Monday, November 06, 2023

The World vs Israel

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Protests, involving millions, from the United States to Berlin called for an immediate halt to Israel's bombing of Gaza this weekend.

Rep Mike Gallagher is asking, "Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas?"

I'm asking why are Berliners demonstrating against Israel and for Hamas?

Are they completely unaware and uninformed regarding Hitler's experiment?

And why is Barack Obama stoking the fires of hate and antisemitism at this time?

It's past time for ordinary Americans to wake up and take a serious look at what's happening.

It isn't complicated.

Be informed, not misled.

Mike Gallagher, a Republican,  represents Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District and chairs the House Select Committee on China.

He says China and their app, TikTok, are a major problem in the matter of the Hamas attack on Israel.

According to a Harvard/Harris poll, 51 percent of Americans ages 18–24 believe Hamas was justified in its brutal terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli citizens on October 7. 

China is fueling the demonstrations against Israel and in favor of Hamas through TikTok.

Gallagher said last Thursday, "I read that statistic at a time where I thought I’d lost the capacity to be shocked. For weeks, I’ve seen the clips and read the firsthand stories documenting Hamas’s atrocities: burned bodies, decapitated babies, raped women, children tied together with their parents, mutilated corpses. I’d seen the rallies on elite campuses celebrating Hamas’s murderous cause, the faculty letters excusing the terrorists. I thought I had grasped the extent of the moral rot. I thought I had seen the bottom."

"But I hadn’t."

How did we reach a point where a majority of young Americans hold such a morally bankrupt view of the world? Where many young Americans were rooting for terrorists who had kidnapped American citizens—and against a key American ally? Where were they getting the raw news to inform this upside-down worldview?

He's not the only one asking. The world is asking, and the press is reporting that young people are demonstrating for barbaric killers and against Israel, and social media is a major influencer.

The short answer is, increasingly, via social media and predominantly TikTok. TikTok is not just an app teenagers use to make viral dance videos. A growing number of Americans rely on it for their news. Today, TikTok is the top search engine for more than half of Gen Z, and about six in ten Americans are hooked on the app before their seventeenth birthday. And it is controlled by America’s foremost adversary, one that does not share our interests or our values: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is Chinese, and in China, there is no such thing as a private company. As if to underscore the point, ByteDance’s chief editor, Zhang Fuping, is also the boss of the company’s internal Communist Party cell. 

And we are absolutely hooked, with 16 percent of teens using it “almost constantly.” Today, 69.7 percent of Americans aged 12–17, 76.2 percent aged 18–24, and 54 percent aged 25–34 use TikTok. By tweaking the TikTok algorithm, the CCP can censor information and influence Americans of all ages on a variety of issues. It can shape what facts they consider accurate, and what conclusions they draw from world events. 

If you doubt that the CCP would introduce bias—against Israel, against Jews, against the West, or anything else—into apps under its de facto control, consider that on October 31, The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese web platforms Baidu and Alibaba have wiped Israel off the map—literally. The two most widely used mapping programs in China show the outlines of Israel’s territory but do not label it as Israel and may not have for some time.

For those who know the Chinese Communist Party, this comes as no surprise. Propaganda and censorship are core features of its governing philosophy. In fact, the very word brainwashing originated as a literal translation of the Chinese term "xinao," used by early Chinese Communists to describe their system for realigning the beliefs of their reactionary enemies.

Recently, to cover their tracks in the U.S., TikTok and ByteDance have hired an army of lobbyists, including former congressmen and senators, who are working overtime to stall legislative efforts to ban TikTok or force a sale to an American company. (Also helping the effort—powerful American investors have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in ByteDance’s success.) 

Universities are also supporting Hamas and demonstrating against Israel.

As American Family Association has reported, many college instructors and student groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are influencing students on campuses to stand against Israel.

At the request of more than 30 organizations, Harvard University is creating a task force to aid students who have been doxed for showing support for Hamas by openly blaming Israel for the October 7th violence.

Donna Jackson, director of membership for the Project 21 black leadership network, told AFN, "It's not because they're fearful of violence. It's more about them losing their job offers."

She blames former President Barack Obama for this eruption of antisemitism.

Interestingly, AFA found that Christian schools and universities are not experiencing demonstrations against Israel.

"This is really Obama's America," Donna submits. "He was the one that made it popular to be antisemitic."

About Obama

Obama told his former staffers on the Pod Save America Saturday that “all of us are complicit to some degree” in the violence in Gaza, as he appeared to describe a moral equivalence between Hamas murdering Israelis and the Israeli “occupation” of Gaza.

He's either outright lying or terribly uninformed. He's not uninformed.

Gaza has not been “occupied” by Israel since 2005 when Israel withdrew all of its soldiers and civilians in a “disengagement” that aimed to reduce violence in the region. Hamas responded by launching thousands of rockets at Israel and starting several wars.

Obama said in part after admitting that Jews have been unfairly targeted and that Hamas did some bad things... "And what is true is that there are people right now who are dying who have nothing to do with what Hamas did. And what is true, right — I mean, we can go on for a while. And the problem with the social media, and trying to — TikTok activism, and trying to debate this, on that, is you can’t speak the truth."

"You can pretend to speak the truth. You can speak one side of the truth, and in some cases you can try to maintain your moral innocence, but that won’t solve the problem. And so if you want to solve the problem, you have to take in the whole truth, and you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree." 

Obama’s approach matches his posture toward the Middle East throughout his presidency. He creates a false moral equivalence between the deliberate murder of 1,400 people in Israel, with extreme brutality, and an “occupation” that does not exist in Gaza and that exists in the West Bank only because the Palestinian Authority refuses to agree to peace with Israel.

He adopts a post-modern approach that insists there is not one truth, but many truths, which has the effect of minimizing the evil of genocidal violence, as practiced by Hamas, into merely one perspective among many.


Obama did the same, notoriously, in 2015, when he reacted to the violence of the so-called “Islamic State,” which had published a video of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive inside a cage, by arguing that medieval Christians had been just as violent during the Crusades. It was that dismissive approach, critics argued, that allowed ISIS to grow on Obama’s watch into a malevolent and tyrannical terrorist regime and a threat in the West as well.

While Obama encourages his left-wing audience to talk to those who disagree with them, it is noteworthy that they applaud his remarks about the “occupation” and not his condemnation of Hamas’s murders.

The former president claims to have wondered whether there was something more he could have done. During his presidency, he adopted a hostile posture toward Israel that caused Palestinians to dig in and refuse to negotiate; he reached a nuclear deal with Iran that gave the regime billions of dollars to spend on terrorist proxies; and he allowed the United Nations to declare the Jewish presence in Jerusalem illegal.

In postmodern fashion, he also claimed in 2013 that it was not “fair” that Palestinians did not have a state of their own — ignoring that they had attacked Israel rather than building their own state when the land was partitioned by the United Nations.

Last month, in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks, Obama said that Israel must “dismantle” Hamas — and he has spent the last several weeks backtracking in the face of anti-Israel (and antisemitic) activism on the “progressive” left.

I'll leave you with this:

Everybody is not on the same page as Obama and his underlings. Yesterday in Boise, Idaho, more than 6000 people came out to a rally in support of Israel. The rally, which included most of Idaho's top elected leaders, including the Governor,  pledged their support for Israel and its right to defend itself.

Check it out.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Encouraged. Be Prayerful.