Monday, July 11, 2022

President Biden v Supreme Court

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Friday, President Joe Biden accused the Supreme Court of “playing fast and loose with the facts” in the court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last month and return abortion legislation to the states. 

Biden made the comments at the signing ceremony of an executive order to protect “access to reproductive health care services, including abortion and contraception.” He was joined by Vice President Kamala Harris and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. 

What exactly does his "Executive Order" accomplish?

Be informed, not misled.

Biden v Supreme Court

The president repeatedly took shots at the court, claiming the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was not “driven by the Constitution.” He also said that two more pro-abortion senators needed to be elected in order to codify Roe. 

Biden’s comments and his Executive Order stand in contrast to what Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the Dobbs majority decision, where he said Roe was unconstitutional from the beginning.

Biden has twice publicly taken on the US Supreme Court. Once on foreign soil, while in Europe recently, and again on Friday at the signing of his executive order.

Justice Alito wrote: “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division.” 

Because he disagrees with the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion he is repeatedly, publicly blasting and devaluing them personally.

The president says, "We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court, working in conjunction with extremist elements of the Republican Party, to take away freedoms."

He is also taking aim at "extreme" Republican governors whom he claims have used the court's decision "to impose some of the harshest and most restrictive laws seen in this country in a long time."

What can his Executive Order actually do?

ABC News says this:

The executive action comes as Biden faces pressure from his fellow Democrats to take more forceful action, especially since the decision handed down by the high court on June 24 was leaked in early May.

His order largely finalizes what has already been announced by the administration -- including instructions to the Justice Department to make sure women can travel out-of-state for abortion care.

The order addresses the elevated risks for patients, providers and clinics, which includes efforts to protect mobile clinics that have been deployed to state borders to offer care for out-of-state patients.

Biden's action, the White House said, directs Attorney General Merrick Garland and the White House counsel to convene volunteer lawyers and organizations to "encourage robust legal representation of patients, providers, and third parties lawfully seeking or offering reproductive health care services throughout the country."

Biden has also said he'll provide leave for federal workers traveling for medical care, which could set an example for private companies to do the same.

The two things that struck me in his Executive Order were that the president has instructed his people to increase outreach and public education efforts regarding access to reproductive health care services -- abortion included -- to get reliable information to the public.

This means there will be endless efforts through so-called "news stories" to reshape the abortion issue. Uniformed people will be misled. 

He has also directed his people to protect the public from fraudulent and deceptive practices. 

And the Department of Defense has committed to uninterrupted "reproductive healthcare/abortion for military and civilian patients, as permitted by federal law."

So intent on keeping abortion alive in America, Democratic governors have even urged Biden to use federal facilities and land for abortion services.

Pop-up abortion shops in parks and recreational areas?

President Biden says the laws supported by pro-life governors “will cost lives.”

His words and actions may also "cost lives."

We have already seen one attempt at taking the life of a Supreme Court Justice.

The president's words are setting the stage for more possible violence against the justices.

ABC reports that 26-year-old Nicholas Roske has been arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Roske allegedly traveled to Kavanaugh's home armed with weapons and burglary tools with "the intent to kill the justice and prevent him from ruling on Second Amendment and abortion cases."

This weekend Justice Kavanaugh was driven from a restaurant by pro-abortion activists disrupting everyone's meal.

Abortion activists are regularly gathering at the homes of  Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh.


For the president, in my opinion, this is first and foremost a political matter. He does not appear to recognize the violent nature of abortion. Or the fact that violence begets violence. Nor does he appear to place value on the sanctity of life itself, despite his claim of being devoutly religious.

Abortion is an act of violence against Nature and Nature's God---the Creator of life.

Associated Press quoted the president: "You, the women of America, you determine the outcome of this issue."

He is warning the country that the Supreme Court ruling will create "a slew of other unenumerated privacy rights issues" like the overturning of so-called "same-sex marriage" and even contraception.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday the lower chamber will vote next [this] week to pass a bill that will give women across the nation the right to abortion.

I'm sure she will, but it will be nothing more than a political stunt on her and the president's part because both she and he knows the Senate will not pass the bill. For that to happen there would need to be 10 Republicans voting for her bill. And Democrat senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are opposed to the scheme.

Another devout Catholic comes to mind.

Mother Teresa:

"Please don't kill the child. I want the child. Please give me the child. I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child, and be loved by the child."

"Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants."

And she said this:

"What is taking place in America, is a war against the child. And if we accept that the mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another.' February 1997 National Prayer Breakfast in DC.

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.