

Biden and his family's deep financial ties to China---which have been clearly and widely exposed by Hunter's laptop data---according to many in security, pose a national security risk for the United States due to the millions of dollars Chinese Communist Party-linked companies have given to business ventures tied to Hunter Biden, other family members, and Joe Biden himself.


As Mickey becomes a "re-imagined" Communist, Hunter and his family become wealthy.

And they lived happily ever after?

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.