Wednesday, November 15, 2023

400 Administration Personnel Ask Biden Not to Support Israel

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According to the New York Times, "More than 400 staffers and political appointees across 40 government agencies sent a letter to President Joe Biden yesterday objecting to his administration’s support for Israel and demanding that he push for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hamas."

Will Biden cave?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin has issued a dire warning to Europeans and Americans about what will happen if Hamas isn't wiped out by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Will the West take heed?

Be informed, not misled.

The New York Times published this yesterday:

The letter, part of growing internal dissent over the administration’s support of the war, calls on the president to seek an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and to push Israel to allow humanitarian aid into the territory. It is the latest of several protest letters from officials throughout the Biden administration, including three internal memos to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken signed by dozens of State Department employees as well as an open letter signed by more than 1,000 employees of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The signatories of the letter submitted on Tuesday and the one circulating among USAID employees are anonymous, the USAID letter explains, out of “concern for our personal safety and risk of potentially losing our jobs.” 

Although the Biden administration has recently started voicing concern over the high numbers of Palestinian civilians killed while urging Israel to show restraint, that budding criticism does not appear to be placating many in the U.S. government.

In support of these people who are afraid they will lose their jobs is the appearance that everybody in America is pro-Hamas and anti-Israel.

This picture with this message: "A rally in support of Gaza in Washington earlier this month. The overwhelming majority of Americans support a cease-fire,” is being put in front of President Biden and his people regularly.

Will he cave?

Keep in mind there were 290,000 people gathered at the Capitol Mall in support of Israel. 

The message Hamas is putting out to the public is very different than that of the anti-Israel political and religious Left. 

Hamas is vowing to repeat October 7 again, and again, and again.

In an interview on Lebanese television that was captured and translated by MEMRI TV, Hamas official Ghazi Hamad declared, “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again. The Al-Aqsa Flood is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth because we have the determination, the resolve, and the capabilities to fight.”

After he said “the occupation must come to an end,” the interviewer asked him if he was referring to the Gaza Strip (which Israel unilaterally withdrew from in 2005). “No, I am talking about all the Palestinian lands,” he said. When asked to clarify, “Does that mean the annihilation of Israel?” he responded, “Yes, of course.”

According to the Bible, these folks will not "annihilate Israel." God has a different plan for Israel.

PM Netanyahu Makes the Case for Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a dire warning to Europeans and Americans on Monday about what will happen if Hamas isn’t wiped out by the IDF.

Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the prime minister explained why it’s imperative Israel wins.

"We have to win not only for our sake, but for the sake of the Middle East, for the sake of our Arab neighbors. You know what, for the sake of Gazans who've been held by this dark tyranny that has brutalized and brought them nothing but bloodshed and poverty and misery," Netanyahu said. "We have to win to protect Israel. We have to win to safeguard the Middle East. We have to win for the sake of the civilized world. That's the battle we're fighting, and it's being waged right now. There is no substitute for that victory."

Netanyahu called the Hamas terrorists "barbarians" and said they must be defeated "otherwise this barbarism will spread and will endanger the entire world."

The "axis of terror"—Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, and other "minions"—all run by Iran, wants to "bring the Middle East, the world back to the Dark Ages," he said. "And on the other side stands Israel, the modern Arab states, of course, the United States, all the forces that want to see peace, and prosperity for the Middle East and for the world. And that's the battle that is being waged right now." 

He warned that neither Europe nor America will be spared if they are not decimated. "If we don't win now, then Europe is next and you're next," he argued. "Every American, every civilized country will be under peril. We have to win." 

5 Reasons We Should Support Israel.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church. He wrote an article giving 5 biblical reasons we should support Israel.

It was published by the Jerusalem Post.

Israel has survived as a people and as a nation against all odds. They have suffered unprovoked wars, genocide, slavery, and every physical and rhetorical attack imaginable. 

The reasons for standing with Israel are clear and overwhelming, but in case there’s any doubt, here are the five most important ones:

1. God has promised to bless those who bless Israel. 

In Genesis 12:3, the Lord says of Israel, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” 

I passionately believe this promise from God is as true today as it was centuries ago. And I take his promises seriously. There’s no denying God’s sovereignty and his hand both in history and in each of our lives. We dare not test God on the consequences of denying our friendship and support of Israel.

2. Israel is a strategic ally — helping them helps us. 

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East — militarily, economically, and technologically. This cannot be overstated. The Israelis regularly provide essential intelligence in confronting the global war on terror and combating Islamic extremists. The Middle East has been a place of near-constant upheaval and violence, and it is imperative that we remain friends with the leading power in the region. 

3. Israel shares our democratic values. 

The government of Israel adheres to the rule of law and treats its citizens fairly and equally under the law. As such, they are a role model for other nations. In a part of the world dominated by totalitarianism, they are a beacon of hope. 

4. Israel’s enemies are daily plotting their destruction.

The nation of Israel reemerged 70 years ago from the ashes of the largest, most appalling genocide ever endured by any people group in history: the Holocaust. 

One would hope that the memory of this darkest moment in history would forever serve as a reminder to stand side by side with the descendants of David as they resist the forces of death and destruction assembled against them. Yet hardly a day goes by without a rogue leader or violent insurgent group proclaiming “death to Israel” — all without the United Nations so much as batting an eye. We mustn’t be short-sighted and ignorant of the perennial hatred and bigotry that the Jewish people have endured. We can’t let our guard down for a moment — for the forces arrayed against Israel are the same forces arrayed against us.  

5. God Gave the Promised Land to the Jewish people as their eternal home. 

Every other nation was founded by an act of human will, but Israel is unique in that it was established by an act of God. It was promised to Abraham by God in an eternal covenant. Genesis 17:8 reveals, “The whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you.” 

The existence of Israel from its beginning is truly a miracle, and the fact that Israel exists to this day is a testament to the Lord’s timeless promise. 

These are but a few of the many reasons why we must stand with our friends in Israel. They need us now more than ever — and we need them. Join me, then, as we are instructed in Psalm 122: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they be secure who love you! Peace be within your walls and security within your towers!” 

May a peaceful Jerusalem be an ever-louder chorus of God’s providence and His faithful hand in the world he created. 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Faithful. Be Blessed. Be Prayerful.