Thursday, November 30, 2023

Hamas: "The Saturday people are first. The Sunday people are next."

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The media has been leading us to believe the Hamas terrorists have been treating the hostages with at least some dignity and care.

All that is unraveling now as truth steps into the light of day.

A former Major with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is warning Israel and America they are coming for us--- particularly Christians and practicing Jews.

And the so-called "pause" has only given the terrorists time to regroup.

He says there are thousands of terrorist cells in America just waiting for their time to act.

Be informed, not misled.

On October 24th---updated on the 25th---NBC News said this:

Amid a tumult of grief and calls for vengeance, one victim has offered a remarkable  — and controversial — gesture of peace toward the captors and killers who tore through her community.

Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, one of the Israeli hostages abducted by Hamas, was being released late Monday when, according to video released by the militant group, she turned to one of the armed, balaclava-clad militants shook the person’s hand, and uttered one word: “shalom” — a Hebrew salutation meaning “peace.”

NBC, along with too many in the media, have been trying to paint a picture that does not reflect the reality of those who are and have been held as hostages of the Hamas terrorists.  

“I went through hell,” Lifshitz would say later at a hospital in Tel Aviv.

NBC updated their story later to include, "Her captors beat her in the ribs with sticks, she said, making it difficult to breathe. She was visibly exhausted and physically worn."

Israel officials gave this explanation:

"Israeli officials have condemned the Hamas messaging around her release as nothing more than propaganda, while other observers pointed to the value Hamas may see in treating such a high-profile group of captives with care." 

“The State of Israel is happy to see the beloved grandmothers at home, and thanks Egypt and the Red Cross for their assistance, but “it is important to refer to the media messages coming out of Hamas, “The issue of freedom of speech or press does not exist in Gaza. Hamas makes sure that anyone who deviates from its lines will bear the consequences.”

Lifshitz is a peace activist helping transport Palestinians in Gaza for treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Her husband, Oded Lifshitz, is a journalist and fellow peace activist. 

"The Stand" reminds us:

As more hostages walk out of their underground jail to freedom, the rosy picture of Hamas’s “gentle” treatment is starting to unravel. While 85-year-old Yocheved Lifshitz praised her captors back in October for the regular food, medical care, and beds, others tell a different story. Twelve-year-old Eitan Yahalomi was “tortured during his confinement,” his grandmother says — “beaten, forced at gunpoint to watch videos of Hamas atrocities, and threatened with death when he and other children cried.” Left by himself in darkness for 16 days, Eitan has trouble speaking now.

Nine-year-old Emily Ward, whose dad made headlines for his profound relief that she was thought dead and not in terrorists’ hands (only to learn his worst fears had come true), tells reporters that he has trouble hearing her since her release. After bear-hugging the daughter he thought was gone forever, Thomas admitted, the “most shocking, disturbing part of meeting her was she was just whispering. I couldn’t hear her. I had to put my ear on her lips, like this close and say, ‘What did you say?’”

The full picture of nightmares, we may never know. But, as former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) major Amir Tsarfati points out, we know enough. These were “unspeakable crimes against humanity,” he insisted, “… performed by bloodthirsty people that have no regard [for] human life and have no intention to have any peace with us at all. … And Israel, for the longest time, tried to appease them by giving them jobs within Israel, by allowing money to flow in — but this monster rose one morning and tried to devour us.”

Tsarfati explained to Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President, on his radio show, “We’re facing right now a battle between two things. One, we have the largest terror base on planet Earth [in Hamas] — and in the north, we have the largest or the strongest terror organization on planet Earth [in Hezbollah]. We’re sandwiched right in between them," Perkins noted that Israel isn't exactly a big parcel of land. “No,” Amir agreed. And after October 7, the country started to realize, “There is no way we can live like that even a day longer, right? So we are doing what we should have done long ago, and we didn’t because of [international] pressure.”

But that pressure is building again, Perkins said, even from America. “The Biden administration pushing for this quote-unquote ‘pause’ [has] stopped Israel from taking care of business.”

And what’s happening, as a result, Tsarfati asked? “The Israeli troops in Gaza are seeing, watching, looking at Hamas terrorists regrouping and reorganizing. Right now. We say we cannot shoot them, but we see what they’re planning for us — and once this pause is over, [the threat] is far greater than what we had with them before. This was a terrible mistake to stop right now.”

Amir Tsarfati's message to the West.  Including the US.

It’s created a very explosive environment for the West, which is facing some very pivotal decisions. “I believe God is testing the nations right now,” Amir insisted. “He’s testing the nations. He’s testing the believers, His people, [on where they stand with Israel]. Look, when I began to travel around the world, God showed me, ‘Wherever you go, look at what they teach about Israel, and you will know the spiritual state of that church,’ because it’s like a litmus test. It’s amazing.”

But it’s not just Israel in the crosshairs, Tsarfati urged. It’s Christians, too. 

“Those terrorists always say, ‘The Saturday people are first. The Sunday people are next.’ They use that term. They don’t even hide it."

"And I mean, Europe must wake up. America must wake up. America has thousands of sleeping cells all across the country. Your southern border is so open,” he shook his head. “I can’t even imagine how many Hezbollah and Hamas cells are in your country right now. They’re testing you. And look, they waited and waited and waited and deceived us and deceived the whole area that they’re deterred and not going to [pounce]. And then boom, one day they strike.”

“I hope Americans are going to wake up to understand that you are in a crisis right now,” Amir cautioned. 

"And if this country is going to survive, you know what you need to do [next] November.”

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Pray--Vote.