Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Republican Gov. In Oregon? And a Republican Senator In WA?

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With the mid-term election looming, polls are suggesting that Oregon may elect a conservative Republican governor.

And why is WA Sen. Patty Murray avoiding debates with Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley?

The concerns of the entitled Left of the Northwest have become so acute that the "Big Guy," President Joe Biden, is coming to town later this week to fix it.

Jill has been camping out in Seattle ahead of the president's visit.

And he's not just stopping by on his way to SF or LA. 

He says he's going to actually spend some time here---before going south. We'll see.

Could it be that...? 

Let's take a closer look.

Be informed, not misled.

A Republican Gov. in Oregon?

If Oregon voters agree Democrats have ruined their once-grand state, Oregon could make political history on Election Day if a GOP candidate is elected governor as polls are predicting.

With the general election now just weeks away, Oregonians could send a Republican candidate, Christine Drazan, to the governor’s office. According to an Emerson College poll, Drazan leads Democrat candidate Tina Kotek by 2% in a state that last saw a Republican governor in 1982.

Drazan is the former minority leader in the Oregon House and Kotek is the current House Speaker.

Kotek is a lesbian activist, Drazan, a conservative, pro-life Christian.

American Family News is reporting what local far Left news is avoiding.

They published this:

Lois Anderson of Oregon Right to Life tells AFN Drazan is supported by pro-lifers in the state after she led an effort in the Democrat-dominated House to pass the Born Alive Infant Protect Act.

“Christine,” he says, “is very pro-life.”

Kotek’s campaign website touts left-wing causes such as “reproductive freedom” and “racial justice,” but Drazan is crisscrossing the state to tell voters their once-beautiful Portland became a crime-ridden drug den because of Democrat leaders.

According to Yahoo News story about the governor’s race, polls show Oregonians are disgusted and frustrated. Two-thirds told a pollster the state is on the wrong track. The state’s current Democrat governor, Kate Brown, has a 54% disapproval rating, the worst of any state governor.

Among the issues concerning voters, homelessness is a top issue, likely because crime and drug use stem from Portland’s homeless. Their number is estimated to be 6,600 people in the city’s metro area.

One of the issues Kotek is dealing with is the fact that the leftist policies are being exposed for what they are: Destructive to individuals and to the culture. Everybody loses.

Kotek sponsored House Bill 3115 which forbids city governments from cracking down on homeless camps in public areas.

A spokesman for Drazen told the media, "Kotek can try to pass the buck on this as much as she wants, but Oregonians know she and her allies are responsible for the humanitarian crisis.

Most feel the governor's race will be decided by a very close vote.

Conservatives say this election is squarely in the hands of conservatives and pro-life Christians. If pro-life voters show up she wins. If not she loses.

Saving Sen. Patty

The Seattle Times is doing everything possible to sustain Sen. Patty Murray's 5-term, 30-year career in politics.

They recently noted that: 

Three Seattle-based corporations, including The Seattle Times, have asked Tiffany Smiley, the Republican challenger for U.S. Senate, to stop using their copyrighted material in campaign ads, spurring a fiery response from Smiley’s campaign, which filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

The Seattle Times, Starbucks, and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, have objected to Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

In response, Smiley’s campaign accused The Seattle Times of illegally using corporate resources to support her opponent, Sen. Patty Murray, a five-term Democrat.

Smiley’s campaign lawyers Thursday wrote to the FEC, accusing The Seattle Times of letting Murray use the newspaper’s logo and headlines in ads for her 2016 campaign while objecting when Smiley did similarly this year.

On Friday, Smiley’s campaign publicized the FEC complaint and the letters from all three companies.

The Smiley campaign’s complaint, which notes the newspaper’s editorial board has endorsed Murray, accuses The Seattle Times of “providing something of value” to Murray’s campaign while denying Smiley’s campaign the same.

The Seattle Times then published this: "The editorial board operates separately from the news reporting staff."

Sure. Everybody knows they meet in separate rooms.

Sometimes you have to get out of downtown Seattle to find the truth.

The suburban Lynnwood Times says, "According to a Trafalgar Group poll, Republican candidate Tiffany Smiley has made a tremendous polling gain to be within striking distance of her Democratic challenger Senator Patty Murray (D-WA).

The Republican polling firm, Trafalgar Group, released results from a survey of 1,087 likely General Election voters it conducted from between August 30th to September 1st last week, with a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points, that shows Murray at 49.2% and Smiley at 46.3% — a statistical tie.

According to the poll, party affiliation was 44.2% Democrat, 33.4% Republican, and 22.4% No Party/Other. Approximately 80% of those participating were white and 53.1% identified as female.

They also reported that Patty is doing a lot of hiding, apparently avoiding public exposure that she doesn't control.

Her allies explain she has a lot more to lose by debating than Smiley does. That's true. But is that a good reason to go into hibernation?  I guess it is when a political career is more important than public service.

The Lynwood paper quotes Smiley, "It’s time for Patty Murray to come out of hiding and face the voters of Washington side-by-side with me. When my husband and I were faced with challenges, we never cowered. After thirty years in the United States Senate, Patty Murray should exit her bubble and answer tough, but fair questions."

Indeed she should. But she likely won't. There's too much for her to lose.

Her political roots can be traced back to her early activities in the Shoreline area. When she showed up in the state senate, an unnamed legislator dismissed her as "just a mom in tennis shoes."

Patty ran with that and in the course of 30 years has traded her "tennis shoes" for Prada's and is now, according to "Open Secrets," worth about  $1,687,010 as of 2018. Four years later, who knows?

The Left can run, but they can't hide.

Rasmussen Reports reported yesterday that their surveys are finding that 92% of American adults believe homelessness is a serious problem in America, including  65% who say the problem is "Very Serious."

All leftist politicians are tied to this very serious problem that is choking cities like Portland, Seattle, and others large and small across the nation that are led by Democrats.

I think it will be very difficult for the Left to disassociate themselves from this massive problem they and their policies have created.

Only 6% of adult Americans believe tents on the streets and sidewalks of our cities are not a problem.


President Biden has announced he will be visiting the Northwest this coming weekend for the second time this year. I've seen several schedules--each different. His appearance is apparently "evolving."

Also evolving is the outrage of ordinary Americans toward the absolute failure of Leftist policies in the Northwest and across the country.

None the least of which is the Left's inability to solve the homeless crisis. 

If Patty Murray and Tina Kotek think he is going to solve their political problems just in time for the November election, they might want to take a closer look.

Honest. The emperor has no clothes.

Pray for our country.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Vigilant Be Prayerful. Vote.