Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Home School Family To Be Deported?

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An Evangelical Christian family is begging the Biden administration to stop their deportation back to Germany, where it's illegal to homeschool their kids - while millions pour across our open, former US southern border.

This Christian family has been living in the US for 15 years after seeking asylum from persecution in Germany. 

Homeschooling is illegal in Germany---in almost all cases.

Be informed, not misled.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike fled Germany in 2008 after being threatened with prosecution for homeschooling their five children.

Homeschooling in Germany is only allowed, only in very limited circumstances, and the family was facing a $9,000 fine, so they moved to East Tennessee and filed for asylum.

Authorities denied their claim in 2013, with the family attempting to appeal the decision after the Obama administration challenged the initial ruling that was approved. They do not have citizenship in the U.S.

However, they were allowed to live here for the last ten years under an "indefinite deferred action status," but earlier this month, the Biden administration informed them they must return to Germany. 

Their bid to stay in the U.S. comes as millions of asylum seekers enter the US along our former, southern border. 

"They did not tell us anything. We don't really know why [this is happening]. We wonder ourselves because we can't understand," Uwe Romeike told ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ on Sunday.

Originally from Germany, the Romeike family fled to the U.S. after being fined for homeschooling their children in their mother country. Five years later, their asylum claim was denied, with U.S. authorities under the Obama administration claiming they weren't persecuted.

"The goal in Germany is for an open, pluralistic society," the Justice Department wrote in a legal brief at the time. "Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen in Germany."

"Teaching tolerance" translates to affirming all manner of perversions, regardless of your personal religious views.

Their stay was indefinite, however, until now. 

"[Homeschooling] is illegal [in Germany]," Hannelore Romeike explained. They will face the same persecution if they are sent back. 

Initially, an immigration judge found the Romeike family's asylum claim appropriate. 

Why is Biden hesitating now?

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the Biden administration will have done the right thing and righted this wrong.

But why the hesitation by an administration that has all but removed any semblance of a southern US border?

It certainly doesn't have anything to do with illegal immigration.

The Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended approximately 11,000 migrants during the past week, according to the sector chief. Unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart reveal the apprehension of approximately 40,000 migrants so far this month.

Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin posted a report on X indicating that among those migrants was a convicted rapist who was deported after a conviction in the state of Washington.

The Texas border is worse. 

The Romeike Family's motives.

In their initial argument, the family claimed that "God was calling them to homeschool their five children," claiming that the "anti-Christian" message in German schools was also a factor.

The couple are now begging the Biden administration to intervene in the decision after they were told to obtain German passports on September 6.

During a routine check-in, the family were told their deferred status had been revoked and were given four weeks to apply for German passports.

The family was reportedly not giving any prior warning or explanation, other than there had been a "change of orders."

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) said in a statement: "In the 10 years that the Romeikes have lived peacefully in the United States, they've built a second life."

HSLDA says, "I can tell you today, I talked to families today that have fear in Germany and the fight there, the persecution there, is very real today as it was 15 years ago."

They continued: "They have two children who are American citizens, and two other children who married American citizens (one of these couples recently welcomed their first child)."

Deportation to Germany will fracture these families while exposing the Romeikes to renewed persecution in Germany, where homeschooling is still illegal in almost every case.

Is there any hope for the Romeike family?

HSLDA says, "There is still hope. The United States executive branch intervened once before to grant the Romeikes a respite, and it has the power to do it again."

Pray that they will.


There is a strong, but often veiled, opposition toward homeschooling by most governments in developed nations---including here in our own country.

We have seen in America the unveiled anger toward parents who dare even ask questions about what their children are being taught in public schools. Public education has removed parents from board meetings because they disagree with the materials. Some have even been arrested for demanding answers.

All concerned parents who speak out have been labeled "domestic terrorists."

Homeschooling strikes at the heart of the cultural Marxism movement. And the heart of the public school industry as we know it. 

When parents take their rightful role in educating kids, activists can no longer indoctrinate and shape them into worker bees for the Leftist, cultural Marxist movement. 

Biblically speaking,  the responsibility for training up and educating your children is the parent's responsibility. Not the state.

Any other source of participation in a child's education should be seen as an adjunct to parental leadership in the child's development.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.