Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Biden Considered Blocking the Sun to Fight Climate Change

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The Biden Administration was apparently open to the idea of lowering the amount of sunlight the Earth receives in order to combat climate change, according to a White House report released on June 30.

The concept is a type of geoengineering known as solar radiation modification (SRM). This potentially dangerous idea could require spraying the atmosphere with extra aerosols to reflect more sunlight away from the Earth.

The Left has no restraint regarding human sexuality---and now, apparently, so-called "Climate Change."

Be informed, not misled.

POLITICO headline says: "White House cautiously opens the door to study blocking sun’s rays to slow global warming."

A Biden administration report required by Congress outlines research options for a last-ditch effort to slow the planet's heating. But the White House says it’s not changing its climate strategy.

The White House offered measured support for the idea of studying how to block sunlight from hitting Earth’s surface as a way to limit global warming, in a congressionally mandated report that could help bring efforts once confined to science fiction into the realm of legitimate debate.

The controversial concept, known as solar radiation modification, is a potentially effective response to fighting climate change, but one that could have unknown side effects stemming from altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere, some scientists say.

The White House report, released late Friday, indicates that the Biden administration is open to studying how altering sunlight might quickly cool the planet. But it added a degree of skepticism by noting that Congress has ordered the review, and the administration said it does not signal any new policy decisions related to a process sometimes referred to as "geoengineering."

Skeptically or not, that the White House weighed in on solar experimentation at all is remarkable. The concept has created divisions among experts, with some saying it could be a last line of defense against runaway warming if nations fail to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, others warn that it could result in an atmospheric substance dependency that, if stopped, could lead to abrupt temperature increases.

The fact that this report even exists is probably the most consequential component of this release. This report also signals that the U.S. government supports research regarding outdoor experimentation. 

The report, which was required by Congress in a policy report accompanying the 2022 appropriations bill, was released the same week European Union leaders opened the door to international discussions of solar radiation modification. It also followed a call by more than 60 leading scientists to increase research on the topic.

Does the Left really think they should alter the climate by manipulating sunlight?

Geoengineering and SRM have been very controversial concepts for decades, and many experts over the years have expressed concerns about the potential consequences of implementing these kinds of projects.

Steve Milloy, climate expert and publisher of the website, says that "it’s crazy to think man can block out the sun, so the idea appears to be a ploy “to dramatize the climate hoax.”

“All life on Earth depends on sunlight. Why would anyone want to block it out, unless you were trying to eliminate life on Earth? Population control is a green goal. I don’t imagine that it's really possible to blot out the Sun or do it in any sort of controlled way.  I think the purpose is just an effort to dramatize the climate hoax…. i.e., 'Climate change' is so bad, we need to block out the Sun. The whole idea is not needed, dangerous and just crazy.” Publisher Marc Morano voiced a similar take in an interview with Fox News, noting that proposals for blocking out the sun date back to the 1970s:

“This is retro 1970s. In the 1970s, they believed fossil fuels were creating aerosols blocking the sun, creating man-made global cooling. So they came up with the same kind of geo-engineering solutions back then. They wanted to put black soot on the Arctic to melt it. There was one proposal to use nuclear energy to loosen the Arctic ice caps because they thought they were growing too much.

“This is radical, risky, unproven, with unknown effects but they are doing it as a sort of a lever over us. The Biden Administration is saying 'We know this is dangerous, we don't know the effects, but darn it, people aren't buying electric cars fast enough, or they aren't embracing the Green New Deal policies, so we have to risk our entire planet with this research.' ...The government will control the weather, and you will be happy. That seems to be the new motto."

Since 1978, the U.S. government has been banning aerosol-based products. However, its reasoning for doing so has changed over time, from claiming fossil fuels were releasing aerosols to cool the Earth, then to say in the 1990s that they hurt the ozone layer, making the Earth warmer.

Now, government “science” has flipped again to wanting to increase the presence of aerosols in the atmosphere in an attempt to purposely cool the Earth.

SRM geoengineering has made headlines in recent years because of projects funded by far Left billionaires, such as Bill Gates and George Soros.

Dr. Allen White: "The Globe Is Warming, But It’s Not Your Fault!"

While there are certainly issues that are more important for a Christian, climate change is one that we should not ignore. The consequences of both action and inaction related to the climate could impact the well being of all the inhabitants of the earth. In addition, the Lord has given us the responsibility to care for this planet that He created.  In order for us to do that task well, we need to know more about our climate. As a scientist, I look forward to that challenge. Separating fact from fiction will not be easy. To be sure, everyone’s worldview has an effect on how he looks at this issue. Christians are less likely to be concerned about the climate going out of control since they believe the earth and its climate were designed and created by an all-knowing and all-powerful God. Those who believe that the heavens and the earth are the result of a random, accidental process naturally will be concerned about what may happen next.

In a lengthy and in-depth paper, Dr. White responds to the following questions.

I don't have the time here to cover all he has written on the subject, but I would encourage you to spend a little time reading his biblical response to this issue of "Climate Change" as he answers the following questions:

  • Is the Average Global Temperature Actually Rising?
  • Is the Latest Temperature Rise Outside of the Normal Variability of the Climate?
  • Is the Increased Concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere the Cause of the Latest Temperature Rise?
  • Are the Current Mathematical Models Useful for Predicting the Future Climate?

The data are clear. The global temperature has been rising since the Little Ice Age. But today’s temperature is not unprecedented. Based on the best information we have, it is in the neighborhood of the temperature during the Medieval Warm Period, about 1,000 years ago. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and, therefore, is a factor in determining the global temperature. But the concentration of CO2 in the air and global temperature do not correlate well over the long term, indicating that CO2 is not the dominant cause of today’s rising global temperature. The globe is warming, but it’s not your fault. Carbon dioxide is critical to plant life and must remain above about 180 ppm to sustain our only source of food. It is important that we investigate these issues and carefully examine the data so that we can prepare for the future, even if we find we are unable to significantly change the global temperature.


What is your worldview? Do you trust that God brilliantly designed and created everything and that He has your best interests at heart, or will you always worry that the planet is on the verge of going out of control? 

A nuclear reaction in the sun’s core provides us the exact amount of heat, and the sun’s surface is the right temperature to provide us the visible light we need.

Water, CO2, and methane from natural sources cause a greenhouse effect estimated to raise Earth’s temperature by about 59°F degrees. Otherwise, Earth would be frozen.

Plant life and animal life are totally dependent on each other. Plants grow by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Animals grow by consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

The oceans are a tremendous stabilizing force for Earth’s temperature and contain a large reservoir of CO2.

The hydrological cycle of evaporation and rain provides a mechanism for transferring heat around the earth and provides fresh water to plants and animals.

Clouds help control the earth’s temperature by reflecting some of the sun’s radiation into space and by absorbing some of the heat radiated from the earth.

It’s all a part of a grand design. Evidence of God’s provision is everywhere. 

Romans 1:20-21

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Confident. Be Prayerful.