Monday, August 14, 2023

Fauci Made Over $300 Million from the COVID Pandemic

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Records reveal Fauci made over $300 million from the COVID pandemic while Americans suffered.

While the entire United States was under authoritarian mandates, top so-called COVID-19 “experts” were making hundreds of millions of dollars on the pandemic that caused lifelong hurdles for many Americans.

Be informed, not misled.

According to records, the former NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, and former NIAID Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, made huge profits from royalty checks during the Chinese virus-fueled pandemic. At the same time, thousands of people struggled to put food on the table. 

OpenTheBooks, a transparency organization, recently released over 1,500 unredacted records revealing the leaders of the country’s National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases profited off the virus that killed thousands of people. 

On top of that, Fauci funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to research the Coronavirus.

The records show Collins and Fauci got 58 royalty payments for allowing companies to use their COVID-19 vaccines, which in return was developed with funding from U.S. taxpayers by private pharmaceutical firms.

Townhall says:

So, in other words, the Covid pandemic was one big ploy for the government to get massively wealthy. 

Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 56,000 transactions were recorded, totaling over $325 million banked by the “experts.”

“The NIH continues to refuse to voluntarily divulge the names of scientists who receive royalties and from which companies over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27,000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 NIH employees,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said. “We know that. Not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the Freedom of Information Act.”

Between 2010 and 2021, Fauci received 37 payments from three entities, including 15 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology— which ranks fifth in royalty payments. Fauci also received 14 from Ancell Corp. and eight from Chiron Corp., which was later bought by Novartis, allowing the company to obtain significant NIH funds. 

According to OpenTheBooks, names and license numbers for each payment are absent from the records— data that the NIH initially withheld but was later forced to release by a court. This information is essential to know if there were any potential conflicts of interest. 

Records also show that Fauci, the highest-paid federal worker with a 2022 salary of $480,000, failed to donate his royalties to charity as promised. 

The New York Post reported yesterday, "National Institutes of Health scientists raked in more than $325 million in royalties from Chinese and Russian entities — as well as pharmaceutical companies — over more than a decade, according to a new report."

“As the most recognized official at NIH, Dr. Anthony Fauci was the face of the third-party royalties controversy. But our investigation was about a lot more than any single scientist,” OpenTheBooks.com Founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski said in a statement.

Former NIH director Dr. Francis Collins took royalties from firms, some of which have gotten government contract grants.

It was about allowing for scrutiny of these records for potential conflicts of interest, public health implications, and even national security implications for all of us. Every American should understand the stakes in play when public health guidance is released to scientists in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. 

We've learned that a number of scientists, including Fauchi, are receiving royalties from the COVID vaccinations and other vaxes. The scientists are allowed up to $150,000 per year in royalties.

However, by double-dealing, some are taking much, much more.

Unredacted documents obtained by the group through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show at least 34 Chinese companies are licensing NIH technologies initially funded by US taxpayers.

Some of those licensing fees came from the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Chinese government-owned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, which produced a COVID-19 vaccine.

We little people find it hard to digest that we, through our taxes, are paying for the development of these products while Fauci is apparently raking in millions.

He has claimed publicly that he is donating all his royalties to charity, but he isn't. Not a dime.

The late Dr. Robert Chanock, the former head of the NIAID’s laboratory of infectious diseases, and Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, his successor, were just a few of the virologists on the take from the Wuhan-based company.

Pokrov Biologics Plant — a Russian animal vaccine producer reported to be a front for Soviet-era bioweapons research — also made several payments to two scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is why Sen. Rand Paul has been so angry toward Fauci. He knew these scientists were enriching themselves by manipulating the United States and the world during the very difficult time of the Covid pandemic.

Other third-party payments came from firms in at least 31 countries, including Belarus, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, India, Ireland, Singapore, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Royalties also came from US-based Purdue Pharmaceuticals, which has twice pleaded guilty to deceptive marketing tactics in selling the opioid OxyContin.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who recently referred Fauci to the Department of Justice for having allegedly lied to Congress about government funding of Chinese labs, recently asked the Senate to mandate royalty disclosures from federal employees — but was shot down in committee by Democrats and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

“Some employees of the federal government are receiving royalties paid out by companies, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, who often have business before the agencies that oversee them,” Rand Paul said in a July Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing. “Without this amendment, taxpayers, and Congress itself are left in the dark when trying to assess conflicts of interest.”

Just last year, Dr. Fauci refused to say what companies paid him third-party royalties in a Senate hearing.

The bottom line.

The National Review explained personal enrichment in this way:

Last year, the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s employer – doled out $30 billion in government grants to roughly 56,000 recipients. That largess of taxpayer money buys a lot of favor and clout within the scientific, research, and healthcare industries.

However, in our breaking investigation, we found hundreds of millions of dollars in payments also flow the other way. These are royalty payments from third-party payers (think pharmaceutical companies) back to the NIH and individual NIH scientists.

We estimate that between fiscal years 2010 and 2020, more than $350 million in royalties were paid by third-parties to the agency and NIH scientists – who are credited as co-inventors.

Because those payments enrich the agency and its scientists, each and every royalty payment could be a potential conflict of interest and needs disclosure.

The Review says, "NIH is essentially telling you, the taxpayer, to pay up and shut up. They’ll run things."

"To say the least, congressional oversight is warranted over these questions. It’s time for Fauci and Collins to answer some pointed questions in open hearings," they say.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.